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  1. @Urthor is right. That deal isn't awful, and you have room to make mods and upgrades if desired. I'd probably try to haggle for it a little bit personally, shoot for like $750 or something. Not necessarily try to low-ball the guy, but a little bit of negotiation never hurts.
  2. Mods, was unsure of where to post this thread. If it needs to be somewhere else, could you please move it to the proper area? My friend and I have been writing a skill for the Amazon echo for the past few weeks, and we learned of some limitations that the echo has that made us decide to scrap our skill. We are looking for other skill suggestions. What would you like to see the Amazon Echo do, or functionality that you wish it had? Thanks in advance.
  3. Need help, posting status about it here as well as in the Software development and programming thread in tech support.  


    My friend and I have been writing a skill for the Amazon echo for the past few weeks, and we learned of some limitations that the echo has that made us decide to scrap our skill.  We are looking for other skill suggestions.  What would you like to see the Amazon Echo do, or functionality that you wish it had?

  4. @ACP Will these shirts have our DGZ alias's printed on them? Or would we need to take these shirts to a print shop to get that done?
  5. Is anyone thinking about going to this? I spoke with @Darthflaw briefly, he said he might be depending on work circumstances and Pokemon events. I have a lot of friends from my area who are planning on going. I hope to revisit Stuzzi's Pizza again. Place was pretty good, just hope they have beer this time.
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  7. Well, I appreciate the response. Hope you enjoyed your Christmas break, and safe travels back to Chapel-Hill.
  8. My younger sisters BF is a Grad student at Chapel hill. What are you studying there, and what year are you? Probably over-stepping my boundaries, but any way you could help hook me up with student discounted UNC-Duke basketball tickets?
  9. My biggest concern with this type of strategy are emrakul + K-return decks. having the board swept, then our turn taken from us is not a fun scenario to be in. Maybe something like sigarda could prevent emrakul cast triggers? also, I don't know what the removal suite would look like. Stasis snare seems great, that three mana cmc is costly thought because this type of deck wants to keep deploying things on its own turn. Dec in stone is also a decent removal spell. Side note, something like Tireless tracker could allow GW games to go long. We have Gisela and bruna, avacyn, sylvan advocates, servant, lambolt pacifist...There are so many cards that could fit into a 75 in these colors, we'd have to figure out exactly which ones are necessary vs which ones aren't. I'll be going into the tank beginning of January to test this type of strategy. I'm planning on going to the SCG open in richmond at the end of January, so hopefully we will know if something like this is viable by then. My guess is that it won't be, but it won't stop people from trying. I really liked the previous GW deck, would love to go back to playing it again. I know @Darthflaw doesn't want GW mirrors to be a thing again, and I agree with him by the fact of that format not being the healthiest in the world.
  10. Scenario: t1: Thraben t2: Heart of kiran, attack with thraben for 1 - (19 life) (2 lands 2 creatures) t3: Nissa, tick up for plant, tick down to animate kiran and swing with thraben + kiran - (14 life) (3 lands, 1 planeswalker, 3 creatures, can tick down nissa to protect nissa with kiran following turn or chump block with plant) t4: Gideon, make knight. tick down gideon, animate kiran. tick up nissa, plant. attack with thraben + kiran - (9 life) (4 lands, 2 planeswalkers, potential of 5 creatures, and still with the ability to protect the planeswalkers) It really seems as though there is some potential here. You can replace thraben with toolcraft exemplar, heart with either copter or oath of ajani, and you achieve many different positive board states. The biggest reason why GW tokens died out last format was because the only flier GW had to block opposing fliers was Archangel Avacyn. Spell queller and smuggler's copter introduced some real threats into the metagame that threatened planeswalkers. Having smuggler's copter of our own OR heart of kiran allows the deck to have some fliers early on to fill both roles, aggression and protecting the walkers. The manabase for a GW deck is not super complicated, the GW colors has large card quality. Call me crazy, but i think this could be a real thing. Either that, or I really just want to try and force GW, which is also a possiblity. Hopefully there will be more tools in Aether revolt that allow this deck to be a real contender.
  11. On phone, so formatting is kind of poop. This is one of those long informative posts incoming, want discussion around it if at all possible. Played in the SCG invitational this past weekend. did very poorly, (UW Flash) went 0-3 drop. Signed up for the open, did poorly (BG Delirium), lost out on day 2. I havn't had a weekend this bad in a long time. So what gives? In the invi, everyone was on BG, which I expected to get hated out due to the rise in popularity of marvel decks. Because I thought marvel was going to be the most played deck, I tuned my list to be better against it. Got paired up against BG delerium multiple times, which is already a poor matchup. For the open, I expected everyone to be on UW because of how many of them made day 2 of the invi. Played against multiple marvel decks, which crushes BG. Rest of the weekend was trying to support my friends while they continued battling in events, and paying attention to the top 8 of the invitational and the top 8 of the GP in denver. So what gives? I believe a combination of bad luck, lackluster preparation, and poor deck selection combined together gave me the best chance to lose out this past weekend. I spent a majority of time after dropping completing a list for marvel, which I plan on playing at an upcoming PPTQ this sunday. I think the Temur build has a great matchup against the mirror, since we have access to counterspells in the board and ulamog maindeck. Did testing vs vehicles, aggro can be rough, but we can stabilize in a similar fasion that BG can stabilize in (Ishkanah), plus we have ways to produce chump blockers to buy time in the form of Whirler Virtuoso. The chump blockers are also fliers, which allow us to pressure gideon and chump a beefed up smuggler's copter. The deck is built to play more like a midrange-control deck instead of a combo deck trying to jam marvel on turn 4. The last deck we had that did something similar was Rally the ancestors - Little kid creatuer deck first and combo deck second. Our gameplan here is to established some type of board dominant position (usually ishkanah), and grind the game out until we use marvel to go for the kill. The reason why I think this deck is better than the all-in marvel decks is that we can produce energy at a much faster rate, and actually do something with our energy if we don't have marvel (virtuoso activations). It isn't unreasonable to go from 2-3 energy to 10 in one turn, then use that energy to produce multiple flying 1/1s on their turn that we can use to block or attack with on the follow up. Here is where I am at with my current list. 15 creatures 2 Emrakul, the promised end 2 ulamog, the ceaseless hunger 3 Ishkanah, Graffwidow 4 Servant of the conduit 4 Whiler Virtuoso 24 Spells 3 Chandra, Torch of defiance 4 Aetherwork marvel 4 Vessel of nascency 3 Woodweaver's Puzzleknot 4 Harnessed Lightning 4 Attune with Aether 2 Traverse the Ulvenwald 21 lands 4 Aether Hub 3 Cinder Glade 4 Botanical Garden 6 Forest 3 Mountain 1 Island 15 Sideboard 2 Ceremonious Rejection 2 Negate 3 Tireless Tracker 1 World Breaker 3 Kozilek's Return 2 Tears of Valakut 2 Appetite for the Unnatural I guess lets start by talking about the manabase... The manabase is more theory than anything. No copies of evolving wilds are in the maindeck, which is a little strange. Most lists are also playing 22 lands. I cut down to 21. Playing 4 copies of attune allow me to tutor missing lands, along with two copies of Traverse the ulvenwald. It is kind of like playing 27 lands in a 21 land deck, because each tutor is an additional land. The only thing I don't like about it is we cut down on an activated ability that puts a land type in the grave for emrakul. We have to rely on milling one off of vessel. Post board if we bring in Tireless tracker, we are losing the powerful 2 clues per turn combo with evolving wilds to simply provide a constant stream of clues for multiple turns in a row with the tutor effects. Testing this deck a bunch last night leads me to believe that I may want to cut one copy of Botanical Gardens for an additional Mountain, as casting chandra early is important. I'll decide that more tomorrow or friday when i'm able to get more testing in. Nothing too special about the creatures. Virtuoso is the reason we want to go blue, as it gives us another way to produce threats and chump blockers. Ulamog is hard to cast if we draw it, but super powerful when we are able to hit it off marvel. If we have chandra and servant in play, we only need 7 lands to cast ulamog also, so it isn't entirely a bad thing to draw. The other spells are a bit interesting. Only maining 3 copies of puzzleknot, since we have 7 ways to produce 3 energy a pop total. I don't think we need to max out this card. It's okay against aggro, stalling death for a bit, but doesn't help our board position at all (which only delays the innevitable death and they get to pump more guys onto the board). We really just play it as an energy producer. 2 Copies of traverse the ulvenwald is the big card that i believe is great. Delerium is super easy to hit in this deck, with a wide range of artifacts, enchantments, instants, sorcories, and dudes. Allows me to hit additional land drops, deck thinning for better marvel hits, (added bonus of shuffling in the bottom hits of marvel back around in the deck, which is kind of a big deal for deck manipulation). Later in the game, can tutor ishkanah or emrakul for me to either stall the game out or go for a finisher. Can tutor servant or virtuoso if I need energy. Gives me more options overall, and gives me a wide range of support for whatever situation that I may be in. I'm not maining Kozilek's Rerturn, as I don't think I want it against the current metagame of marvel, GB, or UW flash. Great against aggro decks, which is why we keep multiple copies in the sideboard. I don't know if I want 3 copies of tears and 2 copies of K-return, or vice versa. Right now, I'm trying a 2/3 split respectively. Tears allows me to fight avacyn and take down queller. Most of the time, we are becoming a control deck post board. Tireless trackers are great in the mirror and against green black, giving us the ability to go long. We have sweepers in the form of K-return against aggro, and better removal spells against a majority of decks overall. Counterspells come in against the mirror for opposing marvels or hits off of their marvels. Overall, I think these builds of marvel have game against most of the decks in the Metagame. Let me know what you think, or if you would change cards around in the deck. Open to suggestions, and this list is not finalized at all. Hell, my list may just be bad, I dunno. I liked the idea behind Traverse, which is really the biggest change in the maindeck. Thanks, appreciate the help.
  12. woah, I was in Knoxville for a scg magic event. didn't even realize we had started the mafia game. sorry that i wasn't here and inactive. I feel awful. =[
  13. SCG TOUR® EVENTS - Knoxville TN STANDARDSaturday 10am — Day One — 9 rounds 21+ Points or tied for 64th advanceSunday 10am — Day Two — 6 rounds Cut to single-elimination Top 8Entry: $50 Register Today 1 FINISH PRIZES SCG POINTS INVITATIONAL QUALIFICATION Winner $5,000 30 Finalist $2,000 25 Top 4 $1,000 20 Top 8 $500 15 Top 16 $325 10 — Top 32 $200 6 — Top 64 $100 4 — Day 2 — 3 — Participation — 1 — Note: Maximum Main Event Seating Capacity for this event is 900. Dgz role call! Who all is going to this thing?
  14. 8 Players so far by my count.
  15. Hey Duelistgroundz!


    @Gemstone Mine has started signups for a vanilla mafia game after months of the board being inactive.  Head over to General/Mafia/Tentative Election Vanilla Mafia sign-ups for more information.  You just have a few minutes of spare time each day over the next week or two, we would love to see you involved!