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  1. Fire Kings

    Necro, but just wanted to mention this is a deck that benefits from number 59 greatly
  2. One Piece Manga

    I think this wedding is shaping up to be hype incarnate.
  3. Yeah I only brought it up because I sometimes use Raidraptors, which would be heavily affected if you couldn't choose
  4. I don't see anything in there that says the ranked up xyz monster has to be in the same zone as the original xyz monster.
  5. The YGOrganization -[V Jump] New Rules

    This is why you're now irrelevant, old man. Now we just cultivate them.
  6. The YGOrganization -[V Jump] New Rules

    DD's will be fine, just slightly different combos since they have in theme ways of summoning extra deck monsters from the grave, which doesn't require a Link zone. Magicians, I'm not too sure on. How are you going to get them all on the field/grave when they're clearly meant to destroy themselves, them pendulum them all back?
  7. The YGOrganization -[V Jump] New Rules

    I've literally never said this to anyone here, but please lurk more. I'm begging you.
  8. The YGOrganization -[V Jump] New Rules

    Also if you use one, then you can't use the other one at all as it's now counted as your opponent's field.
  9. The YGOrganization -[V Jump] New Rules

    All jokes aside, why would the do this right as they're releasing the new magician/zarc cards that are absolutely neutered by this? That deck has 2 in-theme continuous backrow that it wants at all times, meaning you now have 1 open s/t slot with scales. In addition it has an in-theme xyz but also has a sub goal of summoning all 4 signature dragons. I think that might be the deck most neutered by rule changes I've ever seen, unless you count maybe geartown+field spell change or exodia+1st turn draw change. Oh wait, dracorulers exist too...
  10. The YGOrganization -[V Jump] New Rules

    So first off, I can't believe this is the same site I've come to love so much. I tried to ctrl+F "lurk" and nothing happened. Dunno if I brought it up earlier, but I'm fairly certain kaijus will become somehow even more potent if the game really slows down as much as it's seeming to. Now one kaiju will be enough to break the entire board by itself outside dedicated Link decks, Pends if they don't count as extra deck monsters, and random bad nonsense like Fire Fist, WATER, and... on second thought I may have to redefine my meaning of "bad". EDIT: I can't believe I want to look into Bujin stun again. Thinking about Lose 1 Turn; I was so focused on decks/cards that lose potency because of this that I didn't consider how many stand to gain. Maybe this is better for the game than I thought.
  11. The YGOrganization -[V Jump] New Rules

    Well maybe not the Ojamas you usually play, I don't remember your build. But stuff like Ojama King and Ojama Knight. Like, "Hope nothing happens to that nice Linked zone you were planning to use"
  12. The YGOrganization -[V Jump] New Rules

    I really want to know how Omega will be handled
  13. The YGOrganization -[V Jump] New Rules

    Soooo, where is Tygo celebrating our new Ojama overlords?
  14. The YGOrganization -[V Jump] New Rules

    Also, just realized you might be able to go ham with Links then get rid of the one that's in the Extra Deck monster zone and deny that use for your opponent as well. I think this all just might depend on the general power level of links. After thinking about it, I'd say this is pretty much guaranteed to be good for the game overall as far as balance and depth unless they purposely screw it up. Maybe they're blue to suggest they'll only be ~as strong as rituals...
  15. The YGOrganization -[V Jump] New Rules

    I don't think that's out of the realm of Konami's "balancing" at all. Spellbook of Judgment comes to mind. Even that theoretical card would be less broken I'd think. That was an extreme hypothetical, but my point is that it's not hard to see situations where going first could hamper them or help you. But probably still better than the game as it stands, I'll say. Actually, what they were probably talking about was just the ability of the first player to use the link slot that works to their advantage and the player going second doesn't get to choose.