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  1. Always Angry Mafia

    and i misread the thread. thought you were a thief. Ignore me.
  2. Always Angry Mafia

    point being, tgt is likely telling the truth about his role (or at least partially), but I'm inclined to think it's a scum role.
  3. Always Angry Mafia

    I'll be completely honest, I don't even remember what my original point was. I probably shouldn't be posting when I'm not paying a whole lot of attention.
  4. Always Angry Mafia

    consider: if haz is scum with TGT, tgt knew from jump there was a role thief in the game. Scum now has to bascially always be truthful about roles otherwise they run the risk of getting outed if someone flips wrong or if a role thief strikes again.
  5. Always Angry Mafia

    its possible, or it's possible that diana can do it multiple times and left that out. Scum has to be aware of that possibility at least, otherwise they hand out a free red check with 2 members remaining.
  6. Always Angry Mafia

    if towns gonna lie about roles, it's pretty much always vanilla vs not. Scum gets power safe claims as well as usually has powers that would never pass a role thief check, so they have to lie about powers.
  7. Always Angry Mafia

    if role thief steals his role and he's lying about it, it's as good as a cop landing a red check.
  8. Always Angry Mafia

    he now knows there's a role thief lurking about. Lying about it turns role thief into cop.
  9. Always Angry Mafia

    grid isn't too bad and I'm inclined to think it's scum. I've def got powers like that before as scum.
  10. Always Angry Mafia

    sage's unrestricted voice of the dead is batshit
  11. Always Angry Mafia

    I'm gonna say it once and for the record: that is one busted ass power
  12. Always Angry Mafia

    it is very much advantageous to scum to end day now.
  13. Always Angry Mafia

    there's enough going on that I don't want to risk a hammer atm.
  14. Always Angry Mafia

    unvote haz popcorn.gif
  15. Always Angry Mafia

    strictly speaking if you can do it without drawing too much negative attention hammering day early is net positive for scum.