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  1. i love The Game Academy(tm)! i can't wait to get all of my friends to love it too so that i can get $20 in store credit there!
  2. you already deleted tits or gtfo duelistgroundz is dead
  3. goodbye duelistgroundz hello corporategroundz
  4. it's fun but i don't think it's consistent enough. been having a lot of fun with different reno builds. really revitalized my interest in this game. can't wait for finley.
  5. which zoo are you using?
  6. i'll be in the minneapolis area from the third of november til the ninth. if you want to hang out, get drunk, get a free pass to a gaming convention, etc lmk.
  7. christ
  8. chap was great minus the stupid amnesia thing
  9. i don't think the sh alliance will fight the kidd alliance. i think shanks and crew will just get to on-panel wipe the floor with them.
  10. idk why anybody would complain about 791 as a chapter. you mean every arc has had at least one chapter that deals with the ramifications of the conflict resolution ???
  11. which chapters do you mean when you say luffy running from dofla? the last few? i think they were probably necessary so people didn't say gear 4 was op. it helps humanize luffy a little more. i think the finish is very shonen-y (despite the "epic symbolism" or whatever) and that's okay.
  12. sup
  13. fujitora is fucking awesome and definitely not underwhelming.
  14. wow urthor, thanks for making the kind of posts i would
  15. i still think bb has the chimera zoan (which would be what let him get the other 2 fruits). i doubt we will get gear 5 already...