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  1. Constructed Standard Discussion

    Last post in this thread was May of last year. We need to fix this, and I have a deck I'd like some assistance with if anyone has any input. So this past weekend was Grand Prix Memphis. Going into the GP, the deck to beat based off of MTGO results was mono red. A lot of grixis midrange strategies were at the top tables all weekend. I really liked how a few of those played, so decided to build the following for an upcoming PPTQ this sunday. 14 Creatures --------------------- 2 Torrential Gearhulk 4 Whirler Virtuoso 2 The Scarab God 4 Glint Sleeve Siphoner 2 Gonti, Lord of Luxury 20 noncreature spells --------------------- 4 Vraska's Contempt 4 Harnessed Lightning 2 Magma Spray 2 Abrade 2 Essence Scatter 2 Supreme Will 1 Commit // Memory 1 Search for Azcanta 2 Fatal Push 26 land --------------------- 3 Drowned Catacomb 4 Spirebluff Canal 3 Dragonskull Summit 3 Canyon Slough 3 Fetid Pools 4 Aether Hub 2 Swamp 2 Mountain 1 Island 1 Field of Ruin 15 Sideboard --------------------- 2 Duress 3 Negate 1 Jace's Defeat 2 Chandra's Defeat 1 Glimmer of Genius 1 Liliana's Death Majesty 2 Magma Spray 1 Arguel's Blood Fast 1 Lost Legacy 1 Golden Demise Any suggestions on Mainboard changes or SB changes? I started with the 75 that tenjum played, began modifying things based on what I expect the metagame to look like on sunday as well as my own testing results. I also need some assistance with SB plans. Boarding for Hazoret aggro and UB/Approach control strategies seems pretty straightforward, however I feel as though I will fall into the trap of overboarding for the midrange mirrors. Thanks in advance
  2. Korey McDuffie has died

    Only speculation: Based on a lot of posts on his facebook wall, a lot of people are saying 'if you need help, don't turn to substances'. I'm assuming it was drug/OD related, but no official guarantee. R.I.P. Korey. I've only met him at supergames a few times and spoke with him at a few SCG opens, so I didn't know the guy as well has others did. He was very kind and nice to talk to.
  3. MTG Banned / Restricted list 1/15/18

    Looks like temur energy is still a deck. just a little bit slower. Jadelight ranger is a fantastic replacement of rogue refiner. Go back to playing 3 color and you have a pretty solid midrange deck. A few temur energy lists are putting up 5-0 results on magic online. Also, Efro posted about one of the lists on channelfireball.com today. It is worth taking a look at. Very similar to a list i played at an scg IQ back in november.
  4. MTG Banned / Restricted list 1/15/18

    Updated the OP to include my thoughts, as well as what I think the metagame will look like once rivals is fully released.
  5. https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/january-15-2018-banned-and-restricted-announcement-2018-01-15 For those who don't want to click the article, here are the changes. Attune with Aether Rogue Refiner Rampaging Ferocidon Ramunap Ruins I will write up my thoughts probably tomorrow around noon eastern, assuming work doesn't get in the way (will edit this post with the details instead of creating a new topic). You can click the link if you would like to read WOTC's explanation of the bannings. In my write-up, I will also include a list of decks that are playable in standard now. More details to come later. ------ update 1/16/2018 ------- To be honest, I actually think that this was a very healthy ban. ON ENERGY: The energy mechanic cannot be interacted with from a reactive standpoint (aka opponents can't do anything about it), however proactively it can produce so many subtle advantages that add utility in all sorts of matchups. Most midrange decks that did not use the energy mechanic would lose out against energy builds because of all of the exchanges the deck could make. Virtual card advantage was being created by energy sinks such as Whirler virtuoso (allowed profitable trades in creatures while producing evasive threats), or rogue refiner (3 for a 3/2 body that draws a card is very efficient already. adding 2 energy is just a bonus). Being able to attune for a land on turn 1 gave energy decks almost no mana trouble, and also turned 4 of your basic lands into energy counters. your top end involves a 2 mana creature that gets better if you draw it in the late game, as well as a hexproof creature to counter the control matchups. Having attune to fix your mana also meant that your top end could include planeswalkers of any color, and cards like The Scarab God. The fact that the deck can play U effectively means that you get access to counterspells, black and red give you great removal. Green gives you super powerful creatures. Assuming you can figure out the right mana base, you can change the energy list week to week depending on the metagame. The deck was so configurable, that other decks began having to rely on sideboard cards in the mainboard in order to make an attempt at fighting back. ON MONO RED: While the ramunap red deck may have struggled a bit with energy due to whirler virtuoso making infinite blockers and longtusk cub getting too big to get under, the deck was very, very efficient and way to fast for other decks to compete. (Still had a somewhat reasonable matchup against energy as well). Ramunap red was the deck that was winning most leagues and the most PTQs on Magic Online. Rampaging ferocidon gave you reach against the tokens decks when they began going wide, and prevented the white based control decks from gaining life from Approach of the second sun or Fumigate (When fumigate resolves, ferocidon would still prevent the lifegain even if it is getting destroyed). Rock based midrange decks could not go over the top of these decks unless you were playing a strategy involving winding constrictor and walking ballista. Lands are normally poor topdecks in the lategame. With your mana-base being focued on Ramunap Ruins, you wanted to draw lands all the time so that you had the option of popping lands to deal two damage. It gave the deck extra outs to close games in situations where lands would normally not win the game. Your outs turned from burn such as chandra, lightning strike, shock, hazoret, glorybringer to all of those plus any lands you draw. With energy being gone, I can easily see mono red being the best deck in standard. I think the hits to the red cards were preemptive bans, because mono red mirrors would be everywhere, and that is very poor for coverage. (that being said, there aren't many standard events coming up soon outside of one SCG open. It is modern season for a few months due to the next PT being modern). ------------- Where does this leave us? --------------- The format just blew wide open. I think the general public will start off by trying to play UW Approach decks or God Pharoah's gift strategies. These are proven decks that work, and they can remove fringe cards from their lists that were being used strictly against energy. This opens slots up in the lists for other options. I think early on, some GP grinders and some pros will begin looking at Sultai Constrictor or BG constrictor decks. Winding constrictor is still one hell of a card, enabling a lot of things. With the release of Rivals of Ixilan, they introduced many powerful explore cards, one of them being a 1GG 2/1 that explores twice when it enters the battlefield. I can easily see a Constrictor deck go turn 1 land, turn 2 winding constrictor, turn 3 Jadelight ranger. This line gives you the following options: Draw 2 lands (super psuedo courser of kruphix type of effect). Digs you deeper into the library, you won't miss land drops later, and you have a 2/3 body and a 2/1 body on board Draw 1 land and get 2 +1+1 counters on Jadelight Ranger (1 for its explore ability, another for winding constrictor). leaves you with a 2/3 body and a 4/3 body on turn 3, with one additional card in hand, and potentially knowing your next card on top of the deck due to explore. Draw no lands, get 2 explore triggers meaning you get 4 +1+1 counters on the ranger. (you also get a potential 2 cards deeper into your library if you do not like your draws) This leaves you with a 2/3 body, a 6/5 body, and at most two looks into your library. I think brewers have the ability to solve the Pirate Aggro/Tempo deck or the Dinosaur Ramp deck, just may take some a few online events or SCG opens. I don't honestly know if merfolk will be feasible or not. Lots of synergy, but lots of underwhelming cards. That being said, lots of super interesting cards that have potential as well. I don't really know. Mono red is still a deck, just won't be as desert based. It might even turn into the Big Red deck with chandra's and glorybringers. UB control is still a real deck as well. Put up great results at worlds, kind of got hated out by the changes people made to their energy decks. Search for Azcanta is still very good, and the spells UB boasts are still very powerful. ------------------------- Personally, I think I am going to start off on some kind of constrictor strategy. The strategy is not exactly 'unknown', but I do think it could be very consistent and powerful. My local group will start testing a bunch of stuff soon. Will post more here once I start getting actual decklists.
  6. PPTQ top 8 report

    Thanks. Didn't play burn! Thank you! I appreciate your response. I know my content probably lacks in quite a few areas, and I'm not a great writer by any stretch. Glad you enjoy the reports! -------------------- update to report above: the UG pummeler player wound up winning the event. He beat my friend Brad who was playing almost the same list as me in the finals. Turns out even though we had loads of removal, we can't stop all the hexproof spells. :/ oh well.
  7. PPTQ top 8 report

    So my friend shipped me a list last minute: a variation of 4 color energy that the group had been working on for quite some time. I changed my sideboard a bit around 11:30 am, left my house at 11:50 am, walked in at 11:58, paid entry, and had a very, very illegible decklist written out by noon when rd 1 started. Here is the list I played: (37 spells, 23 lands) 4 Attune with Aether 4 Harnessed Lightning 2 Fatal push 1 Vraska's Contempt 2 Abrade 2 Essence Scatter 2 Vraska, Relic seeker 4 Longtusk cub 4 Glint sleeve siphoner 4 rogue refiner 3 whirler virtuoso 2 Bristling hydra 1 Gonti, Lord of luxury 2 The Scarab God 4 Blooming Marsh 4 Botanical Sanctum 1 Spirebluff Canal 4 Aether Hub 2 Canyon Slough 2 Dragonskull Summit 2 Swamp 2 Forest 1 Mountain 1 Island SB 1 Nicol Bolas, God Pharoah 3 Negate 2 Duress 1 Cartouche of Ambition 1 Jace's Defeat 1 Chandra's defeat 1 Search for azcanta 2 Deathgorge Scavenger 1 Confiscation Coup 1 Appetite for the unnatural 1 Vraska's Contempt ------------------------- Every time we drew Servant of the conduit in testing, we kept wishing it were something else. Sure, servant allows you to ramp into your bigger spells early, but it is not a great topdeck mid to late game, and is rarely used for attacking due to its 2/2 body. Glint-sleeve can be used offensively due to menace, and proactively increases our energy count by attacking. If left unchecked, Glint-sleeve can run away with card advantage over time. After swapping servant for the Glint-sleeve siphoners, we modified the mana base to be focused more on black. This also allowed us to fit in spells like Fatal push and vraska's contempt mainboard. We want to be able to land longtusk cub or glint sleeve early. The red splash is really just for the removal and whirler virtuoso. Bristling hydra is a necessary evil. outside of being an evasive threat at times, it does not really do a whole lot. When there are tokens on the opposing board, it is at its weakest because it can be chumped for days. 2 copies is plenty, I cut the third we were playing for Gonti, lord of luxury. (Gonti turned out to be MVP of the main deck) Abrade was boarded out often, it isn't great in energy mirrors. I wound up undefeated with 2 draws (1 unintentional, other ID'd me into the top 8). Was 5th overall seed in T8. My matches below. Round 1: Mono white vampires (win) g1: He wins the die roll, and opens up with a plains and the legendary enchantment that makes a 1/1. Our list isn't very good against the BW tokens deck, so I get a little nervous. On his second turn, he plays the white desert and some two drop vampire. That clued me in that he is probably not on tokens, and my removal spells will be pointed at real cards. He gets me down to 5 life, but I am able to cast The Scarab God, Whirler virtuoso, and Vraska relic seeker to take over the game. Not much he can do from there. g2: He lands Oketra's monument on curve, planning to go wide. I have the abrade, so he does not produce many tokens. Appetite for the unnatural dealt with his cast out, so my Longtusk cub was able to stick. Game kind of swept away from him due to the power level of the cards I was playing compared to his. He played well, but 2/3 bodies with lifelink don't match up to raw card advantage. round 2: Jeskai approach (win) g1: I get roflstomped. I didn't really get to play magic at all. After my fourth land drop, never drew another land or attune. His counterspells were great against my hand. I also drew a lot of removal. g2: Removal out, counterspells and duresses in. I'm able to stick 2 copies of glint sleeves and protect them. Drew 3 cards a turn for many turns in a row. He was finally able to stick an approach and begin digging for it. On my following turn, I cast Gonti and found his approach to exile it. Duress the settle the wreckage in his hand, and stuck a bristling hydra. He couldn't do much from there. g3: We go into turns after a very long, drawn out game. I negate his fumigate, and have duress for his settle the wreckage. I wound up winning on my following turn. Round 3: Temur (unintentional draw) g1: I deal a lot of damage to myself with glint sleeves. I was ahead on cards, and board presence, but I was low on life. He drew for turn, cast chandra uptick, deal two damage to me. Cast lightning strike, target me. Cast a second lightning strike, target me. I died. g2: All hail the mighty nicol bolas, god pharoah. Chandra's defeat dealt with his glorybringer. Gonti gave me a glorybringer, and nicol bolas gave me a second glorybringer. Not much he could do from there. g3: He takes his time to think through things, and we wind up going into turns. I have a line where I can kill him on my final turn, but didn't see it. I thought I had one more additional turn, so I took the safe route. That was my fault, I should have gotten aggressive with my scarab god one turn earlier to leave him at exactly 7 damage, where nicol bolas could downtick for lethal. It happens, brushed it off for next round. Round 4: Temur (win) g1: opponent is undefeated and asks for a draw. I decline because I was paired up and there was one round remaining. I beat him in game 1 once I'm able to stick vraska, relic seeker and scarab god side by side. g2: I mulligan but draw multiple glint sleeves. He stumbles on mana turn 3, missing his land drop. I'm able to pull ahead and win from there. round 5: 4 Color energy (Intentional draw) Was paired up against a friend of mine. ID guaranteed us both in, whereas a loss would put one of us in probably 9th place. There were a lot of players who were live to make it in. We intentionally draw and watch the remainder of the games played. My friend Brad won his match, so all 3 of us made it in to top 8. top 8 prize payout: 1st: RPTQ invite, 200 dollars 2nd: 100 dollars 3/4: 50 dollars 5/8: 25 dollars top 8: Temur energy (win) - This is the guy I unintentionally drew with in round 3 g1: He crushes me with multiple glorybringers g2: I got there with nicol bolas, scarab god, and vraska relic seeker. Nothing super interesting. g3: I'm at 3 life, he is at 7. He activates search for azcanta trying to find lightning strike for game. He wiffs, so I win and move to t4. We decide to split cash in top 4, giving each player 100 dollars each. top 4: UG pummeler (loss) g1: he has the stones and I can't stop it. he makes pummeler a flyer, and gives it a lot of power. g2: I am able to take care of most of his threats and stick a scarab god while I am at a low life total. Scarab god animates a longtusk cub to chump block and pump up to be large enough to take down his 9/8 bristling hydra. we move on to game 3 g3: I have victory again, but don't see it because it is 3 turns away. I should have swung all out forcing him to make blocks that he didn't want to make, forcing him to burn all his energy to survive. I knew his hand was 2 aether hubs due to duress a few turns earlier. He top decks a cartouche of knowledge to give his guy flying, activates a rhonas that is in play to make his pummeler 4 power, and is able to make his guys 64 power from there with trample due to the rhonas. I lose. Overall was fun, and decided to go to this thing very, very last minute. Thought our build was interesting and a bit different, so I wanted to share this variation of 4 color energy with you guys. Sorry if this is formatted improperly, don't have much time right now and trying to rush typing this. I'll answer any questions if anyone has any. Overall I learned that I struggle seeing game through complicated boardstates, and that is something I definitely need to continue working on. Thanks!
  8. Is it because I miss getting flamed?

    Lol, yeah. Since all of the mtg discussions moved to facebook, never really found a reason to post here. I remember we tried to get good discussion in the MTG threads on the site, but nothing was biting. Since then we all have played in a ton of stuff, and our community on FB actually are putting up someone decent results for things, I figured it was time to come back here and try to see if we can get good discussion again.
  9. After a somewhat lengthy hiatus from the dgz community, I decided to come back. I hope everyone that I knew or interacted with is doing well, and I am going to do my best to become somewhat active again. How is everyone doing? And how is the dgz community doing? Lurked around a bit yesterday and this morning, it seems as though Ash bought the site back? Cool stuff, congrats to him and reigroundz. Allen appeared to have done a lot for this site, trying to raise the community back up and bring in good members. (Unsure if that actually happened or not, but I know he tried to) Wazzup?
  10. Constructed Standard Discussion

    So played at FNM on friday, took the UR control list with the updated sideboard. Round one (win) vs UR fevered burn - I actually thought that this was going to be a poor matchup until a couple of turns in. Commit // Memory allowed me to bounce fevered visions when it was becoming a problem. Magma spray and harnessed lightning kept killing his Thermo Alchemists and his Stormchaser mages. Counterspells served as a hedge against the rest of the deck, and gearhulk was a great closer. Round 2 (win) vs UR Improvise - Lolcals will have brews. This guy was ramping out dudes so fast it was actually a little scary. He got me game one, he went off and was able to drop fatties pretty early. Game 2 and 3 I brought in 2 Confiscation coups, 2 release the gremlins, and 2 negate. Cut all 4 magma spray and 2 sweltering suns. From there was smooth sailing. Round 3 (loss) vs BR Madness - I happened to get there game one. Game 2 the new red god with haste and key to the city got me. Key allowing him to discard down to the mininum hand size to turn on the red god AND make his god unblockable was difficult to deal with. Game 3 I had him hellbent when time was called. I was at one life, he was at 4. He untaps key and pays 2 to draw an additional card. he drew the red god, and the other card could be used to discard and make his god unblockable. When he cast the god, I pull from tomorrowed for 13 cards, and left 3 blue sources up for a dissallow or an essence scatter. Didn't hit the counterspell, the god killed me. Was a great match, and one of the hardest ones I've played in a long time. Round 4 (win) vs Jund Energy Aggro - mulled to 5 game one, he kept seven. His curve of snake, rishkar, nissa, and green gearhulk wrecked me. Game 2 and 3, Confiscation coup and release the gremlins got me there. His build was very artifact heavy. Coup kept taking gearhulks, which was nice. The chandra in my board wasn't that great, at least for FNM. My thought was that I could bring it in against midrange lists as a way to kill things and start grabbing card advantage. Whenever I drew it, i just felt like it was underwhelming. Would probably cut it for another essence scatter, at least for FNM.
  11. Constructed Standard Discussion

    Sorry for the double. Looks like UR control is actually performing well on magic online, with lists very similar to mine. Began looking at their sideboards, trying to figure out what could be most optimal for me. Here is where I am at so far: Sideboard: 15 1 Commit // Memory 1 Sweltering Suns 2 Confiscation Coup 1 Chandra, Torch of Defiance 1 Kefnet, the Mindful 2 DragonMaster Outcast 2 Dispel 2 Negate 1 Sphinx of the Final Word 2 Release the Gremlins
  12. Constructed Standard Discussion

    Alright, wanted to try a more dedicated control brew without relying on dynavolt tower. Too much artifact disruption to warrant playing both gearhulks and the tower. Attune with aether and other things of the like are just not great topdecks. Moved to UR control. Here is my list: Maindeck: 60 ---------------- Lands: 26 9 Island 5 Mountain 4 Aether Hub 4 Spirebluff Canal 4 Wandering Fumarole Creatures: 4 4 Torrential Gearhulk Other Spells: 30 4 Censor 4 Disallow 2 Negate 2 Essence Scatter 4 Glimmer of Genius 4 Magma Spray 4 Harnessed Lightning 2 Pull From Tomorrow 2 Sweltering Suns 2 Commit // Memory ------------- Sideboard: 15 1 Commit // Memory 1 Sweltering Suns 2 Chandra, Torch of Defiance 1 Kefnet, the Mindful 3 Whirler Virtuoso 2 Dispel 2 Negate 1 Chandra, Flamecaller 2 Release the Gremlins This has been very, very good in testing so far. Hoping to play this at FNM on Friday if I am able to go.
  13. Constructed Standard Discussion

    Dynavolt is what i'm playing for the next couple of weeks as well, unless something powerful comes from the atlanta open or the PT. Incorporating cards like Pull from tomorrow or censor?
  14. Constructed Standard Discussion

    What are peoples thoughts about the SCG event this weekend in ATL? Decks that may do well? Is mardu vehicles still the deck to beat? ETC. Anyone been working on any neat brews since the felidar guardian ban was announced? --------- I'm ready to start talking about magic again. Standard has been oppressive the past couple of months since we had a combo in the format that could win as early as turn four. Will start grinding pptqs and IQs again once mid-may hits. until then, i'm gonna be testing and jamming games.
  15. Banned and restricted announcement, 4/24/17

    thanks, left that one out on accident.