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    -its my bday im allowed to hack- gg?<br />-Saia- wait a min<br />-Saia- how did you summon jinzo<br />-its my bday im allowed to hack- tributed DDa<br />-its my bday im allowed to hack- I had a f/d def<br />-Saia- youre only allowed one summoning<br />-its my bday im allowed to hack- =/<br />-its my bday im allowed to hack- yeah <br />-its my bday im allowed to hack- and i summoned DDA back With Prem<br />-its my bday im allowed to hack- =/<br />-Game- Disconnected!
  1. cold phoenix

    i take it there's nothing needed done to it then?... i've been outta sigs for awhile xD... yeah it's been along time but i Needed the Time Away From dgz ;p...
  2. cold phoenix

    haven't made a Sig in awhile... opened up Photoshop and made this... thought i'd Get back into "actual" GFX xD anyway C&C
  3. Trapped In Chaos

    i think i still have the PSD for it... so I could mess around with the text and such... as for the Logo i'll give it a shot... sounds like a fun idea
  4. Trapped In Chaos

    after along Time away from dgz x.X... i decided to post something i'd done a Few weeks back... C&C please
  5. i agreee... >>;.. you just need to perfect it like everything else XD
  6. [+] Rebellious [+]

    o.-.... oh well... XD
  7. [+] Rebellious [+]

    XD... okie i decided to start posting on this shithole again... dunno why >>; *poke Swords*
  8. DGZ Draft Tourney

    put me on the List lol... Monsterous Angel / HellhoundangelD think i can host lol
  9. omg

    i liked it the begining its Seemed to work well And was insync but then 30seconds later it Was All over the Place the song fitted the Anime but other Then that there Wasn't anything Special i know Its Your first one So i wasn't expecting it but nice first attempt I hope To See More Of These
  10. My first smudge sig =O

    Okie 1. its not really A sig Is it i mean there's no name nothing but the Smudge is going on so its just a background or a mixture of colours 2. this stuff is easy and i'm sure i've seen better stuff from you why go back to beginner shit when you already have talent 3. i agree with Joe its Okay but its not Fantastic try diferent colours blendings and stocks also size's And experiment text into Them i think This coulda Looked better With More done to it
  11. Disruption

    Listen guys... I'm gonna Retire Disruption for now... i hounestly haven't got the Time With me preparing for my ptf and bc2... also Daniel takes up Alot Of Time And i've got Loads of Gfxing to do... If You guys Want me then i'm On AIM but as far as i'm concerned we no longer War Head out to other Teams if You don't Want to come Back When i re-open later on Then just post in the Forum -me.... Once again i'm Sorry And GL
  12. Disruption

    Welcome CyanideNecross
  13. Antic v. Disruption

    lulz... 2-0 ggs tho Ash and also WHO BANS GEMINI ELF?
  14. Sammy !

    Thanx Strife ^_^
  15. The United Kingdom

    we're actually not kidding.Biggy's girlfriend is in. -biggy's girlfriend+biggy's Child wow tht sucks "biggy's Girlfriend" i Do own a name