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  1. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    yeah I jumped ship too when konami reduced gem drops from events to garbage and released 3 back to back sets that completely power crept each other.
  2. Legends of Tomorrow

    seriously, 'insert generic evil force here' is usually an insult to a series, but legends actually just rolled with it and made it work.
  3. Legends of Tomorrow

    idk about that, season 2 was really good without the sheer ridiculousness. Season 1 was a total disaster because they tried to imitate the other 3 series too much, but season 2 it felt like they figured out how to make that formula work for them by making it much farther out there than the main series then this season they just went all in on the saturday morning cartoon style format and went all out on the insanity. Part of the reason why the main series work as well as they do (when they do work) is because of effective name brand villians (thawne, deathstroke, ra's, etc) and legends never had that, so s1 flopped badly. s2 really made thawne work with malcolm and darhk supporting. s3 just said 'fuck it' and made it completely about the main cast and the villian more of as a plot point than the actual driving factor of the series.
  4. Legends of Tomorrow

    season was absolutely fantastic. The ending was perfect. It was like 'we know you think you know what's going to happen, so we're going to throw the greatest fucking twist on it we can'
  5. Top 10 games of the last TEN years

    says the person who unironically included bioshock infinite on the actual list, even HM is a stretch. Whether you like it or not (and considering it has one of if not the single largest playerbase of any game in history, gonna go with minority), league's influence on the industry from the moba aspect to esports to f2p games, and sheer staying power makes it impossible to not include.
  6. Top 10 games of the last TEN years

    10. Tomb Raider 2013 9. League of Legends 8. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus 7. FTL: Faster than Light 6. Borderlands 2 5. Portal 2 4. Fallout 3 3. Doom 2016 2. Path of Exile 1. Mass Effect 2
  7. Black Panther

    probably the best marvel movie released in a long time, but tbf that's not a high bar.
  8. Ancient Gears Discussion

    debatable. Tbh, they're about on par with just about every other backrow deck. Glads, Dinos, AG, and Sams are the 4 that are relevant, and tbh, I don't think any of them are substantially better than the others, with the exception of glads.
  9. Espa Roba

    p sure hazy works fine vs him
  10. Yugi Muto

    short answer: don't. long answer: The only thing he has worth farming for is union attack, and maybe some number of gammas (if you want to do the magnet warriors deck). The problem being that in general, there are no good ways to farm him, and the only ok way to farm him not only involves union attacks (defeating the purpose) but also requires 3 Gravity axe garls, which are from a set you do not want to be investing in. Get the cards another way, or just play fast clear decks like cas against him and go for high repetition/low score games. CAs are probably ideal to prevent a feint plan trolling quick victories.
  11. What games are you currently playing?

    I haven't even bothered learning that stuff, because by and large most races don't allow major glitches. I've learned the minor stuff that is allowed (bomb jumps, dark room strats), although still haven't learned how to do silverless ganon yet.
  12. What games are you currently playing?

    my man whats your times looking like atm?
  13. KC Cup

    prob going to be using 2-3 variety of hazy, maybe AG or dino beatdown if I get super salty over that (or rather, when)
  14. "Best" Game

    yes. actually shooting mechanics haven't changed much if at all in the past couple of decades. Part of the reason why Doom 1 and 2 still hold up well as shooters despite them being ancient is because fps games really haven't progressed far enough beyond them yet that they feel bad in comparison. I think I've played like 1 game in the past 15 years that made me go 'this game's shooting is a fucking blast', and that was doom 2016, which really wasn't even innovative so much as it was a port of what made doom 1 and 2 great. Hell, there are still only 2 real models of inventory management in shooters, the halo 2 gun model and the doom 'everything you find' model. Fps games almost embody if it ain't broke don't fix it.
  15. "Best" Game

    ME3 is by far the single biggest waste of potential i've ever seen in a game. It's like 'hey guys, remember that incredibly in-depth universe we build, with deep and fascinating characters? Lets completely fail to add anything to that in any way! Oh yeah, and those amazing characters? Aside from like 4, lets relegate them to stan lee -esque cameos that are literally so forgettable that if they died in a previous game we inserted a nameless character in their place and it changes nothing!. Oh, and you'll love all 3 of the new characters we introduced, who range from boring to boring! We hope you're happy with our high quality product'. Don't even get me started on the ending bullshit, and I'm not even talking about the actual mechanics of the ending. Don't get me wrong, it's hard to call ME3 a bad game, it's well put together gameplay wise (I mean, it's a more polished ME2, which while not exactly world shaking is strong enough), and is solid enough, but it absolutely punts the potential of ME 1+2.
  16. "Best" Game

    HL2 is the best single player FPS ever made, bar none. Even as old as it is, it still hold up. Mass Effect 2 is probably the best general single player shooter. Stellar game in all regards, story, gameplay, etc. ME1 was a fantastic world building game but had a lot of inexcusable flaws, and 3 was a very stagnant game, but 2 is just fantastic in all ways. Never got into DOA or Witcher. Not for lack of trying, but just can't do it. Doesn't grab me. Hot take: Skyrim is probably the most overrated game of all time. Like, it's not a bad game by any means, but it would not make any list of the best games in x category, aside from maybe graphics.
  17. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links FTP Beginner Guide

    i mean, define sub-par, considering it's definitely still possible to reach legends/kog with them, which is all they're supposed to do. The goal isn't the play in like kc cup with them.
  18. The Flash

    the obvious instance of speedster vs darhk was when darhk was doing the life sucky thing to oliver and barry raced in grabbed oliver and bailed. you'd think that if darhk could have stopped it he would have, especially since he was in physical contact with oliver, but he didn't. p sure there's a couple of other instances of people getting the drop on darhk and coming closer (than if they hadn't at any rate) to if not outright getting him.
  19. The Flash

    he is definitely not too overpowered compared to some of the big bads. He was a horrible arrow big bad because he so hilarilously powercreeps literally every other villian combined, but in the grand scheme, he's not the big dog. He worked so well under thawne because thawne was literally the only person who was more powerful than he was (even at full power, this disregards the fact that darhk was just a league assassin in terms of powers during s2, as he didn't have the idol, but even at full power, darhk has always shown that his magic is gated by his reaction time, which means he's basically completely helpless against thawne.) Mallus just not existing makes it hard to tell if he's wielding that kind of power.
  20. The Flash

    i mean, i think the real problem with darhk is that they've worked to set up the relationship with his daughter, and she's literally averaging <1 word per episode she's in. Complete non-entity.
  21. The Flash

    yes and no. Darhk is an awful villian. He is an excellent henchmen. Half the reason last season was so good was because of the malcolm + darhk combo was so good.
  22. MTG Banned / Restricted list 1/15/18

    if wizards was going to axe mox, they'd have done it by now tbh. Affinity's presence on the format has remained more or less constant for the past...... god it's actually been a long time. Same with tron (tbf tron is better than it's been since the old days of straight g/r tron, but it's not exactly dominating the format). The only real line of reasoning that might lead to affinity/tron getting hit boils down to 'we decided that there are too many sideboard check decks in the format. we're going to forcibly remove some', and I don't see that happening.
  23. MTG Banned / Restricted list 1/15/18

    it's not supposed to be an unlimited format, that's legacy/vintage. It's supposed to be a relatively inexpensive eternal format. the format when you get to do zany shit but without the price of paying for reserve list cards.
  24. MTG Banned / Restricted list 1/15/18

    i'm using wizard's extreme hatred of cantrips in modern (especially in storm) to justify it mark my words, either serum visions or thought scour gets banned, prob visions.