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  1. Getting back into yu-gi-oh with some older cards

    I wasn't sure whether you were talking about duel links or standard yugioh until i re-read it and saw the current part. Never change Konami.
  2. KC Cup

    yes because that joke got funnier the 43rd time you said it.
  3. Thingyman wanted me to let the forum know this message

    best idea: @Francis J Underwood where you at baby
  4. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links FTP Beginner Guide

    you can get 1 knight from crowler leveling, and 1 from event reward. You only need one as a drop iirc, so it's pretty easily doable.
  5. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links FTP Beginner Guide

    what's an example of an good ancient gear deck?
  6. March 2010 "Edison" Format

    -2-3 LaDD -1-2 Dark Dust -1 morphing jar if you play it +2 Vanity's Fiend +2 Cyber Dragon + whatever number of ryko you play since that seems to be a thing Would be what I would do.
  7. March 2010 "Edison" Format

    While obelisk is actually sick if you can put it on the field, there's no way in hell it's actually going to work consistently enough to justify putting that in your deck. but there's not a whole lot you can do about it imo. The inability to run traps takes most gb options off the table. I would board in cydras, vanity's fiends, and prayer.
  8. March 2010 "Edison" Format

  9. March 2010 "Edison" Format

    neither cat synchro or hero beat are worth playing imo. LS is barely playable. You will lose 100% of games vs frog monarchs, before or after board imo, but you might be able to get through quickdraw/glads/bw with a good enough hand. More playable than hero beat, less than basically every other deck.
  10. March 2010 "Edison" Format

    nope. It's not very good vs frog monarchs or quickdraw. It's way better vs the lower tier stuff like glads BW and flamvell, but not maindeckable imo.
  11. March 2010 "Edison" Format

    I'm confident quickdraw varients are better than bws, flat out. Glads are the absolute best deck no one's playing, and it's not even close. I'd have to see a lot more of it, but I think there's a decent argument that glads are the third best deck in the format.
  12. March 2010 "Edison" Format

    I'm not sure BWs are even the third best deck in the format. Saying it's safe to say they are the 2nd best is massive overstatement.
  13. Perfect Circle

    i think beyond obvious prize card problems ccv actively makes the format worse. It contributes nothing to the format other than occasional 'well i guess I just win' hands. If it was an actual part of the format (like it was during TeleDAD) then it's an entirely different story, but being a prize card makes it unrealistic to include as well as being a net loss to format health.
  14. Perfect Circle

    This was the volcanic monarch I played in the DCS. I don't remember much about it because it was so long ago (DNdecklistlol) but it was solid but needed some work on the list itself, especially the side. The conversion side wasn't awful and iirc came in handy more than once but I wasn't sure that it was better than just playing an actual side. Paraliel played this DDT list. Gojira played this baboon burn too.
  15. Perfect Circle

    edit the op with lists (in spoilers please for appearance) and clear it up (enter my man, needs more of it) We did a dgc a while back that was pcm with LaDD legal, I'll go round up the lists. Off the top of my head, DDT and Volcanic Monarchs are still a thing (volcanic especially if LaDD and CCV aren't legal)