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  1. yo
  2. september 2012 was a really solid format tho. It's like the watered down, more fair version of this format. WUs are the best deck by a pretty large margin, but not an overwhelming margin, and are very skillful, especially in the mirror.
  3. ^ at the time i quit, this format easily made the top 3 worst formats in the game's history. Chaos Dragons were bullshit, Inzektors were usually bullshit, Dino Rabbit was usually bullshit, wu hand loop was absolute bullshit.
  4. this is what I envision for the system: game ends, we take a day or two break, gives people time to add/drop. We (mafioso) then decided which game is going next based on how many people are in the queue (assuming we have enough to fire a game). We announce the game that's going next, and host puts up their rules and a tentitive start time. We then give another day or so for the host to get his shit together and for people to add/drop based on the new game, then fire it (assuming the host doesn't need more time or want to start immediantly). that would cover your concerns because it would give people time to drop in/out based on if they like the rules or not. The current system isn't broken, but it is certainly way clunkier than we would like. There's no reason not to try a new system, this is a trial, worst case we can just revert to the current system.
  5. just a heads up, something I wanted to try and I'm probably going to give it a go soonish is that instead of having individual sign-ups for each game, we will have 2 floating lists, one for small games, one for large games. Players can sign up for either or both, then once we have enough people in either queue, we fire that game. Thoughts on it?
  6. i still don't understand dgz's hard on for light beat in this format though. Every time I've seen it makes it look awful.
  7. all old formats besides goats are inactive. It's that simple. I would love to play this format again though.
  8. considering the games I host, the fact that it wasn't an absolute dumpster fire means it vastly exceeded expectations.
  9. my approved game was fine
  10. hi
  11. wait, I am the police.....
  12. #fuckthepolice
  13. fuck this mafia section. Even got malcolm to play nice with others.
  14. I wish I had