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  1. Kycoo's fine against the triple bazoo, bls, and 1-3 chaos sorcerers that DFusion turbo plays, Ojama Trio is good to chain on Giant Trunade/ Dimension Fusion, and Threatening Roar could buy you a turn.
  2. Why not play Skilled White Magician in place of stuff that dies to tsukuyomi like Perovic mentioned?
  3. Newgioh Team Tournament

    Green's Dapper Dan Man 2-0 over Light Blue's Pac-Faq
  4. Newgioh Team Tournament

    Green's Dapper Dan Man 2-0 over Indigo's Soul
  5. Newgioh Team Tournament

    Green team Dapper Dan Man 2-1 over Violet's Estunnaman
  6. Newgioh Team Tournament Registration

    Dapper Dan Man Pacific Free Agent gangstarr1 Open Availability
  7. Newgioh Format Thread

    My new favorite deck of the format:
  8. Have you tried magical merchant? I like him when running triple book of life and it allows you to play Black Luster. Also,  while Card of Safe Return might be insane sometimes, I feel as though it just contributes to the bad hands that this deck is prone to. 
  9. Super Scum Bros: We're Gay For Sangan

    Won 2-0 on Logic. ggs and hard to believe I got game 2
  10. We're Gay For Sangan vs. Prosecution

    <3 <3 <3    We're gay for Sangan     >>) Metal Gear Salad - Metal Gear Salad (2) >>) Tygo - DGZ - Tygo (2) >>) Dapper Dan Man - gangstarr1        <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Prosecution  [+] Urthor - Urthor (2) [+] MZAAZM - MZAAZM (2) [+] YGA - YGA (2)                                                                                  War History:                                                          MZAAZM 2>1 Dapper Dan Man                                                          MZAAZM 2>1 Dapper Dan Man    
  11. Previously Known As...

    4/5 heart double elimination Gay for Sangan?
  12. Improvise vs. We're Gay for Sangan

    Got nelrick 2-0
  13. Improvise vs. We're Gay for Sangan

    Got tsgreen 2-1 ggs man
  14. 笑あほ vs We're gay for Sangan

    Got Gorjira 2-1 ggs