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  1. the adress has been communicated :     Lille Grandpalais 1 bd des Cités Unies 59777 Euralille Lille - France    
  2. brought this deck to a 150 persons tournament, finished 18th but unfortunately missing the top 16 :( i lost to 2 mermails because oh heavy storm on 4 s/t and a double typhoon diva megalo otk
  3. @Keitzo    cardcar d is needed here, it brings more consistency to the deck (i play pod as well, so the two cards are working well for me)   as far as tgu is concerned, i dropped it because i don't find him mandatory in this deck now   you can play a bear as a tech card but if you gonna play cardcar d (and pod maybe), you wouldn't play 3 tenki 
  4. gg man i'm considering taking wind-up in a 'big' tournament, so I wanted to know if the 3 banisher in side were efficient ? the volca gaia play is crazy, but i think that volca isn't released in europe :(
  5. the 11 rounds are over, they are waiting for the top a friend told me that not every 9/2 will make it
  6. i find it more effective than rivalry and rai-oh isn't a fairy by the way
  7. rabbit won
  8. Peter Gross is the winner 2 YCS in a row
  9. i thought about starlight road but the space in wind-up is so tight, couldn't find a room for it...
  10. why smashing ground over soul taker ?
  11. it was me round 5, congratz for your top
  12. just realized that the tgu version is fuckin good...
  13. i was 4/0 then i ended 5/3 because the wind-up loop is so strong and because i played badly round 8... my goal average isn't that bad but it's actually impossible to top with 7/3.
  14. i'm not a big fan of dd crow in the side, especially at 3