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  1. Just 2 "shitty" ones. Mantine and gligar. My gf hatched exactly the same except for 3 larvitars, she hatched 3 dratinis and im happy about my 98 pineco
  2. My gf has the same. We gonna hatch 9 each. Took us around 2 weeks to get a full ten batch each.
  3. Time to hatch these bad boys
  4. I havent even een starters of gen 2. I see alot of murkrows and natu. Rest are just the ratatas, weedles and pidgeys of gen 2. So far barely any decent spawns. Im going for a 9 ten eggs hatch spree to Hopefully get a larvitar. Atm I have 5 ten eggs so only four to go. Although with my luck I wouldnt get much out of them xd
  5. I got dragon scale so I got a 2170 cp and 91% kingdra with dragon breathe and outrage. My gf got like 2 sun stones tho the evo items are hard to get
  6. Looks like I will get my Heracross around may when Im going to Brasil. Gonna stack them lmao, 1 of my fav pkmns. Just a bit annoyed that Umbreon didnt get much love at all while he's one of the top Eevee evo and should be up there with Vaporeon. I hope Niantic will fix this. Also a bit mweh that they nerfed Lapras.
  7. Its officially released. I caught my first Ledyba in my room. I cant rly go outside and play cuz its 00.25 am for me and I gotta get up early, but def nice to know its already been released
  8. I just sometimes get kicked out when I click on gyms and then I have to reboot the game. I also have an Iphone 6 and it usually works fine other than what I mentioned.
  9. If it dont extend above 1000 than its useless for me and many others who already have 1000 space.
  10. Nice nice
  11. Honestly, it just feels like an excuse. Really if the servers hadnt been so sketchy at launch we already wouldve had trading or 1v1? Yeah because they didnt make alot of money to fix the ''sketchy'' server and or hire people to maintain it better during this 7-8 month period of time. They just are still figuring out a way to make more money off us and thats why they are waiting with more of gen 2/legendaries and stuff like trading/1v1. The longer this goes, the more it seems they are just cash grabbers.
  12. Same for me and Mr Mime lmao. I dont expect trading to come, At this point maybe trading will never come. Well I got over a thousand slowpoke candies, 260 porygon candies, excecute dont spawn alot so I got like 120 candies and just 2 chansey's entire event. Atleast Niantic gave me a Snorlax with 54 candies for valentine lmao, so close to hatch at feb 14th, heh.
  13. ^ Aw shit, so Brazil has no regional pkmn?
  14. Finally I hatched my first ever Snorlax. Iv is 78% but fucking finally lmao. Also during double candy event, so I got 54 candies. Other than the regional ones I finally finished gen 1 pokedex. I probably will go to Brazil soon so I will get a Taurus there hopefully. Gen 2 I only need Smoochum and Togetic. I only got 30 Togepi candy, but I will get it sooner or later, atm I prefer getting Dratini/Lapras candies.
  15. So far this is a very shitty event for me and people around my area. Only 2 Chansey spawned after 2 and a half day playing of around 3-4 hours each day. Ive also been to a couple of cities around me, nothing. Only jiggly/slowpokes, usually those 2 already spawn alot, so now its just almost only those 2. Same for Porygon, before this event I already had 130 candies orso cuz he spawns frequently. Only double candy and twice as fast buddy candy is ok, but the spawns of locations are not evenly thought out. I know people who catch easily 5-10 chansey a day while I barely get any. Niantic really has to follow through cuz otherwise after this event more people will quit.
  16. Exactly. And now with increased Chansey, I dont mind not hatching it. Im still waiting for my first ever snorlax lmao. I will use half of the event time to walk lapras and other half dratini.
  17. Double candy is nice and faster buddy candy and increase of chansey is nice aswell. Secretly hoping for more gen 2 pkmn
  18. ^ Nice man, I havent been playing as much as I used too. Niantic is really lacking as usual. I just collect 100 coins a day cuz people arent that active anymore and catch a bit what spawns in my house. I just recently hit 32 so Im still far behind compared to you, heh I do experience some glitches with gyms which is that sometimes I see someone fighting a gym, but they dont take it down completely. Like lvl 5+ gym and then its left at lvl 1. It happens alot these days in some places near me, its really annoying. Does anyone else experience this? At first I thought someone lacked the time to finish it which is weird considering its usually a lvl 5+ gym, so when you are taking it down, you take down instead of leaving it at lvl 1. But now its happening consistently so I think it has to be a glitch. Cuz Ive also checked a couple of times when I saw in the app someone is fighting a gym to check the gym, yet no one was there at all.
  19. Lmao my bad, was in a real hurry when I was typing that xd
  20. I just feel when they release all of gen 2 or a big part of it, they will see it as yet again a reason to stall trading and 1v1 even more. While it shouldnt, they should implement those feature content aswell asap. Because eventho it is cool to have more new pkmn, but soon we will be ''bored'' with them aswell. I honestly hope they implement trading aswell so like the gba game you gotta have the item and then trade it so it will evolve. I doubt it tho, I just think they will do that you need the certain item and x amount of candy so when you evolve it will be the correct evolution. Maybe like click on the item and it gives you an option to apply/stick it to a pkmn and then when you evolve it, it will be in effect.
  21. Silph road found some information via data mining. 38 new moves Evolution items for scyther, onyx, porygon, poliwhirl, gloom, seadra and slowbro Some new custom stuff for your character Unowns, idk how much of the serie will be released And some adjustment will be made for the gym range, probably a bit wider. Hopefully they will release this asap and also make sure trading/1v1 comes soon aswell which I doubt.
  22. Im sick and tired of seeing that wobble face on my screen after hatching yet another 10 km egg. Im starting to hate elekid. If and when we can trade (if they will ever introduce that lol) and you still dont have one, hit me up. I got 7 of them motherfuckers lmao. Yeah its nice, Im stacking the candies cuz charmender is super rare for me. Atm I have 463 squirtle candies (but not imo a good enough squirtle, but I do already have 2 blastioses so Im not in a hurry for a third), I have 334 bulba candies (one 698 wonder 87% and one 742 with 75%), so im kinda waiting for maybe a better one. I do already have a venusaur so yeah. I have 350 charmender candy and one 632 cp one of 82% iv, so if I dont get a better one I will evolve him. No hurry cuz I do already have a 93% charizard. Im just collecting as much candy as possible since all starters are quite rare for me. And I started with less than 50 candies for each starter cuz I powered up my charizard and venusaur some time ago. So yeah this weekend I will play a bit to catch more and then I should be set for a bit lmao
  23. ^ nice im getting sick of this game. My last 7 ten eggs have all been elekids. Really? 7 in a row...this is insane. Wtf man
  24. Still no snorlax, Ive been hatching 4 elekids in a row lmao. Atleast I hatched a 96% togepi
  25. Nice Maybe we should like get region pkmn for eachother, like find a way to make it work orso. Cuz I dont know when trading is coming out (not anytime soon I guess) so maybe we can help eachother. Idk, maybe its a bad idea orso, but just throwing out the idea