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  1. [J0g@ B0nit0]

    la firma de zero me cohibe
  2. Broken vs Starlight

    interesting, brok3n by 2
  3. [J0g@ B0nit0]

    Gl Hijos de puta :gex:
  4. [J0g@ B0nit0]

    [song]>.> u want do what cause a pirate is free (8) u are a pirate (8) [/song]
  5. [J0g@ B0nit0]

    hey big monster u can make me a cookie ;O;? pls <.< and i promise teach u spanish ;o
  6. [J0g@ B0nit0] V/S [Team Shad0w.Wave]

    i wants play ygo =( i m online aim for a war duel
  7. Eternal vs [J0g@ B0nit0]

    im online pls aim me to war duel =/
  8. [J0g@ B0nit0] V/S [Team Shad0w.Wave]

    j0g@ FTW! =/ gl ppl show the mexican sack dance...
  9. [J0g@ B0nit0]

    omfg i m so mexicano xD mak what is the new war challenge?
  10. [J0g@ B0nit0]

    gtfo no llores ya te la di u.u
  11. CC +10)

  12. [J0g@ B0nit0]

    barty give me my cookie ;O;
  13. Hav0k vs. J0g@ B0nit0

    ok 2:22 am mexican hour i win the last duel of this war vs fiendzkill first...my chaos S loves me 2nd... a 4400 direct d and Ceasefire to finish him this victory is for vicky n.n barty my cookie pls...and all hav0k team...thnx for this amasing duelz... j0g@ ftw!
  14. Hav0k vs. J0g@ B0nit0

    oh men ... I dont know why the ppl is mad with me =/ is just a game and I want to take some friendship in this game, thas all this is so depresive to me... i this is a new website with some skilled ppl ...I don't now why cant be friends =[ ... is just a game
  15. Hav0k vs. J0g@ B0nit0

    well miroku can play me and result 2-0 he' says i 'm a hacker T_T thats not true T____T