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  1. you hoped a man who shot another man in alleged self defense would go to trial so our entire ignorant nation can play another rousing game of "BUT HE'S WHITE"?
  2. every dgz thread about cheating:   random player 1: i know for a fact "known player 1" is not a cheater random player 2: i know for a fact "known player 1" is a cheater random player 3: i know for a fact "known player 2" is not a cheater random player 4: i know for a fact "known player 2" is a cheater
  3. What idk how to be more clear, lemme try     multiple dudes trying to cyber fuck the same dude
  4. posting conversations you had with this person, how you talked to him and were suspicious, how you feel deceived or tricked, pretty much posting any interaction with this person under the pretense that you believed they were a female, which is the sole reason you were talking to them, is profoundly pathetic, and i beg you all to stop for your own sake, my god
  5. there are no girls on the internet
  6. 2014 and you guys are still trying to talk to girls on the internet   this person referred to themselves as "Nympho" (i learn this one sentence deep) and you legitimately thought it was a female   god bless
  7. i give u a 5/10 because u have a soul quote in ur signature
  8.   no he really doesn't seem like a nice guy, he spent the entire stream talking shit as if he is even relevant enough for anyone to care about his opinion, he was the sole reason i muted the stream
  9. please don't stop arguing, this thread is so entertaining
  10. +1 your decks are always swagged the fuck out
  11. ask her to play for money and sweep her then use her money to buy her ice cream
  12. wait this isn't real is it
  13. tinder has gotten me laid no less than two times a week for the past two months with minimal effort by pretty good looking girls, the app is a vagina mine. my guidelines for it are generally:   1. be realistic about your own looks and the girls you're trying to get at 2. if you are above average looking, you are a commodity, there are tons of girls on tinder 3. this one is a personal preference, but i don't message first 4. try to make your intentions clear in a confident and non-creepy way unless you're like looking for a relationship on fucking tinder 5. when swiping matches, try to ask yourself would i bang her, not would i be in a committed relationship with her 6. i have a friend who messages every single match he gets, and it works for him, not my style, and he strikes out 2/3 of the time, but he's putting in the work and succeeding, so that's always an option 7. a bonus tip is pay attention to the distance in the bottom right corner, if a girl from 39 miles away messages me, i'm tentative about pursuing it unless she's gonna drive, 'cause that's not worth it to me personally   if you are alright looking and not a social retard, tinder is a sick resource for snatch