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  1. What are some hobbies to take up

    Most of good eats is also on YT now. A stellar show that blended theory + practice + dad jokes.
  2. What are some hobbies to take up

    If you want a great musical instrument outlet. You should give keyboard/piano a shot. You can find relatively inexpensive ones that will connect to your computer and tutorials are abundant. There's an outstanding android/ios app called yousician that treats learning like irl rock band style game. All the while giving you bits on music theory. As a creative outlet its incredbile because you can get a life skill WITH the social outlet. Finding other musicians to just dick around with and create things in university is a lot of fun. Even if the skillgap is wide its one of the most efficient ways to learn. I helped pull a guy out of severe depression with just a few bass lessons and now his core group of friends is a band he jams with once a week(the dude was 35 working for canada post). The reason I would reccomend piano/keyboard (keyboard is cheaper and more versatile btw) is that its a simple instrument and you dont need to worry about keeping it in tune. Every string instrument requires a lot of maintenance and in my opinion requires a few in person lessons just to work out the right coordination. tldr; try playing keyboard, its relatively simple to start, provides a great creative outlet, dynamic (with a computer) and versatile.
  3. cheapest tinder phone

    Keep in mind, for the full tinder experience you'll need snapchat as well. There's a surprising large amount of people who use it then want you to add them on another messaging service because they're deleting tinder....... For possibly the same reason you're getting a separate tinder phone.
  4. Serious question - Yugioh deaths

    They're not that young if you think about it. The trend is increasing across wealthier nations to have late 20-30 yr olds dying more prominently http://www.businessinsider.com/death-rates-for-many-young-americans-rising-2017-2 . Less people overall are dying early so there will be more people dying at a middle age.
  5. Not-Useless Criticisms of DB

    My issue has been with judges disappearing part way through me joining and playing a match. Players have often been abusing the fact that no judges are online and find some trivial ruling in the game to be inquisitive about and call judge. Then when the judge shows, they leave. I've tried to explain to the staff a few times that people who do this need a much more harsh reprimand. No one ever pulled this shit on Dn when I played, I'm assuming because they would probably ban your Ip if you tried. Another solution would be to increase their amount of judge volunteers.
  6. Burning Abyss

    Bls is at 3 along with honest ... Lol. Tyranno is a better bls right now anyways.
  7. Psychoanalysis & Circles

    I would just like to see a peer reviewed study if you're going to try and give this relevant ground in truth. You said that there was some scientific basis yet I had to dig deep to find the actual study that article you posted was aluding to. I love the theories and the jibber jabber. I will get triggered if you throw scientific context around lightly though.
  8. Psychoanalysis & Circles

    The link thay you provided to show the "advancements" of neuroscience backing Freud is meek AF. I had to hunt it down but at the root of that whole pseudoscientific spew of an article was an interesting study on an area of our brain in charge of metacognition. This has very little to do with your theories. I did like the circles bit as you're not trying to make fake science.
  9. Burning Abyss

    BLS is dope in BA. Proxy dragon can be easily made to make it live. Floating dante+cir ->proxy dante get back cir, cir summon dante ->make decode talker with dante + proxy and use dante to get back another BA card. This play leaves you with a decode talker +2 cards in hand and an expendable light in grave for BLS. It's also worth noting that galaxy worm is light and a pretty useful card too as it helps make the t1 beatrice strategy more stable (If you wanted to take the booby trap-E route ). Evenly matched is all a meta call. This is probably one of the better decks to abuse evenly matched in though.
  10. This game is awful. If you're still playing it for anything else outside of friendship then you're doing it all wrong.
  11. hi

    Fuck C++ learn assembly.
  12. Productivity in downtime.

    Download Sololearn to your phone and give it a shot. It has a whole slew of great programming language tutorials as a well as a section where you can challenge other people. It nominally improves your programming skills but it will really help understanding and interpret code in a bunch of different languages.
  13. Pendulum Magicians

    These new cards are insanely powerful. I think the answer again will be to look at what the best cards avaialable right now that have moderate synergy and throw them into a deck together. This is what I have come to so far and it is SOOOO much fun to play. Don't mind the sideboard. I built it because well... Double iris is busted, especially since you can search out that trap for consistent defense. Also the fact that you can use drident to trigger its effect if need be is great.
  14. Advice on finding video editing software?

    I'm pretty sure premiere pro has that option~ http://www.wikihow.com/Crop-a-Video-in-Adobe-Premiere-Pro
  15. Philosophy in your life

    What I think and use for my life?.... I love living by "quality is the event in which the subject becomes aware of the object". I like to pick things ahead of time that warrant "quality", then pursue those things. For this life is made more simple because I compartmentalize and control some of its complexity. I'm allowing in only what I want. Sometimes life is completely simple. When I embrace my amygdala I just let go and "feel" things out. This year has been the first year in my life that I've felt like I have had moderate control over how simple/complicated (easy/difficult) moments in life can be. I just try to stay aware of my approach.
  16. Advice on finding video editing software?

    There's also an awful watermark they put on your shit with WeVideo if you use the free trial, just a heads up.
  17. Advice on finding video editing software?

    Premiere pro is fantastic. There is a lot of material for learning and I always found it fairly simple and intuitive in general, free trials are available- http://www.adobe.com/ca/products/premiere.html?sdid=KKQOM&mv=search&s_kwcid=AL!3085!3!193588457250!e!!g!!adobe premiere free trial&ef_id=VppS5AAABcJq4N14:20170525013157:s I just googled a few and tried them out and the free sign up for WeVIdeo seems to have everything you're looking for (although 1 GB of cloud storage seems awful for a project). I'd say dick around with the free trial for a night, it seems like pretty good stuff and if you get your project done in under a month 5$ seems well worth it to use the suite. https://www.wevideo.com/hub
  18. Philosophy in your life

    Complexity and simplicity are internal factors. At a distance most of existence seems simple. You can take a zen approach and embrace reality as a single landscape. Up close, existence becomes more complex. You can always look one step deeper and deeper and etc. into reality. How do you want to use your lenses for existence?
  19. Hello all, I need to gain 5 Kg before a health screening on the 9th of June. I am currently ~65 Kg and about 175cm (145lbs, 5'9") My lifestyle is moderately active. I am not looking to bulk for the sake of fitness or looking good, I just need the weight. From the research I have done it doesnt look like myfitnesspal provides an option this intense (max 1 lb per week). So far it doesnt really look plausible outside of this post -http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=156560063 I really dont care how I gain it (whether its through water or I keep weights in my trunks), I just wanted to know if anyone had any advice.
  20. I actually ended up doing this. I went in for another screening 5 days later instead and just made the cut off. $8 000 for 2 weeks. It was worth it. Losing the weight after also wasn't too hard.
  21. I am probably butchering it (I gave a brief wiki look) but maybe something like this: The math most people are used to works with the single object (like your bank account) but in abstract algebra we get to manipulate sets and spaces! We not only get to look at your bank account but ALL THE BANK ACCOUNTS, we look at banks, cities, countries, corporations. Instead of the lone object we manipulate we work with big sets of objects and see how they interact. Tie in what you know with something that people generally already know. It takes a lot of practice to connect with someone and be there with them. -When I teach integration my favourite example is showing how if you draw a circle you can draw a bunch of smaller concentric circles inside. Then take each circle and stretch them out into strings. There will be one large string that is the circumference of your circle then a slightly smaller string until you hit a little dot. This shape forms a right angle triangle. From here most people know how to find the area of the circle because your base is the radius and your height is the circumference. If you do B*H/2 you get 2pieR^2. In this example it is assumed people know the area of a triangle (and if they dont you can explain it through cutting a square in half) and that they have decent spacial senses. If you want some insight in great ways to teach/explain math give joy of x a read.
  22. tell me about something that you like

    I like old shitty board games. Especially trivia games with out of date themes or awful grammar.
  23. I know more about numbers than all of you, AMA

    https://www.khanacademy.org/math/linear-algebra This is a great place to start for beginners. I know its not my thread but I had to interject!
  24. Moving to Canada

    I think there are some private companies that do it. I know they are popular in North Toronto. I would just look around on indeed. I think there's a lot of call center work in the Montreal area for low skilled jobs. Also restaurant and tourism jobs will be big there come summer.