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  1. What games are you currently playing?

    finished dragon age origins. 3/10. Story has potential, i like the setting and lore building, but the game's combat is so unforgivably atrocious that it completely sucks any fun out of the game, which only aggravates the fact that individual quests drag on and on repetitively. There's no updates or developments , just 'get from point a to point b' through 5 different zones and dozens of enemy encounters. I have the other 2 games (think got them in like a humble bundle or something), but probably won't touch them.
  2. Avengers: Infinity War

  3. The Flash

  4. The Flash

  5. The Flash

  6. The Flash

    everyone: arrow could not get any worse. arrow: hold my beer
  7. The Flash

    which you might believe if it weren't for the fact that this is the 4th fucking time she's played that card, 3 of which was against non-metas, ie people she hilariously outclasses. Also, I honestly don't mind William. Mostly because it's the arrow equivilent of 'dbz has a strong female character and puts a baby in her to keep her out of the way of the main story'. Except unlike dbz chacacters, Felicity actually deserves it. The series is way better with 90% less Dr. Phil starring Oliver and Felicity (although I don't subscribe to the apparently common belief that Felicity is the worst part of Arrow, she's just a symptom of the problem. the most reoccuring symptom). Felicity is way better when she's kept in the bunker as Overwatch and a one liner machine, she does not have the backstory and emotional range to carry a main character role.
  8. The Flash

    also, the best thing that could happen to arrow rn is if diaz shoots black siren in the face. Not only is that plot line such a drag, it also takes every character completely out of character. Oliver: My loyal, well-trained team betrayed me once, I must be absolutely on guard against any possible future betrayal. Also Oliver: Black Siren has stabbed us in the back like 3 times now. I should totally trust her. You can't have it both ways.
  9. The Flash

    I'm not even exaggerating about the order thing, this season would have made so much more fucking sense if diaz was the fall guy, he takes over the city, with cayden james lurking in the shadows for the 'hold the entire city hostage' plan as the end game.
  10. The Flash

    Disagree tbh. Aside from the unsalvagable wreck that was s4, Arrow's had all the right pieces in play, they just can't get it across the finish line. It might speak more that they can even get all the right pieces in play given how much of the universe has been siphoned off by the other 3 series, but it's physically painful that they can get what they need to succeed, they just can't put it together in an order that makes any fucking sense.
  11. The Flash

    arrow in a nutshell
  12. The Flash

    flash has been doing decent in the past couple of episodes, but the thinker is such a boring ass villain. idk who at CW thinks that 'I know every move before you make it, and I am literally not capable of losing' villains are intereresting, but they aren't. At least Savitar had the menace and the mystery to still remain somewhat interesting, but devoe doesn't have it. They've at least made him more than one-dimensional by showing his set-backs and conflict with his wife, but other than that, he's such a badly executed villain. Arrows in the same boat. Diaz is just such a piss-poor villain because he's doing the 'I know every move before you make it, and I am literally not capable of losing' thing, except he's completely non-existent. Arrow has been at a all-time low this season, which is incredibly frustrating, because they have all the pieces. They have strong, interesting characters. They have good ideas for plot. They have strong potential villains. They just can't find the right holes to fit them through together. The few moments where Diaz is actually doing, well, anything, you can see his potential. But it's so wasted, he's literally coasting the entire season after he reached his end game half way through the season after Cayden.
  13. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    yeah I jumped ship too when konami reduced gem drops from events to garbage and released 3 back to back sets that completely power crept each other.
  14. Legends of Tomorrow

    seriously, 'insert generic evil force here' is usually an insult to a series, but legends actually just rolled with it and made it work.
  15. Legends of Tomorrow

    idk about that, season 2 was really good without the sheer ridiculousness. Season 1 was a total disaster because they tried to imitate the other 3 series too much, but season 2 it felt like they figured out how to make that formula work for them by making it much farther out there than the main series then this season they just went all in on the saturday morning cartoon style format and went all out on the insanity. Part of the reason why the main series work as well as they do (when they do work) is because of effective name brand villians (thawne, deathstroke, ra's, etc) and legends never had that, so s1 flopped badly. s2 really made thawne work with malcolm and darhk supporting. s3 just said 'fuck it' and made it completely about the main cast and the villian more of as a plot point than the actual driving factor of the series.