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  1. Harder Better Faster

    Why would you side Banisher when it conflicts with pretty much the whole deck?  Jupiter is actually a really solid card, solely off the fact that it runs over Ophion which walks all over this deck; when you draw it, worst case scenario you can remove it for Hyperion or it can be used to bait removal (which if it's not Bottomless/Prison, you can evidently remove it for Hyperion anyway).   Transmodify is a dead card on its own, but it has many applications with a deck like this (mentioned in OP).  It thins the deck out and allows you to open first turn Venus more often.  You may have to sacrifice your Earth, but realize that it's better to get Venus out first turn, rather than waiting a turn when it's susceptible Bottomless/Warning/etc, which, Earth might be dead by the time your next turn rolls around anyway.  Also, it's very neat when they Veiler your earth and then you Transmodify it for Venus anyway :).
  2. Infernity - Discussion

    Hand: Monk, 2 Spell. Monk discard Spell SS Monk discard Spell SS Archfiend . Activate eff get Necromancer. Overlay Monk and Archfiend for Lavalval Chain #1.   Detach Archfiend to send Patrol. Banish Patrol SS Necromancer -- eff SS Archfiend -- eff get Necromancer. Overlay Archfiend and Monk #2 for Lavalval Chain #2 eff detach Archfiend to send Patrol Banish Patrol, SS Necromancer -- eff SS Archfiend -- eff get Launcher. Overlay both Necromancers for Leviair.  Activate eff get Patrol overlay Archfiend and Patrol for Diamond Dire Wolf. Hand: Launcher Field: Dire Wolf, 2 Lavalval Chain, Leviair. Dire Wolf kill itself and a Lavalval Chain. Play Launcher eff Summon Necromancer and Archfiend. Search Archfiend off Archfiend Banish Patrol SS Archfiend -- eff get to get Barrier #1, set it. Overlay Both Archfiends for Lavalval Chain #3. Activate eff send Trick Archfiend eff Trick Archfiend add Archfiend Palace to your hand. Activate eff of Necromancer SS Archfiend -- eff get Barrier #2, set it. Activate Archfiend Palace eff to banish Necromancer and SS Archfiend #3 from deck.  Activate eff and get Barrier #3, set it. Ending Field: Lavalval Chain, Lavalval Chain, Leviar, Archfiend, Archfiend, Archfiend Palace, Barrier, Barrier, Barrier.
  3. Monarch - Discussion

    You might be waiting for a while.
  4. Fire Fist - Discussion

    Adding in Tempest + Gold Sarcs make for a very beautiful thing in conjunction with debris dragon.
  5. Synchro Fist

    Level 7 + Delta flyer or spore summoned off its effect = Star Form Dragon.... yummy.   Also just realized that Crane Crane is out.
  6. Fire Fist - Discussion

      I'm assuming you posted from your phone or something. . .   2 blaster, dragon ruler of infernos 1 ff dragon 3 leopard 3 spirit 2 hawk 2 bear 3 veiler 3 maxx c 2 swift scarecrow   1 ff-gyokko 3 ff-tenki 2 ff-tensu 3 Rekindling 1 reborn 1 heavy   3 compulsory 3 imperial iron wall 2 fiendish chain 1 judgment 1 ff-tensen   1 tiger king 1 cardinal 2 lion emperor 3 horse prince 1 bounzer 1 dweller 1 m7 1 maestroke 1 cowboy 1 leviair 1 Gaia dragon, the thunder charger 1 zenmaines   I think you could live without the fiendish chains and be at 40 cards even.   I like fiendish stops dragosac and others from killing off iron wall and stops gaios in mermails match up and other stuff it's just a overall good card Until Draco sends itself to pop off the iron wall.
  7. Fire Fist - Discussion

    What were your matchups like and how many rounds was it?
  8. Hip Hop Is Dead

    dat Ultra Teus doe...   Any reasoning behind 2 megalo?
  9. Constellar's

    I dont think that adding a dracossack solves your chimeratech dilemma...
  10. Fire Fist - Discussion

    Why do people play Hawk over raven?  I'm just curious... does that whole +500 thing really matter?
  11. Satellites

    How often do you find yourself going into M7, out of curiosity, because I can't find myself to ever wanting to make that card, unless I want to set up for it, which rarely is ever the case.
  12. Monarch - Discussion

    [quote name="Lithium2300" post="3493440" timestamp="1369692066"]Well, you first attack the tokens ;), but still I don't like creature swap tbh.[/quote] It just seems.... Very subpar
  13. Monarch - Discussion

    [quote name="karatepuppet" post="3493398" timestamp="1369688499"]Has anyone tried creature swap this format? It's tested really well against dragons being able to take their draccosack then pop or big eye. [/quote] Uh... What happens when they give you a token instead...
  14. State of the game?

    Honestly need to try and stop pos'ing things on my phone... I always hit the neg button...   But for the most part, what everyone said above me is 100% true.  If you're not dropping the big bucks on this game at the moment, you're not setting yourself up for the most success, but please, by all means, prove me wrong (with the exception of evilswarm, but goddamn is that deck linear).  I want to keep playing this game, but the power creep is just too strong for any deck that's not dragons, prophecy, evilswarm, and maybe even tidal mermails to have great success at a YCS+ scale.
  15. Inzektor - Discussion

    [quote name="cb49" post="3491282" timestamp="1369411108"]Any thoughts on maining swords of revealing light?[/quote] I feel like Messanger of Peace would be a much better option if you're going to play one of those types of cards.