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  1. even without emeral, just because you can't do the apeshit combos doesn't mean that it doesn't see play for the foreseeable future as an engine splashed in other decks (like ocg true draco zoodiac) if you don't hit the core, especially ratpier (like plants saw for years until they finally axed gub). I think you limit ratpier, ban drident + bull, ban emeral, and then take barrage if the rest of the core is still a problem later. dinosaur true king uses 0 master peace, but that deck isn't exactly the pillar of consistency even with 3 terraforming and 3 diagram, so master peace to 1 and diagram to one should put both decks down I think.
  2. emeral is honestly like mass driver. It's never the problem inherently, it's almost always the result of something else being broken, but it encourages that broken thing to new heights, and it's probably better just to ban it prempetively.
  3. well, dgz town sucking and only being able to dickride powers to victory is also a reason why we don't get to have nice games with unique powers.
  4. you can keep sign ups open and start it when you get enough people, but I don't expect that to be for a bit.
  5. this is going to be put on hold and we're going to run a smaller game for the time being, until we can round up enough people.
  6. you might be up right now
  7. are you still interested in hosting a smaller game?
  8. yeah, I'll see about getting another smaller game going.
  9. You're right Digbick has been unbanned again!
  10. even with 3 call and 3 wisdom, still not good enough to deal with zoodiac/true draco I think. It has some nutty t1 boards, but can get smashed by blossom/ghost ogre going second hard, and also doesn't generally run blossom itself (although idk honestly if that's a mistake in ocg deckbuilding. In all fairness, zoodiac going apeshit t1 isn't a concern there, but I think you should be running it)
  11. zoodiac true draco is also relevant, and is distinct enough from the other 3 to warrent it's own section. Post banned list, I think it's highly likely pure zoodiac gets phased out in favor of the true draco hybrid.
  12. The thing about banning emeral is that it becomes irrelevant in about 4 months or w/e link summons drop. Zoodiacs are still nuts without emeral, but emeral isn't broken with zoodiacs with link summon mechanics as far as I can tell.
  13. the ocg uses 0 emeral in their zoodiac true draco decks, and they also have effectively 0 raptier, 0 drident, 0 barrage. Ban the entire fucking archetype.