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  1. phone -> pocket
  2. I still think it's correct to deal with one of the two of silver and mark.
  3. also I don't have a bomb either
  4. has nelrick even done anything this game aside from apparently shitpost on a multi
  5. well, i was trying my best to ignore malcolm's multi, but this multi isn't even on the player list, and iirc it was the throwaway account acp had a couple of games back, so I don't honestly know whose it is right now.
  6. alright, real talk, who the fuck is this multi before i ban it
  7. alright, real talk, who the fuck is this multi before i ban it
  8. are you really going to make me control f through 30 pages to find it.
  9. p sure at one point you said that if kahu was town, I'm scum
  10. i really dont like the false dichotomy you're setting up between kahu and me, if kahu flips town, I'm probably scum.
  11. this combination right here sent me over the edge
  12. ebwop vote kill mark
  13. ebwop vote kill mark
  14. vote mark bye
  15. vote mark bye