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  1. Pokemon GO

    I hatched 2 out of 10 eggs, iv's are bad tho got a 100% ralts tho which is awesome
  2. Pokemon GO

    Ive seen a couple and I even caught a Breloom. They are fairly rare, but I def seen Schroomishes
  3. Hajime No Ippo

    Oh shit.. those were some heavy last two chapters
  4. Pokemon GO

    Yeah. They added new pkmn to the raids and removed a couple like weezing/muk and I think some of the lvl 1-2 (not all of them). In a way I kinda get it, now there is more variety. People were getting bored of most of the lvl 4 and the Tyra/Snorlax etc may be a bit rarer again with the new wave of pkmn. I will just do Scyther and legendary and maybe a Gengar orso. The rest they added I couldnt really care less for them. I already got 2 shinies from the ghost event (sableye and shuppet) so Im not gonna do the sableye raid.
  5. Pokemon GO

    According to pokehub confirmed that almost everything is in the datamine for halloween. So either only ghost types will be released as they did with the babies of gen 2 or release everything of gen 3.
  6. Pokemon GO

    Its the pkmn that decide which egg you will get. When you a spin a pokestop it automatically decides which pokemon to give and then it will assign it to the egg its in. So if they move those 10km pkmn to 2km eggs, it will probably be more likely to get 2 km eggs cuz there will be more pkmn in the 2 km egg poule. Just annoying that Mewtwo is still only at sponsered gyms.
  7. Pokemon GO

    Exactly that. I just try to collect as many 95%+ of pkmns I find cool so I can max em. Since I already invested in others that are decent cp, I can now just take my time with it
  8. Pokemon GO

    Entei for me. Good thing they will rotate after a month so we can all get them.
  9. Pokemon GO

    ^ Yeah I understand that.
  10. Pokemon GO

    Heh honestly Im not that active with gyms anymore. If I get my 50 a day Im fine and these days I can get that with just being in around 2-4 gyms with mininum effort in maintaining. Kudos to you for actually trying to farm dust like that, I just lost interest in this gym system to grind it as I did before. The incentive is just so horrible that I mainly just do some raids in order to get an exclusive invite for Mewto and thats it. At this point I dont even care about the 4 legendaries anymore cuz I got too many of them as it is. Its just doing 1-2 raids a day spread out through different gyms for maybe the Mewto. My pokedex is also almost complete except for 1 regional and Mewto. The raids arent incentive to grind gyms which Niantic probably thought it wouldve been enough since they cut out the coin system, amount and dust.
  11. Pokemon GO

    Yeah def. I miss the 5000 a day stardust. The 20 stardust for giving berries is literally nothing which is the only extra way of getting dust.
  12. Pokemon GO

    Idk if this new exclusive raid thing will work out as good as Niantic thinks. I mean not everyone grind gyms for raids so I'd assume alot of people will miss out on the exclusive invite. It just seems lame imo but we'll see
  13. Pokemon GO

    All 3 birds will be in raids now until august 31th. Also Mewto got released in Japan and soon will come out to the rest of the world. Only downpart is, its exclusive. Meaning it will appear at a gym where you recently did a raid which is random. If you dont do much raids you gotta be super lucky to get a notification that Mewto is now there as a raidboss. You can do 2-3 raids a day and still miss the Mewto because it appeared at another gym that had a raid which you didnt participate in. Thats just annoying because not everyone can do 10 raids orso a day to get better odds that at one of those gyms he will appear.
  14. Pokemon GO

    Its not a 100% catch rate. It just works for some and not for others. I caught a couple moltresses using that method, for lugia it didnt work for me. For zapdos I have just been using only golden berries.
  15. Pokemon GO

    Im 8 out of 8 for zapdos now. Hopefully you can do some more raids for zapdos cuz I doubt trading comes anytime soon lmao
  16. Pokemon GO

    Imo Zapdos is the easiest to catch out of the 3 birds. Nice distance and if you are patient enough to wait until its down and wait until it attacks and then throw, you can atleast aways hit it. Im 4 out of 4 now, sadly the ivs aint that great so far. We use whatsapp for the raid groups
  17. Pokemon GO

    Nice, when Im back in Holland I will try to get the Europe letters asap cuz I will only have 2 days left of the event when I return. So hope I can catch more. Haha no such luck on that front ;p,
  18. Pokemon GO

    I randomly encountered the letter K of unown. So Im good lmao. Even people who use the tracker have seen unown very very rarely in the area so I guess this time we were just lucky. Im just waiting for Zapdos now. Already got 8 articuno's, 5 moltresses and 3 lugias.
  19. Pokemon GO

    Same here. For the people who went to go fest or spoofed in the 2 mile radius got plenty of them.
  20. Pokemon GO

    Yeah I def agree with both of you. Only for casual players this game is more interesting. For the more frequent players its not that interesting at all, even with the legendaries now. They must add new features such as trading/pvp/league competitions etc.
  21. Pokemon GO

    I know. Because the coins they will get back anyways. Its a shame cuz alot of people spend way more than that. I also read that some people are filing class actions lawsuits to get reimbursed for their hotel/flight costs. Also the niantic sponsered hotels were fucking expensive. Im curious to see how that will go. I def agree they shouldve done way more without devaluing the game which they def couldve done.
  22. Pokemon GO

    Well they already did 100 dollars worth of coins, free lugia and ticket refund. So 100% catch rate for 2 days was imo not needed. If they wanted to do more they couldve done it via otherwise instead of just handing out free legendaries. I def agree that Niantic shouldve done more considering how it went for alot of people The extention of the 2 mile radius was also a good thing aside from the ticket refund, 100 dollar worth of coins and free lugia, but not the 100% catch rate. Its devaluing the legendaries imo. And yeah I do hope they will implement such a feature just as seeing how many people are in the room before you have to give your raid pass. Seen so many people waste their raid pass because they didnt have enough people around, its a waste.
  23. Linkin Park's Chester Bennington dead

    So sad to see. He struggled with depression for along time. He was 1 of my favorite vocalists. I still cant really believe that he's not here anymore... Hybrid Theory and Meteora were their best albums by far.
  24. Pokemon GO

    Legendary raids are cool, the catch rates are super low though (2-3%). Also Articuno will only stay until july 31th and then Moltres will appear for 7 days and after that Zapdos for 7 days. So if you dont have an articuno yet, I suggest go for that one since Niantic confirmed that articuno will leave at the 31th. So far lugia seems to stay though. So far Im 8-6 for articuno and 9-2 for lugia. Altho I did get a 98% lugia so it was kind of worth the trouble. Anyone followed go fest and has any thoughts on it? Only annoying part imo was that everyone in the 2 mile radius of go fest had a 100% catch rate for lugia/articuno for 2 days which imo was really unfair.
  25. Pokemon GO

    Well Im kinda dissapointed... nice features and raid boss system is cool also that you can catch them after you beat them. Nice more overseeable way to pick your team. Already got vaporeon/flareon/Alakazam all with wonder ivs. major let down is the new coin reward system. 1 coin per minute with a max of 50 a day. Me as a gym grinder lose so much coins with This system. When I now get a pkmn returned and get 50 coins, I dont get any coins when another pkmn gets kicked out of the gym the same day. Not only do I get less coins per day, but now if 2 pkmn get kicked out the same day I can never get more than 50 coins. They added more stuff to buy from shop which only the raid pass is worth it for me Cuz I have over 300 max potions and revives, they punish gym grinders with this max 50 a day limit. This is a major let down for gym grinders. Whats the use of gym grinding now? In a busy area you cant hold down gyms long enough to get max 50 unless you go to alot of gyms. Atleast with the old system you could still collect 100 a day cuz you could collect yourself anytime you want. Now you gotta wait until your pkmn gets kicked out to get coins. This 50 max limit a day is fucking horrible and ruins the use to hold down gyms. also how nice some features are and nice adding of the raid boss system, the fighting system of tap tap dodge is exactly the same as before. So people who were bored with the fighting system, not much as changed other than some added features (rare candies, tm changer and golden rasberry).