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  1. and the fellowship of the bling?
  2. turn up go get gastly we out here
  3. just got this its 2 fun
  4. Did we really put that entire Duelistgroundz community in the hands of a man who used to put his Yu-Gi-Oh! dueling deck in a sock? Wish the best for both of you. Interested in the fact the Game Academy is involved. Maybe I'll have to start showing my Duelistgroundz support with a shirt when I show up there every once and a while.
  5. I love myself right now. I had to do it.
  6. Good shit, although it would have been public knowledge soon anyway. That's mighty useful atm, thanks.
  7. I will be getting Moon, fuck wat dey say
  8. Dang, I haven't gotten a chance to play the new Tavern. That looks bizarrely fun.
  10. I love you Matt, when are Dale and Lazaro going to get into Hearthstone?
  11. Something I've been testin
  12. I bought one of those SE cases for 70 because so many people have reported an over abundance of secrets from it and I am just slowly starting to a mass some sort of a collection again, and pulled a Strike, Rafflesia, Sorcerer, and Kozomojo no tin cans, or twin twisters tho
  13. I think that's my new favorite Hearthstone card. I wonder what it says when you summon it
  15. The bodies and results you get out of these minions usually generate the same outcome, though. so I can see the comparison.   Twilight Drake gets played and is either a 4/5-4/7 or a strong 4/8-4/10 depending on your hand. Klaxxi gets played and is either a subpar 4/5 or is a strong 4/10 depending on your board.