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  1. Perfect Circle

    i think beyond obvious prize card problems ccv actively makes the format worse. It contributes nothing to the format other than occasional 'well i guess I just win' hands. If it was an actual part of the format (like it was during TeleDAD) then it's an entirely different story, but being a prize card makes it unrealistic to include as well as being a net loss to format health.
  2. Perfect Circle

    This was the volcanic monarch I played in the DCS. I don't remember much about it because it was so long ago (DNdecklistlol) but it was solid but needed some work on the list itself, especially the side. The conversion side wasn't awful and iirc came in handy more than once but I wasn't sure that it was better than just playing an actual side. Paraliel played this DDT list. Gojira played this baboon burn too.
  3. Perfect Circle

    edit the op with lists (in spoilers please for appearance) and clear it up (enter my man, needs more of it) We did a dgc a while back that was pcm with LaDD legal, I'll go round up the lists. Off the top of my head, DDT and Volcanic Monarchs are still a thing (volcanic especially if LaDD and CCV aren't legal)
  4. Perfect Circle

    that being said, every time I've played it's with LaDD and I don't feel like it creates that many problems. It's deifnitely amazing, but I don't think the format's better with out it Crush card and sarc are 100% awful for the format though.
  5. Perfect Circle

    If you want to post deck lists and clean up the op some I would be happy to pin it.
  6. DGz Hangover Mafia Signups

    you can blame it all on me
  7. DGz Hangover Mafia Signups

    baby come back
  8. March 2010 "Edison" Format

    doomcal is dogshit now. You have to consider, at the time, cat was iirc the most represented deck and doomcal is pretty good vs it. That's no longer a thing, and quickdraw isn't as bothered by it, and frogs laugh at your waste of a normal summon. I think more standard machina gadgets with lots of traps are fine as a deck though. GBs are fantastic vs quickdraw and frog varients, the problem is the BW match-up. Part of me suspects it's not as bad as people think and GBs are definitely a contender though.
  9. M6 Relax mafia D1 - Take it easy

    if i can't get a sub by tommorrow I'll try to read the thread then and contribute what I can, but really hoping i get a sub out.
  10. M6 Relax mafia D1 - Take it easy

    i need to straight up just stop signing up for games, I have 0 motivation to play right now.
  11. M6 Relax mafia D1 - Take it easy

    sorry boys. I asked for a sub, but I'm going to go ahead and hit quota so that I don't get modkilled before a sub out can happen. I honestly haven't read the thread at all so I can't contribute anything.
  12. M6 Relax mafia D1 - Take it easy

    d1 so far whole lot of shitposting mark going super aggressive. Some other people really felt like they were fishing super hard.
  13. M6 Relax mafia D1 - Take it easy

    ive seen nelrick float for like a year straight. Bastard just disappeared.
  14. DGz Live #206: Edison Format (10/01/17)

    i would say in general publish them, if someone wants their list to remain anon they can just pm you about it and you can take it off.
  15. DGz Live #206: Edison Format (10/01/17)

    but the argument that it was in general legal even if there were only a limited number of them (sub 50 at best) is a valid one even if no one owned it, especially since this was the last tournament in which DED was a prize card iirc, so the number of them was at an all time high until it's mass release about 6 months later. And it is format relevant enough that its a question worth asking (unlike say the darklords after it) I agree with you, it shouldn't be legal, but there are people who think that it should be legal, and I would prefer that it be decided ahead of time. Especially since this is a question that should be resolved for all formats, because there's more than a couple of formats where this question is very important (chief among them PCM format if we decide to do that, CCV makes that format a lot worse)
  16. DGz Live #206: Edison Format (10/01/17)

    alright apparently based on discord discussion it is not entirely clear whether or not dark end should be legal, so that definitely needs to be resolved.
  17. DGz Live #206: Edison Format (10/01/17)

    in You should specify that Dark End Dragon is not legal (the prize card at the time), since this seems to be what was agreed upon in the initial thread, and it's definitely format-relevant (not game-breakingly relevant, but still relevant)

    brb getting a cork since the mafia section is leaking.
  19. AMA =]

  20. March 2010 "Edison" Format

    having been on the recieving end of it, I can vouch for soul's flamvell list.
  21. New Ghost Mason System

    just a heads up, I lose a lot of games to acp
  22. New Ghost Mason System

    btw the mafioso tyrants are instituting a new rule: Faint gets 1 warning point for every game of melee I lose to acp for sabatoging my controller.
  23. New Ghost Mason System

    no yes
  24. Mafia Statistics