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  1. reggie

    you guys are fucking boring i'm out
  2. reggie

    endless wrath... even when my body changes, my soul carries on
  3. reggie

    come at me faggot
  4. reggie

    are you normal
  5. reggie

    I'm going to print out your face and glue it into my cum box where I will paint a crusty yellow layer of cum over your ugly down syndrome lookin face. Then I'm gonna take a massive dump and shape the turds into the words "penisfag" into the box and mail it to your grandmother.
  6. current rappers

    lil waine bcuz his chit yeeze
  7. Let's play a game. Flip a coin....

  8. If you get..   Heads: Rep the above user Tails: Neg the above user   LET'S GO FAGGOTS
  9. The Official 2012-2013 NBA Season Thread

  10. The Official 2012-2013 NBA Season Thread

    So mad. So fucking mad. So motherfucking mad. Fuck. What the fuck, Popo. What the fuck was Green doing there making 0 of his shots. What the fuck, Ginobili. WOW WOW WOW WOW. NOT THE TEAM I'VE BEEN CHEERING FOR. :( Great series from both teams, nonetheless. Can't help taking out all my anger on the keyboard.
  11. Microsoft backpedals on DRM

    No takeback of backwards compatibility, no care. I'm buying a PS4 because:   1) It will be far cheaper in the long run, given that you aren't hogging and buying every game you see out there 2) It has backwards compatibility; this will let me play COD Ghosts and GTA V, which will both be PS3/360 games as far as I know, on it 3) A subscription to PS+ nets you free games. FREEEEEEEE GAAAAAMMEEES 4) Most of my friends are getting a PS4. I like to have people to play with 5) Halo has gone to shit.. Halo was a huge reason I was a 360 fan to begin with   I will become of the Playstation brotherhood very soon.
  12. The Official 2012-2013 NBA Season Thread

      they got way more favorable calls/no-calls than miami last night lol. lets not undersell it here. early game, almost everything was going there way. miami just got the 2 that really mattered at the end. plus those missed free throws probably would have won them the game otherwise. iirc one of them would've gave them a 4 point lead as opposed to 3, and so did the other one. lack of rebounds down the stretch for them hurt too. miami was not rebounding well last night at all either. the ball was just continuously slapped by lebron/wade towards the backcourt.   In the last minute of the 4th quarter in G6, Miami got away with 2 fouls that could have put them in a lock. Green was pretty quiet that night too ( =)).
  13. The Official 2012-2013 NBA Season Thread

        The Heat were lucky to have found the light switch in the darkness last game, otherwise it would've been the Spurs' championship.   Nevertheless, SPURS NATION MOTHERFUCKER. GO MAKE ME SOME BREAD WHILE I WATCH THE SPURS PUT THE HEATIES BACK TO BED.
  14. Training Journals

    Everything will pay off one day, Aaron. When it comes, you're a free man =)
  15. I told a girl I loved her

    Above post sponsored and provided to you by Marty the zebra.