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  1. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links FTP Beginner Guide

    i mean, define sub-par, considering it's definitely still possible to reach legends/kog with them, which is all they're supposed to do. The goal isn't the play in like kc cup with them.
  2. The Flash

    the obvious instance of speedster vs darhk was when darhk was doing the life sucky thing to oliver and barry raced in grabbed oliver and bailed. you'd think that if darhk could have stopped it he would have, especially since he was in physical contact with oliver, but he didn't. p sure there's a couple of other instances of people getting the drop on darhk and coming closer (than if they hadn't at any rate) to if not outright getting him.
  3. The Flash

    he is definitely not too overpowered compared to some of the big bads. He was a horrible arrow big bad because he so hilarilously powercreeps literally every other villian combined, but in the grand scheme, he's not the big dog. He worked so well under thawne because thawne was literally the only person who was more powerful than he was (even at full power, this disregards the fact that darhk was just a league assassin in terms of powers during s2, as he didn't have the idol, but even at full power, darhk has always shown that his magic is gated by his reaction time, which means he's basically completely helpless against thawne.) Mallus just not existing makes it hard to tell if he's wielding that kind of power.
  4. The Flash

    i mean, i think the real problem with darhk is that they've worked to set up the relationship with his daughter, and she's literally averaging <1 word per episode she's in. Complete non-entity.
  5. The Flash

    yes and no. Darhk is an awful villian. He is an excellent henchmen. Half the reason last season was so good was because of the malcolm + darhk combo was so good.
  6. MTG Banned / Restricted list 1/15/18

    if wizards was going to axe mox, they'd have done it by now tbh. Affinity's presence on the format has remained more or less constant for the past...... god it's actually been a long time. Same with tron (tbf tron is better than it's been since the old days of straight g/r tron, but it's not exactly dominating the format). The only real line of reasoning that might lead to affinity/tron getting hit boils down to 'we decided that there are too many sideboard check decks in the format. we're going to forcibly remove some', and I don't see that happening.
  7. MTG Banned / Restricted list 1/15/18

    it's not supposed to be an unlimited format, that's legacy/vintage. It's supposed to be a relatively inexpensive eternal format. the format when you get to do zany shit but without the price of paying for reserve list cards.
  8. MTG Banned / Restricted list 1/15/18

    i'm using wizard's extreme hatred of cantrips in modern (especially in storm) to justify it mark my words, either serum visions or thought scour gets banned, prob visions.
  9. MTG Banned / Restricted list 1/15/18

    it's also worth noting that they intend to drop a modern banned list next month highly likely serum visions bites it. maybe an unban or two, like stoneforge.
  10. Are you still enjoying this game?

    woodland sprite confirmed limited on the 24th. errors have been made, not limiting sword, although they did say that they are also strongly considering hitting golden/curse sword
  11. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    what? In no world was smash 4 not a success. It sold well, did well critically and with the public, and bolstered the sales of an otherwise dead on arrival console. There's literally no reason to use it as a reason to not make smash 5. Sales-wise, it put up near identical numbers to brawl, which is a minor miracle given the relative unpopularity of the 3ds/wii-u compared to the baseline wii (for perspective, as of last december, the wii-u sold only about a tenth of the consoles the wii did, and the 3ds and wii-u together put up about 70% of the wii's numbers), and how lukewarm brawl was recieved.
  12. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    man, if only nintendo had one of the most beloved fighting game series all to themselves, and all they had to do was make a game, or port one of the old ones, 3/4 of which would be very welcome.
  13. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    i think the info comes from a fairly reliable source, so it's very possible it is true (read: not gamea) also, at some point, someone got screenshots (either datamined or accidently put up by konami before being taken down) of several of the cards allegedly reprinted having the new box under the how to obtain tab in addition to the old box.
  14. What games are you currently playing?

    finished wolfenstein 2: new colossus. Fantastic game all around. It fixed almost all the problems from the first game, and made it a lot better. My only 2 problems were that it's too short, and that the enemy ai is atrociously bad. I'm 90% sure they just c/ped the ai from doom 2016, and while it works most of the time, there are a lot of parts where it's really, really bad.
  15. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    that's why the eco.
  16. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    either play bamboo burn right now, or don't play ranked at all unless you just want to do the basic leg-work up to like plat or legend. If you aren't playing bamboo burn and are masochistic enough to still want to climb, play 3 eco, mythical spirits.
  17. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    hazy would have to become literally unplayable for cloudians to ever be relevant, so many people are going to be using windstorm/curse/pulse against them. And with them shaping up to be the frontrunner with ca nerfed (along with ca itself possibly, which means, guess what, 3 e-con in everything), it sounds atrocious. Especially since there's basically no pay-off in that deck to make it all worth it.
  18. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    god, don't let us actually get cyber dragon.
  19. Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

    I think the idea is that everyone knew about the mythos of the jedi during the old republic, that they were great warriors, peacekeepers, etc, but few people ever actually interacted with one, and therefore didn't know about the force at all, so when the empire rose, it wasn't hard to tell everyone that the jedi were frauds and just interested in power, and 20ish years later of people being raised on that story solidified it. People know the jedi existed, they just didn't understand their power, and the empire discouraged people from learning about it. The jedi were very well known, but the only people who knew about how they were so powerful were the people in high levels of power or those who directly interacted with them on a routine basis. yeah, it's a problem, but then again, 90% of the prequels are one big continuity error, so eh.
  20. Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

    i mean, there was also the time where he was giving ren legitimately good military advice and ren threw him into the nearest wall. That's kind of a bad thing when you're trying to set up a boss, it was fine when snoke did it earlier because it looked like hux dun fuck up, but that was kind of a dealbreaker.
  21. Ancient Gears Discussion

    punches through stuff like draining shield and increases your overall monster density, which means that when they do floodgate/mask/massivemorph a monster, you have more monsters (if you just play 8 offensive monsters, 2 golem/3 knight/ 3 electro, they can just about trade 1 for 1 with all your monsters and shut most of them out, since most play at least 6 immobilizing cards). It's almost certainly not correct to play them if you don't expect to see burn at all, it's not a very good card, but i would expect to see a lot of burn.
  22. Ancient Gears Discussion

    2 golem 3 knight (?) 2 Solider (burn-related) 3 Electro 3 E-Con (still best magic/trap in game imo) 7-9 traps for traps, whatever you have, some number of pulse mines are probably correct (hazy mainly, but are generally solid across the board), maybe curse, then generic good stuff, walls, floodgates, w/e you have. I have doubts with a main-decked castle. Tbh, I don't think it's very good, you take your free golem and go with it. The best argument for it is probably that it lets knights beat over everything hazy has in defense and all of it in attack without beast rising, but idk.
  23. Ancient Gears Discussion

    beast should be cut out entirely imo. it wasn't very good with your t1 castle shenaningans, now it's just not worth it at all imo. 2 golem is probably still fine. otherwise deck is still fine.
  24. Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

    watch it and form your own opinion. In general, you either loved it or you loathed it.
  25. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    it's definitely not a buff, not by an stretch, because now you have to choose between dakini and protection. CAs aren't a deck without dakini, so you either have to play 1 ritual and 1 dakini, or 2 dakini and 0 rituals. It's a hard nerf, but probably not enough to put them down, there's a good chance they move towards like vennu CAs and focus the other ritual and sprite's blessing. There's probably no way to make it now without multiple senju and birds though, and I'm not sure if CA is good enough to justify pulling for those.