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  1. tsgreen / eeyore on dis goats only
  2. i have 3 legends, leeroy, sneed's old shredder, and mogor the ogre. of those, which are worth keeping, and which should i dust to help make my way towards doctor boom?
  3. I might be late but paypalling you for a large tonight
  4. wescoe's reply to the facebook post shed some light on the subject, if you consider him a semi-reliable source. pascal was planning to skip the last 4 or so gps of the year due to fiscal concerns, and from that perspective, it does give him a shot at more pro points than just taking the burst lightning would have. In any case, i think it would probably be impossible for me personally to turn down 300 bucks in that situation, and I think that goes for just about anyone who's not owen "god's gift to magic" turtenwald. 
  5. i've been having trouble sleeping every other day, and then i'm sleep deprived the next day so i can sleep really well. and it's irritating, but i can't get back to a real sleep pattern
  6. btw i need friends on runescape pls add me 33yore
  7. went p2p today. rip life rip dreams rip school all is runescape
  8. jesus fuck runescape ate my life again
  9. Cheygasm   can i type it like a twitch emote and have it come up
  10. if i was p2p what should i be doing?
  11. i'm f2p atm, is it still egregiously wrong? i'm working off of knowledge from like... 6-7 years ago here.
  12. btw @grimer or chey, what report function should i be using to report people botting? I've been using macro but i'm not sure that's correct.
  13. now i really wanna try my uni google account to see if that's the case for mine too