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  1. Constructed Standard Discussion

    I hate Whirler Virtuoso. 1/1 fliers don't match up well vs spider tokens, Lili plus, Queller, and overall don't seem like what this deck wants to be doing. I feel like the deck wants to go either in a turbo-ramp direction, so you can cast your fatties in the games where you don't see Marvel (Servant, Chandra, and potentially Hedron Archive all serve as ways to ramp you, with Attune/Traverse as additional ways to hit your land drops) or in a turbo-delirium direction, to cast the first Ishkanah to bridge you into the first Emrakul (either marvel or hard cast). If you're ramping, I want Ulamog in the main, otherwise Ulamog is better in the board. World Breaker is really good right now, and I like a lot of silver bullet creatures in Traverse decks. I'm trying to build a version with Elder Deep Fiend, which i believe is really well positioned and very good in this deck specifically.
  2. So I've apparently not been on here in excess of a month. How is everyone doing?
  3. Fucking got the job. It's just a department transfer within the company but it pays more and, more importantly, will be working around decent civilized people. Super excited.
  4. In other news, half off Valentine's chocolate is fucking amazing.
  5. No offense but if you're skipping school I have a hard time believing you can handle the responsibility of a full time job right now.   hm, i see your pov 100%. good point, but tbh i dont want to go to school because i think it's pointless, it's not that i hate doing work or anything, it's just that i'm always thinking "why the fuck am i doing this?". i think there's a difference in my state of mind in each, because rather than focusing on something i think is pointless that im going to be forced into or i'll have a shitty life, i'm going to be going after something i think is exciting and gives me money. i feel like a job actually gives me reason. Think of going to school as an investment on your future, literally. I'm not saying get straight A's and be a model student, just go to class and get your diploma. That's it. If you don't do it you're going to fucking struggle and life is going to suck. I'm in a position now where I have a diploma, an Associates Degree, and half a decade of working experience, and I still have trouble finding employment. You don't have to care about what you're learning about or even enjoy it, but you have to do it, so just suck it up, go to fucking class, and become a normal member of society. Or sling dope, you don't need any formal education to do that and I hear it pays really well.
  6. This thread is basically an IRC for the people on DGz that don't suck.
  7. If presented the opportunity, I will ask him this question.

    The way you said it implies the overall quantity of butts to be offered is 80% greater, not that the chance to receive previous finite amount of butts to occur is 80% greater. I am disappoint.
  9. So what are you (NA) guys doing for the Super Bowl this year? The guys I play poker with every week have an annual chili cook off so I'm judging. Also going to a scotch doubles bowling tourney before hand, so it'll be a pretty busy day.
  10. Thank god I have this post to get my fix on soap operas. Working an 8-5 you usually miss them all :(
  11. Burger 21 is far superior to Five Guys. Not sure where all they are besides Florida but if you haven't had one of their burgers you're doing yourself a disservice.
  12.   No this is high school, where it's even more true. Which is sad considering most of us used to come here when we were in high school........almost a decade ago.
  13. SCG Tour - Atlanta

    Will be in attendance ^_^
  14. Powerball

    At work we all pitched in 5 dollars and got a total of 35 tickets between 14 people. Matched the powerball twice and not a single ticket had more than one number correct. Was a solid reminder of why I don't play the lottery. Lol
  15. Powerball

    Pay off everything that needs paying off, give the family some money, and then buy a nice house somewhere far far away. I'd do my best not to tell anyone I'd won, but I'm sure it would get out somehow.