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  1. Smoke 4!

    Getting super high before the cable guy comes out to give us faster internet and do some stuffs because my original cable provdier got bought out. bad idea or worst idea
  2. Pokemon Sun and Moon

    I'm a 24 year old dude about to graduate with his undergraduate and have worked plenty over the course of my degree, but yeah, anguish all around, man. what are people's teams looking like for this game?
  3. Pokemon Sun and Moon

    had this setup to be sent the day of release. now amazon told me today my payment method needed to be fixed today and I won't get it until the 22nd. rage
  4. what are your religious views?

    so you believe in a myth from a tv show?..... not much more far fetched than half of the worlds religions tbh! I'm Zen/Daoist/Agnostic, I would borderline consider my Unitarian universalists though.
  5. Smoke 4!

    i can go thru an oz in like 2 weeks if I try hard. normally like a month. u have to bee chiefin some srs blunts to hit an oz a day tho
  6. Smoke 4!

    I do that far too often with my glass. Broke the peculator out of my nice piece I had just recently gotten while cleaning my room. the worst
  7. Smoke 4!

    was dry but just hit my rig with a torch and broke loose about a half gram of oil concentrate. life is good
  8. Its your boi! That Random from dnf.

    and the fellowship of the bling?
  9. Pokemon GO

    turn up go get gastly we out here
  10. Pokemon GO

    just got this its 2 fun
  11. Smoke 4!

  12. Smoke 4!

    tits or gtfo and allen said anything in a legal grey area
  13. Smoke 4!

    Hopefully this topic stays around. I was worried it would get deleted.
  14. I love you

    Did we really put that entire Duelistgroundz community in the hands of a man who used to put his Yu-Gi-Oh! dueling deck in a sock? Wish the best for both of you. Interested in the fact the Game Academy is involved. Maybe I'll have to start showing my Duelistgroundz support with a shirt when I show up there every once and a while.
  15. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    I love myself right now. I had to do it.