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  1. This situation came up when I played Kris in the goat league. This was game 1 and I hadn't used any dustshoot before. It was his MP1 and he had 3 cards in hand and I had two s/t set. He flipped his set merchant which added snatch to his hand. When he added, I wrote "when you add" and waited for a while and wrote "uh" before flipping dustshoot. He said he had priority and and wanted to use MST before dustshoot. I knew that technically there was nothing I could do since I should have specifically asked if he wanted to pass priority. I didn't want to do that because it would have made dustshoot too obvious and I thought that saying "when you add" and waiting for a while would imply he passed priority to me. In the end he got to use MST before I could dustshoot but he let me shuffle my backrow.    Is there way to use dustshoot without specifically asking if your opponent wishes to pass priority? Would saying something like "think" when they have 4+ cards before flipping dustshoot be enough?
  2. Goat Format War League

    got Sykotic 3-1 ggs
  3. Goat Format War League

    got literal bastard 3-1 ggs
  4. Goat Format War League

    I'm 1-1 with Matt Bishop, he had to do something so we will finish later.   Got Matt Bishop 3-1 ggs
  5. Goat Format War League

    got Arnold Schwazzenegger. He didn't  want to complete the match.
  6. Goat Format War League

    got Doodlebug 3-2 ggs
  7. Goat Format War League

    I'm up 2-1 on Arnold Schwazzenegger. I don't think he realized it was best of 5 and left after the 3rd game.
  8. Goat Format War League

    got TFJ 3-0 ggs
  9. Goat Format War League

    got hwan 3-0 ggs
  10. got Pox_Equestria 2-0 ggs
  11. DN: nzdueler Time zone. GMT +10 Contact: PM me on dgz
  12. DGZ Goat Tournament Pairings Thread

    urthor gave me the win
  13. DGZ Goat Tournament Pairings Thread

    got Faint 2-0 ggs, yeah you drew pretty bad and i drew well both games