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    I like this a lot, how does it play?
  2. Blackwings

    Right, because you'll always open with whirlwind, and they will never have heavy storm/space or gyzarus or dad or jd or anything, so gorz suxxxx =/ i see it the same way, he goes whirlwind and summon sorroc they bth and rape him with gorz in hand next turn. wrong u will go 5-5 if u don't drop first, prove me wrong?
  3. Fast Cats

    start over
  4. Guess Who's Back

    Monsters 1 Cyber Dragon 2 Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn 3 Blackwing - Shura the Blue Flame 3 Blackwing - Bora the Spear 3 Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind 3 Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow 3 Blackwing - Blizzard the Far North Spells 2 Allure of Darkness 3 Black Whirlwind 1 Heavy Storm 2 Book of Moon 1 Brain Control 1 Monster Reborn 2 Dark Eruption 1 Mystical Space Typhoon Traps 2 Bottomless Trap Hole 2 Icarus Attack 1 Mirror Force 3 Solemn Judgment 1 Delta Crow - Anti Reverse IM me for side. you don't play TT in BW's. if u want to win Eddie, play this.
  5. Guess Who's Back

    LOL wrong, get off ur ass and we can test.
  6. Yup Skill Drain

    made me lol too
  7. Syncro-Cat. Dek

    it will be played heavy this weekend. in cincy area.
  8. Gladmastery 101

    decks hot eddie, u should never let big tony beat u!! LOL
  9. Yup Skill Drain

    I told you. I don't like to start the fights. ~.~ I like to end them. ^_^ Jeff, how's the younger son? he's good, at camp kern right now. u just made urself an ass
  10. Yup Skill Drain

    I think u net him. put a rare CCV in this.
  11. Big Bird

    to much randomness good first try, now start over and call me when u've learn something.
  12. All the above

    what he said.
  13. Exhale` 360 Tournament

    That's yugimon!!!!!!!!!
  14. Gladmaster's Glads

    WoW this deck looks really good.