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  1. are you buddhist ash?
  2. what tattoo??
  3. yo. how's everybody been?
  4. amphetamines aren't "snake oil," they literally curb your appetite and speed up your metabolism
  5. tasker bro
  6. i love The Game Academy(tm)! i can't wait to get all of my friends to love it too so that i can get $20 in store credit there!
  7. you already deleted tits or gtfo duelistgroundz is dead
  8. goodbye duelistgroundz hello corporategroundz
  9. post more snapchats
  10. yo
  11. v meta
  12. i have no memory of this thread
  13. it's fun but i don't think it's consistent enough. been having a lot of fun with different reno builds. really revitalized my interest in this game. can't wait for finley.
  14. i find that adderall/other stimulants help me a lot more than antidepressants ever did (not endorsing that ppl experiment with drugs wildly)
  15. which zoo are you using?