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  1. Satellarknight - Discussion

    Another extra deck monster Chumlee didn't mention was Evilswarm Ouroboros. I haven't actually summoned it in testing, but you can make it post Soul Charge or via the Vega + Altair play. The discard doesn't seem like it'd be completely irrelevant vs the mirror to discard their last card in hand (probably Altair). You can banish a Deneb or a Scarm, or bounce something too.   I can see why you wouldn't play it though because you invest 3 cards into it, it doesn't float or keep alpha live like Delteros, and it's likely winmore in the situations I just described because Rhapsody and Castel do 2 of his effects more efficiently and you certainly don't want to use the discard effect vs BA or Shaddoll unless you know you're going to hit a BLS or DAD. 
  2. 3rd Place ARG Providence Report

    Great job, Gio! It's great to see you still had faith in the deck :) 
  3. Lightsworn - Discussion

    I saw the Euros build playing Lance and BTS, that could help with Ophion a little? When I played Lightsworn a while back before Raiden was announced, I was playing this guy to help out with Ophion:  [spoiler] [/spoiler]   It allows you to kill said Ophion with a Lumina into level 3 play whereas with Temtempo you'd have to detach a material on it THEN summon a boss to run it over (or blast it with JD). You can also put an M7 on it, which is kind of neat. Its Light so it goes toward Diabolos count.    Since you have M7 in the extra because of this, you could play Omega to have a rank 4 play that also runs over Ophion, but Starliege, Dire, and 101 seem to take care of that problem if we're talking rank 4s.    I'm not saying its any better than Temtempo, just something I thought could be worth sharing. 
  4. Lightsworn - Discussion

    Yea I also think Rota is winmore in that scenario. You could have also searched Jain to discard for another name, but you're milling 10 cards and I would be surprised if you didn't mill at least 2 names. I will say that between discarding Gardna and a Rainbow Kuriboh, I would discard Gardna any day.    On that note, I'm not sure if I would play rota. 
  5. It's not Friday ;-;

  6. Lightsworn - Discussion

      I don't know if the differences have been discussed already, but I like Gardna better at the moment. In slower hands, you can protect your LS (and your guys from Blader x) ) and get added value off of them be it Lumina or just milling again, but Rainbow has a lot less value in the grave as it only protects you from direct attacks.   That being said, Rainbow is much better to draw, while Gardna is kind of awful to draw unless you have a way to dump it be it Lumina or Allure. Overall I think Gardna being milled contributes to your win condition more directly when milled vs Rainbow Kuriboh.   It's also worth noting you can make Rank 3s with it via Soul Charge whereas you can't with Rainbow. The only benefit I see Rainbow having is it being better to draw and being a light name for Diabolos. 
  7. Lightsworn - Discussion

    I don't think you can compare "real traps" to Needlebug nest because one stops your opponent and one accelerates you out of the early game. I think you want to be building this deck "to win" and focus on getting out of the early game and get to the mid to late stages of the game rather than play traps and try to "not lose".   ChaosVLord, I would rather open Needlebug Nest because it gets me out of the early game, which the deck inherently struggles with. 
  8. Harpie Lady - Discussion

    Yea this deck has actually surprisingly tested pretty solid for me as of late. I especially love the interaction between Kuribandit and milling Breakthrough skill for that hat matchup.
  9. DG Live 134: April 2014

    in  ! RebeccaBlack !
  10. Harpie Lady - Discussion

    I'm not sure how I feel about this deck once Artifacts come out...
  11. Dueling Network

    Whenever one would play, the other 3 would watch. Its Fuckin' adorable. 
  12. Harpie Lady - Discussion

    If you have 3 harpy ladys on the field you should be winning anyway, It will just be win more when you can use it and dead most of the time.  Yea, same reason Phoenix Formation isn't playable. Here's hoping we get playable Sparrow Formation and the like in the future lol
  13. Harpie Lady - Discussion

    It will also probably be a while before we would get it in the TCG. 
  14. Harpie Lady - Discussion

    When I was looking at Ian Scobodianuck's Top 4 list for ARG Charlotte, I noticed he ran Mist Valley Soldier. It seemed interesting because it makes the Monk play not as awful because you could just open Stardust (or any level 8 synchro, but he ran Stardust and Scrap Dragon) instead of making a random rank 4 or you could react to plays with Scrap Dragon (pop sign and a card they have seems pretty broken). If you draw it, you could go Channeler, bring out Dancer and then bounce Dancer or Channeler for Soldier to make a synchro that way as well. It makes me want to try Monk again. What does everyone think about it?    Also top 16 lists are here: http://articles.alterealitygames.com/top-16-decklist/