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  1. Well Im kinda dissapointed... nice features and raid boss system is cool also that you can catch them after you beat them. Nice more overseeable way to pick your team. major let down is the new coin reward system. 1 coin per minute with a max of 50 a day. Me as a gym grinder lose so much coins with This system. When I now get a pkmn returned and get 50 coins, I dont get any coins when another pkmn gets kicked out of the gym the same day. Not only do I get less coins per day, but now if 2 pkmn get kicked out the same day I can never get more than 50 coins. They added more stuff to buy from shop which only the raid pass is worth it for me Cuz I have over 300 max potions and revives, they punish gym grinders with this max 50 a day limit. This is a major let down for gym grinders. Whats the use of gym grinding now? In a busy area you cant hold down gyms long enough to get max 50 unless you go to alot of gyms. Atleast with the old system you could still collect 100 a day cuz you could collect yourself anytime you want. Now you gotta wait until your pkmn gets kicked out to get coins. This 50 max limit a day is fucking horrible and ruins the use to hold down gyms. also how nice some features are and nice adding of the raid boss system, the fighting system of tap tap dodge is exactly the same as before. So people who were bored with the fighting system, not much as changed other than some added features (rare candies, tm changer and golden rasberry).
  2. Im not gonna summarize what its in the link. Its an easy and quick read anyways, The raids will be out as beta version in certain areas first so not worldwide yet. Its understandable considering they dont wanna mess it up. The rest of the new gym system will be launched worldwide. Also for the Chicago event they said '' Trainers worldwide will still be able to participate in rewards unlocked at the event. Stay tuned''.
  3. June 19th they will disable gyms. Has been confirmed. They didnt say what time. I hope they keep in mind that the servers may be overloaded and do something about that so we can play without glitches and lag.
  4. You're not alone lmao. My only good Lapras is a 96% which I hatched months and months ago. During this event I caught 2 Laprasses with terrible IV, but good for training purposes which may be useless when the new gym system comes out. During the water event I found nothing and hatched no Lapras from two's.
  5. Probably 16th they will disable gyms and return all pkmn in gyms to their owners. The gym revamp will be ready around june 20th when the fire/ice event ends, I hope they also fix the lag and glitches in the gym system otherwise the whole revamp will be a total diseaster. So far the event is going nice. Caught some Lapras, Charizard and second evolution starters of gen 2.
  6. Fire and ice event until the 20th of june. Also extra exp for catch/throw bonus and 50% lucky egg. Also around 16th or 20th, not entirly sure there will be the new gym update. Annoying part is that all pkmn that are in gyms will be returned to the owner and gyms will be temp disabled. There goes my 100 coins a day collect... I just hope the gym rework will go smoothly and not like usual big updates where the gym shows lagg/glitches and or doesnt work good. Im curious to see how the new gym system will be and how placement in gyms will be decided. We all know there will be limits as too how many same pkmn can be placed in gyms so thats imo a good thing for variety, but they also have to adjust some cp of certain pkmn otherwise the gap with cp would be too much. Unless cp doesnt decide placements anymore. We will have to wait and see.
  7. I play daily but mainly to get a stop for the streak. Also when I go out and do stuff I usually have it on for egg km. Sometimes I do plan a day to explore an area orso, but def not much anymore. Also Im in Brazil for 3 months so Im not playing as much as I would do at home. I do still go out a bit to play, but not much. Soon I will go for a bit to Argentina & Uruguay so I will check out the cities I visit from those countries to see what spawns there. Overall where Im at now has some decent spawns so when the weather is better I might explore a bit more.
  8. Its an ok event. Caught an 100% ryhorn so thats nice. So far not too much crazy spawns, couple of Aerodectyls and mainly the usual ones. Shamefully havent seen a larvitar yet. He is my buddy pkmn tho so its kind of ok. Also finally caught a couple of Heracrosses (Im in Brasil atm for vacation) so def gonna catch some more. Esp since its 1 of my fav pkmn. Also Niantic ''confirmed'' this summer will be legendary so expect legendaries this summer. Im curious to see how they will release them
  9. Nice hatch, I havent seen a Lapras out of a 2. My gf hatched it too. I think if you play a little bit you will def hit lvl 25. If you have alot/semi-alot to evolve pop a lucky egg and get 4 times more exp while you still can.
  10. Still no fucking Miltank, ugh. I gone through 2000 orso coins which was my max from the beginning I would wanna spend. Since I dont really buy coins. As I said, I usually grind gyms on a weekly basis so that I can almost always collect 100 a day. So my 5500 stack has been lowered to 3500.
  11. Also idk if its just me but I have hatched alot of wonders during this event. Way more than usual. I hatched like 3 100% ones, bulba, charmender and onix.
  12. I think it is worth it. Normal price is 1250 so its now 50% off. Also it really depends what your outlook on the game is. If you just play casually and dont really care much for lvling quickly, then I wouldnt invest in lucky eggs but more so on incu's/pkmn storage and or item storage. If you ofcourse do like to lvl up quickly then now is the time with lucky egg which gives you 4 times as much exp. Also imo even if you are a casual player I would still invest in 1 batch of 25 just incase in the future you do want to lvl up quicker than you atleast already invested in 25 lucky eggs which are now at 50% discount. I got around 500.000 exp on a ''casual'' play/evolve sessions in just couple of hours. I dont really care much about lvling quickly or getting 40 asap orso and Im almost lvl 34 now. I still invested in 50 lucky eggs just in case I want to do a big evolve batch I can atleast get double exp while doing it. Its a bit easier for me aswell since I collect almost 100 coins on a daily basis for months now only having to invest in maybe 2-3 gyms a week to keep my pkmn in around 11-13 gyms.
  13. Just 2 "shitty" ones. Mantine and gligar. My gf hatched exactly the same except for 3 larvitars, she hatched 3 dratinis and im happy about my 98 pineco
  14. My gf has the same. We gonna hatch 9 each. Took us around 2 weeks to get a full ten batch each.
  15. Time to hatch these bad boys
  16. I havent even een starters of gen 2. I see alot of murkrows and natu. Rest are just the ratatas, weedles and pidgeys of gen 2. So far barely any decent spawns. Im going for a 9 ten eggs hatch spree to Hopefully get a larvitar. Atm I have 5 ten eggs so only four to go. Although with my luck I wouldnt get much out of them xd
  17. I got dragon scale so I got a 2170 cp and 91% kingdra with dragon breathe and outrage. My gf got like 2 sun stones tho the evo items are hard to get
  18. Looks like I will get my Heracross around may when Im going to Brasil. Gonna stack them lmao, 1 of my fav pkmns. Just a bit annoyed that Umbreon didnt get much love at all while he's one of the top Eevee evo and should be up there with Vaporeon. I hope Niantic will fix this. Also a bit mweh that they nerfed Lapras.
  19. Its officially released. I caught my first Ledyba in my room. I cant rly go outside and play cuz its 00.25 am for me and I gotta get up early, but def nice to know its already been released
  20. I just sometimes get kicked out when I click on gyms and then I have to reboot the game. I also have an Iphone 6 and it usually works fine other than what I mentioned.
  21. If it dont extend above 1000 than its useless for me and many others who already have 1000 space.
  22. Nice nice
  23. Honestly, it just feels like an excuse. Really if the servers hadnt been so sketchy at launch we already wouldve had trading or 1v1? Yeah because they didnt make alot of money to fix the ''sketchy'' server and or hire people to maintain it better during this 7-8 month period of time. They just are still figuring out a way to make more money off us and thats why they are waiting with more of gen 2/legendaries and stuff like trading/1v1. The longer this goes, the more it seems they are just cash grabbers.