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  1. Kozmo - Discussion

        Hey! You must have talked to Brian haha :P This is the logic we came up with for game 1. However, game 2 is entirely different. Personally, I'd call 4 in this type of situation. But as Matthew mentioned earlier, this also depends on the players Witch ratio. Nonetheless, I feel that reasoning is the way to go if you're playing a trapless variant in the San Jose format. As I'm sure it was stated earlier, this deck is heavily reliant on it's normal summons (barring Emergency Teleport), and resolving the effect of Farmgirl, and Good/WIckedwitch. You're screwed if you don't. With Majespecters coming out, Tempest completely stops you from getting your engine going. Reasoning will allow for another body to hit the board. Despite the fact that you're not guaranteed to hit a Destroyer, or one of the machine enablers, i still feel that this is an important interaction. Again, I feel that this is most plausible in a build with little to no traps. That's exactly who I talked to! :) While I agree that Reasoning is good because it raises the ceiling on your deck and how flexible/how many plays you can make per turn, you make it sound like Kozmo has trouble with Majespecter. I disagree, I feel like because all your machines float, your monsters are bigger than theirs, and you play enablers like Teleport, Majespecter seems like it's always on the reactive backfoot to Kozmo's proactive aggression. Right now I feel like the problem with Kozmo, to stray from Reasoning talk, I think the mirror match is awful and really whoever goes 2nd has a huge advantage because they get the first battle phase and post game 1 if you set up a ship they also can just summon Cydra and kill you. I think the solution to this may be a battle stopper but the little girls float through the good ones pretty easily.     I think Majespecters do give Kozmo quite a bit of trouble. While I agree that specters are reactive, and Kozmos are proactive, If you don't have a teleport handy, shutting down a Kozmogirl/Witch play with Tempest is absolutely brutal. Sure, the suite of other Majespecter spells/traps are useless against the big machines, but i think Tempest really shines against Kozmos, as it does against almost everything else out there. Tempest is easily tutorable, and in the format today, a majority of  decks lean towards going second, allowing Majespecters to set up and blah blah. Of course, Majespecters don't have an ideal way of dealing with an established board, which is shitty, and decree is a strong option for the no-trap Kozmo decks, so you're probably right lol.   The solution to the Kozmo conundrum IMO is to either stop their normal summon, or Farmgirl/Witch eff. If you can do this, you're in a great state. This goes for any deck, including the mirror. Sorry if I'm stating the obvious. These are just things I've come across while playing not only the mirror, but vs other decks like Specters, etc. /twocents   Looking forward to based god shenanigans, and teaching you and Jackie the cooking dance when ya'll come down for YCS. :DD This is Vishaal btw. Don't wanna sound like a creep. lmao   Something I haven't gotten around to testing in depth is DNA Surgery in the Side. It shuts down all of the Majespecter S/T, so you don't have to deal with Tempest as you're progressing your early plays. You're not forced to play cards like Reasoning (which I personally dislike, but I'm not going to get into that) because your plays will all be allowed, aside from Warning or MST + Fox. It also has applications in counter-siding against the CyDra, you just call Psychic after the CyDra hits the board. If you're playing Lightsword (lol), you can equip it to any of your ships with a Surgery on board. The only downsides of this card are that it's a trap and is really slow, forcing you to go first vs Majespecter in g2/3 to ensure you don't lose a pilot to Tempest, and that you lose access to Limiter, which isn't all that bad in that matchup.
  2. Installing Cyanogenmod on LG G2

    The AT&T G2 is model d800 and it's listed on the CM Wiki as officially supported. http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/D800_Info
  3. Installing Cyanogenmod on LG G2

    That was the first thing I tried, and I was informed that my device was not supported :(
  4. I'll repost my Facebook post first, then explain what I mean. "Attempting to install Cyanogenmod on my LG G2 Android version 4.4.2. It seems like I'm hitting more and more roadblocks as I keep trying and researching. Does anyone have any advice?" I have an AT&T LG G2 Android Phone with KitKat 4.4.2 on it (the kind of Android that comes on the LG G2). I keep doing more and more research on the phone and installing the version of Android called Cyanogenmod (click here for more information) but nothing works. I've gotten to root the phone, but I'm not sure if I've installed the correct custom loader. I tried to install it via the app called ROM Manager (I think I installed Clockwork Mod), but I'm not able to actually get the Cyanogenmod install to work. I've rooted, wiped, and I think installed CWM. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  5.   MONSTERS (21) 3x Ghostrick Jackfrost 3x Ghostrick Jiangshi 3x Ghostrick Lantern 3x Ghostrick Mary 3x Ghostrick Specter 2x Ghostrick Stein 2x Crane Crane 2x Tour Guide From the Underworld SPELLS (10) 3x Ghostrick Mansion 3x Swords of Concealing Light 2x Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force 2x Recurring Nightmare TRAPS (9) 2x Ghostrick-Go-Round 3x Ghostrick Scare 1x Bottomless Trap Hole 1x Compulsory Evacuation Device 2x Call of the Haunted SIDE DECK (10 -  WORK IN PROGRESS) 1x Thunder King Rai Oh 2x Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo 3x Mystical Space Typhoon 2x Needle Ceiling 2x Light-Imprisoning Mirror EXTRA DECK (15) 3x Ghostrick Dullahan 1x Slacker Magician 1x Number 54: Lion Heart 2x Ghostrick Alucard 1x Mechquipped Angineer 1x Leviair the Sea Dragon 1x Wind-Up Zenmaines 1x Number 49: Fortune Tune 1x Downerd Magician 2x Crimson Knight Vampire Bram 1x Tiras, Keeper of Genesis I've been screwing around with Ghostricks for a couple weeks now because of the incredible Bujin matchup they have (at least, with the more traditional build of Bujin), and after hearing that Jeff took it to Chicago with mained RUM, I decided to do some light testing. From initial results, I can say that I really like RUM in this deck. Alucard is easy to put on the board, either with Tour Guide/Crane Crane or with by protecting your monsters via the field spell/Scare/Go-Around. Or just CotH. Bram is also really good here. It's essentially a Goyo Guardian that acitvates during MP and not damage step. Plus, it recurs itself during each SP after it's been destroyed. Anyway, the deck has maindecked answers to Bujin in the form of the Ghostrick trapsm, Jackfrost and Concealing Light, but I seem to be having a hard time against Yamato+Decree+Colosseum. That's mostly why I'm here. I'm not sure if it's as simple as just maining the MSTs or trying out some new tech that will give Bujin a hard time; I just wanted to get an opinion on that one. A Side Deck for this is also up in the air. I'm not completely sure with what I feel comfortable playing. Cards that I found useful for last format that might also be good for this format, Fairy Wind and Skill Drain, are not viable in this deck, so I'm a little thrown off at this point. If this rules question gets the answer I want, then I'll likely play Memory of an Adversary to beat the Bujin match, as well as some Fire Fists. Could be funny in almost anything, though. https://www.facebook.com/groups/248499755248/permalink/10153976878010249/ So, what do y'all think? Is there something glaring me in the face?
  6. Battle Pack 2

    http://imgur.com/fd6EIoO Reasoning does not Excavate.
  7. Battle Pack 2

    Duplicate post. Could a mod delete this?
  8. Battle Pack 2

    Duplicate post. Could a mod delete this?
  9. Battle Pack 2

    From what I understand, Ark, Conscription is the only card in BP2 Round 2 that has "excavate." More cards with that term are being reprinted in Astral Pack Four and Star Pack 2014. No source, it's just what I've read around the Internet in various places, so take it with a grain of salt.
  10. Battle Pack 2

    I did a quick search on the Yugioh Database for the term "excavate" and Conscription is the only card that was returned. http://www.db.yugioh-card.com/yugiohdb/card_search.action?ope=2&cid=6447
  11. Number 101: (S)ilent (H)onors (Ark) Knight

    I would like to mention that using Number 101's effect to attach an opponent's monster is infinitely more funny when done a second time with the same copy of Number 101, after reattaching materials with this guy:   Put Leo and something else back on, detach, steal something else AND search because of Leo.
  12. Fire Kings

    I've edited the OP with a typed-out list. :) Ferret is a good card. Especially under Skill Drain. It's something I would side in some of my hardest matchups, like Evilswarm and Dragons. And it still has good synergy with most of the deck. Magician is just for Synchro access. I'm not 100% sold on RDA, but the rest of the Synchros are invaluable, especially Scrap Dragon and Crimson Blader, and some games I make many more Synchros than I would Xyz if I had them. Tensu was a card I was considering for a while, but there's no consistent way to search the card when I need it. Adding the card would also mean I would have to completely change up my build to work more like Fire Fists, which I'm not completely sure is the most optimal way to run this deck. What about your build makes it "OP," especially in the Dragon matchup?
  13. Fire Kings

    MAIN DECK 40 MONSTERS 17 2x Fire King High Avatar Garunix 2x Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos 3x Fire King Avatar Barong 3x Fire King Avatar Yaksha 1x Fire King Avatar Kirin 1x Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear 2x Coach Soldier Wolfbark 2x Fencing Fire Ferret 1x Flamvell Magician SPELLS 16 3x Circle of the Fire Kings 3x Onslaught of the Fire Kings 1x Dark Hole 2x Fire Formation - Tenki 2x Forbidden Lance 2x Rekindling 3x Mystical Space Typhoon   TRAPS 7 2x Call of the Haunted 2x Skill Drain 2x Threatening Roar 1x Torrential Tribute   SIDE DECK 15 2x Maxx "C" 2x Xyz Encore 3x Zombie World 2x Debunk 2x Imperial Iron Wall 1x Skill Drain 1x Threatening Roar 2x Vanity's Emptiness   EXTRA DECK 15 1x Stardust Dragon 1x Scrap Dragon 1x Crimson Blader 1x Colossal Fighter 1x Thought Ruler Archfiend 1x Red Dragon Archfiend 1x Ancient Fairy Dragon 1x Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Tiger King 1x Diamond Dire Wolf 1x Lavalval Chain 1x Maestroke the Symphony Djinn 1x Abyss Dweller 1x Gagaga Cowboy 1x Number 50: Blackship of Corn 1x Number 85: Crazy Box   Anyone who knows me knows that I've been building this deck for a while; about as long as they've been on DN. I took it to Houston, TX Regionals this past weekend and didn't do as well as I had hoped. Round 1 Agents - Lost in 3 games Round 2 Beserk Gorilla Little Kid Beatdown - Won in 2 games Round 3 X-Sabers - Won in 2 games Round 4 Final Countdown - Won in 4 games (first 3 were ties, last 1 was in time) Round 5 Mermail - Lost in 3 games Round 6 Mermail - Won in 3 games Round 7 Gishki - Won in 3 games Round 8 Agents - Won in 2 games Round 9 Spellbooks - Lost in 3 games X-3 after 9 rounds. I'd like to get some feedback to see where I can improve the Main/Side/Extra. I'll go ahead and explain some of the choices. Fire King Avatar Kirin + Ancient Fairy Dragon. Game 2 and 3 vs Dragons and Spellbooks, I'm able to synchro Summon AFD with Kirin and Magician, then pop the field spell and add Zombie World, which hurts both decks. Double Fencing Fire Ferret. This card is an incredible floater that works even under Skill Drain. Combos with Circle, CotH, and Onslaught are pretty funny. I actually took out a Priestess with FFF because the guy targeted my f/d Circle with her effect, and I chained it to pop the FFF and revive Garunix. Pretty funny stuff. Mained Skill Drain. This card hurts every deck to a degree if used correctly, but it's more or less there for rogue matchups and Evilswarm. As soon as I flipped this vs Agents and X-Sabers, I won. Spellbooks lose their search with blue boy if they don't have a Wisdom, and I can even stop a Dracossack/Scrap Dragon pop if chained.   I was originally going to side triple Maxx "C" and double Zombie World, but I couldn't find a third Maxx "C" at the event, so I threw in the extra ZW. Xyz Encore is more or less for the Evilswarm and Mermail matchups (Gaios is a really good card). Chain it to Gaios's effect, and you get to resolve all of your effects easily. Crazy Box is best under Skill Drain, but I did funny things to Final Countdown. I rolled a 1 and turned off Self-Destruct Button temporarily, as well as weakened his Hope for Escape. I debunked Golden Ladybug vs Final Countdown when we went to time, then burned him with Cowboy to ensure the game. Overall, at the event Zombie World, Debunk, and Xyz Encore put in the most work.
  14. Gyakuten Saiban Film

    Yeah, I actually saw that a couple months ago. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. In other news, Dual Destinies releases in 2 weeks for the eShop!
  15. My thoughts, based on what I've read in this thread and other similar threads online: I agree with most of the things that Atem has said. MOST. Policy is king. Every player that agrees to enter a tournament, sanctioned or not, should follow the policy that the tournament organizer has laid out for the tournament attendees. Players who refuse to follow policy should be penalized according to the policy, whether that's infractions in the tournament (such as Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalties, etc) or being removed from the venue. But there are some key differences between how I think and how I believe Atem thinks, based on what he's said in this thread. On the topic of Posey taking the camera from the person recording a match:   If Posey did not, in fact, warn the player to put away the camera, then what he did was relatively out of line. The player was completely in the wrong as well, because that player was not following policy.   There is one thing that I am told at every event I judge--either Regional or YCS: Enforce policy, and while doing so, provide excellent customer service. That is something I've been told by every Regional HJ, every YCS HJ, and even Ms. Hedberg herself. Hell, that's something every job I've had required. Which is why I have a problem with what Posey did, according to some comments in this thread. What he did was not an act of excellent customer service; it was actually the opposite. I know that what Posey did is not allowed in the judge policy documents. Like Atem said, the event staff docs might be different. I don't know; I've never been on event staff, and I had not considered that before 15 minutes ago. But I would strongly advise anyone who is on any kind of staff at any Konami event to not do what Posey did, because it only negatively affects both Konami and the playerbase.