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  1. potential spoiler for next season
  2. my man
  3. you say that like I didn't delete this thread 3 times.
  4. p sure we phased out softclaim games ages ago because it became too hard to tell where the line was on a hard claim
  5. thats what I said, but apparently there's a combo where you instant fusion for a certain fusion whose name escapes me that deals 500 damage per it's level. So you instant fusion for it, summon tyrant neptune later, and burn for 5k
  6. i forgot metalfoe were still a thing, but beyond that, I think we're going to forget sangan exists. I think there's enough generic distruction to make left arm offering for a future fusion too risky, and it's certainly way worse than lao for a grass is greener. I looked at the saber hand loop too, the problem is that unlike say the wu hand loop, all of your cards suck dick by modern standards and you basically lose any game you can't hand loop. And you lose every game you go second I think and on top of all of that you can't even get the loop consistently because you need 3 cards or so.
  7. sangan is probably too slow to ever see play again cat is dead in terms of abuse. Odds are high honestly that it sees play eventually when a deck comes along that wants the free xyz/synchro that is in the area of level 3 or less beasts, but I don't think that's any time soon. order is a more limited floodgate. It'll likely see lots of play in a format where there is both a deck that can easily set up an unbreakable board but can't win on that turn and the format favors decks with high spell counts. Might see play now against 60 card decks, but idk. future fusion is still nuts if you can get it to resolve, but the over/under is much wider than it used to be. For example, it probably isn't worth left arm offering for it because the risk is too great.
  8. I'm up in the air about taking out d/d and blue-eyes, do we still need those or no?
  9. I'm up in the air about taking out d/d and blue-eyes, do we still need those or no?
  10. I'm archiving the following threads: lightsworn abc majespecter water I would love it if someone created the following discussions invoker infernoid
  11. this thread is so outdated it would be better to create a new one, if someone wants to get on that.
  12. less maxx 'c' is cool too, it marginally reduces the amount of hand traps you have to worry about since iirc you aren't affected by any other hand trap other than like dd crow.
  13. well, if you had to buy a new one
  14. well, if you had to buy a new one
  15. oh man, 10 dollars for another c. Your wallet must be crying out in despair