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  1. question for gay/bisexual guys

    Only sex tapes
  2. question for gay/bisexual guys

    Not got skype, don't really need it i've got my gorgeous boyfriend
  3. Plants - Discussion

    Did a morning Tournament today to test september ban list 3x TKRO 2x Debris 2x TGU 2x Trooper 2x Veiler 2x Snowman 1x Caius 1x BLS 1x Spore 1x Dandylion 1x Floraison de Feu 1x Sangan 1x Gorz 1x Tsuku 1x Zephyros 2x MST 1x Heavy 1x Reborn 1x Hole 1x Book 1x 141 1x Scapegoat 1x PoA 1x Mind 1x Foolish 1x Econ 2x Warning 2x Torrential 2x DPrison 1x Judgment Won against Agents match 1, caius helped alot vs kristya just another way out. Won against Rabbit without too many problems, he opened first duel w/vanillas in hand and no rabbit or guide, second duel he opened rabbit lance warning solem... third duel i blasted him Won against rabbit again Won against DW, side decked dd crows and gemini imps delt w/ him Lost against Frog/Plant in final. will definitely be testing this deck. [quote name='Chrizzle' timestamp='1345414872' post='3259584']I'm main decking 1 caius and siding another for when I go first. It really helps control the tempo and you can side in stuff like puppet plant and electric virus to steal shinings/ laggias and just devastate them by removing some other card from play. Flipping snowman/ ryko can bait out that veiler so your caius goes off more often too.[/quote]I did that.
  4. Inzektor - Discussion

    [quote name='Gear' timestamp='1345401048' post='3259456']I still see this as a strong deck.[/quote] Doesn't that make you blind?
  5. Plants - Discussion

    Have you tested w/ Caius? It's working for me
  6. Plants - Discussion

    I felt the same w/ CardCarD +1s are great but this deck works too well without it.
  7. Sleeves/Deckboxes

    I personally play w/ Ultrapro protectors for multiple reasons. Colors: Pink/Orange/Yellow for decks, Sky Blue/Green/Purple/Black/White/Pink for binders. 1) They are cheap. I mean I change protectors every Tournament, and sometimes multiple times in the tournament depending on the amount of rounds. 2) They slide and shuffle well. This is the most important thing to me, for the following reason: Round 5 of French nationals. Won every duel, not only match, then my fucking KMC protectors stick whilst i'm shuffling and cards fall out of my deck. Game loss. PC are beautiful as well but imma Student on a Budget so I can't afford them all the time.
  8. Plants - Discussion

    Loving the Cyber Valley over Card Car D, what do you guys think of the Machine Duplication? Playing the Snowman Build w/ 1x Cyber Valley and think it's enough.
  9. Pokemon Hacks

    Never played hacks except Pocket Monsters Jade and Diamond even though they aren't really Pokémon Games but a translated version of an original japanese game i think and if I understand well some hacks are better than their official counterparts, but I would really appreciate it is someone could pm me a link to download a good Pkmn Hack that's 1) Complete *main priority w/ #2* 2) Adds places / regions if that makes any sence basically new places to explore that weren't on official Pkmn games, the more places too explore the happier i am. 3) Unlockable in-game Events. 4) That's fun but not too absurd storyline wise. 5) And preferably (But don't really care) a few "new" pokémon. But not too many. So long as there's Shiny Relicanth, Togetic and Blissey, I'm happy. Shit, I'm bad at describing stuff and don't know if anyone has even made anything like that. I've downloaded DeSmuME and No$GBA so got an Emulator just need the carts i think... Thanks much.
  10. question for gay/bisexual guys

    [quote name='Mr. T' timestamp='1328938178' post='3097828'] how would you go about seducing a "straight" guy? working off Kinsey's theory that even "straight" guys have latent homosexual tendencies to varying degrees [/quote] Would you like it of a girl tried to seduce you? Personally i'm fed up with that happening.
  11. Hi

    Hi ever y body, i live in france but i am english and i don't even know why i'm telling you this. Anyhoodle hi to you all~
  12. When you don't have a "best" friend

    [quote name='Jeff Jones' timestamp='1344962456' post='3254736'] I havent had a best friend since I was 15. We were best friends for a long time, but once I told him I was gay, friendship kinda ended after that. I have a few actual friends, and many acquaintances. I tend to cycle through friends as well. Mainly because I have a low tolerance for stupidity and ignorance and most people around me are just that. [/quote] Same here w/ both points