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  1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    it's honestly ridiculous that a 17 year old game with 0 innate online play and 100% community created online has insanely better online than a game created to have online play by arguably the largest and most famous game company on the planet. Ultimate is honestly a good game, not being melee aside, but the lack of good online is what's killing it.
  2. The Flash

    prediction: unless flash has a massive revival next season, it's going to be it's last full season like this was arrow's last full season. With stuff like black lightning already doing well, and batwoman coming in, there's no real reason to keep it around.
  3. The Flash

    might be time to mercy kill flash along with arrow. It's like they were in a dick measuring contest of who could have the worst season, except flash didn't realize that arrow always wins that fight. even legends has been pretty sub-par for a lot of this season, i appreciate them taking a chance on the joke characters being relevant but it's time to end that experiment and bring in some real characters. supergirl has been fantastic though, easily it's best season and the best of the 4. Lockwood is a fantastic character all around imo and really sells the season.
  4. The Flash

    arrow's ending with a short last season. thank god they're finally putting old yeller down.
  5. MTG Arena

    i might if/when eternal formats get added, but otherwise, eh.
  6. The Flash

    i disagree with the brutality thing. What I think he's missing is the raw implacablility of savitar. Savitar was omnipresent throughout his season, and he could do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, and there wasn't a damn thing barry could do about it. That's really what i expected from the phrase 'meta serial killer that barry never caught', that cicada would kill often (like, weekly at least), and barry would be mostly helpless to stop him. Instead, we're nearly done with the season, he has a body count of like 5, and has been soundly beaten twice. Cicada just feels more like the one that got away rather than 'stop him or else', which is where the episodic villain thing comes in. There's no real tension to catch him other the fact that no one ever did it. I kinda expected a 'tensions rise as cicada stacks more and more bodies' type deal. And it's hard to imagine he has some super 'kill all metas at once' master plan that would add some tension, so idk what the real tension is supposed to be.
  7. The Flash

    really? This season just kinda feels do-nothing cicada is actually really well executed, but ultimately feels like an episodic villain in terms of actual threat. I'm still kinda waiting for the actual big bad to be introduced (although they might have name-dropped the next season's big bad and we're back to speedsters), because I can't really see how cicada is going to present a real season finale. It's no where near as bad as arrow (which somehow is still coming in under the bottom of the barrel expectations), who is literally half way through the season without introducing a bad of any kind, but cicada just doesn't really feel like a big bad. Maybe if they had played the 'who is he' game longer, it might have been better, but as it is, pass on him as a big bad. He's literally just joe schmoe with a magic knife and a (well executed) backstory, and it's hard to believe that he's going to somehow come up with a 'kill all metas' plan, which seems highly likely as the season end game.
  8. Life Will Change - Persona 5 Mafia Signups

    yeah, because ive ever been that concerned about quotas.
  9. Life Will Change - Persona 5 Mafia Signups

    holy stacked game batman With this kind of roster, i might even come out of retirement if i wasn't going on vacation in like 2 days.
  10. What games are you currently playing?

    finished dragon age origins. 3/10. Story has potential, i like the setting and lore building, but the game's combat is so unforgivably atrocious that it completely sucks any fun out of the game, which only aggravates the fact that individual quests drag on and on repetitively. There's no updates or developments , just 'get from point a to point b' through 5 different zones and dozens of enemy encounters. I have the other 2 games (think got them in like a humble bundle or something), but probably won't touch them.
  11. The Flash

  12. The Flash

  13. The Flash

  14. The Flash

    everyone: arrow could not get any worse. arrow: hold my beer