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  1. I'm planning to sell a load of commons to TnT. So I thought "hey I'll just sort out the single commons they're buying and send them in with the bulk to maximize" and organized most of my commons to quickly label them in their spreadsheet before sending. Then I read "do not send sorted bulk" in their guide.   So I'm now to pull out the singles and then thoroughly mix the rest together before shipping?
  2. I am so proud of Jeff Jones

  3. Ghost Fairy Elfobia

      http://www.konami.com/yugioh/articles/?p=4918     Wind, Psychic, Level 3, 900 ATK and 500 DEF.   This thing is pretty cool. Let's assume that you reveal another copy of her. Elemental Dragons can't do anything, Priestess is unable to pop or be summoned, Megalo and his brothers are stuck, Dragoons can't search, Monarchs are vanillas, and Rescue Rabbit is useless. Tragoedia, Gorz, and Trifortressops can only watch as you swipe at the opponent.   If you manage to reveal a Level 1, Atlanteans cannot pop and the Baby Dragons sit pretty. You could force them to drop Maxx "C" too ("Can they read me?").   Barring any stopping power over Treeborn, Veiler, Swift Scarecrow, and Droll and Lock Bird, this thing locks up much of the (non-XYZ) monster effects that this game goes on to rely on (or at least something that's not Prophecy, Heroes, or a Kerykeion).   She only locks down the opponent until their Battle Phase, so at least they can't set up their field like normal and attack you with said field. They'll just turtle up and wait instead.   Oh, and this is a perfect target for Emergency Teleport, so it's much easier to bring out in the first place.   But hey, what (viable) Wind monsters would work?   itself Droll and Lock Bird Spore Lightning, Dragon Ruler of Wind Reborn Tengu Dragunities Mecha Phantom Beast (...)   Well, there's your limitation. Surely that's not all...?   Probably best played in Dragunities. Or some deck using this, E-Tele, and a Psychic tuner or Raizbellt and some more Winds.   Synopsis: Elfobia can stop most of the commonly played monsters - especially Elemental Dragons. You just need to reveal a Wind Monster. Wind.
  4. Breakthrough Skill

    [quote name='heaven' timestamp='1352674740' post='3323047'] [quote name='ThatOneGuy' timestamp='1352672039' post='3323040'] [quote name='TartedeMaçã' timestamp='1352666635' post='3323010'] Really, really good. Reminds me of when people discovered mischief of the yokai, except this is way better. And if it does read " negate that target's effect " it means that you can target stuff like Sangan and then run it over, right ? What if I target TKR, could I XYZ and it would not be able to negate ? [/quote] It would just negate effects that are applied/activated on the field. So no to Sangan and yes to TKR. [/quote] Where does it state that? [/quote] [quote name="Effect Veiler"] During your opponent's Main Phase: You can send this card from your hand to the Graveyard to target 1 face-up Effect monster your opponent controls; [b]negate that target's effects[/b] until the End Phase.[/quote] Breakthrough and Veiler share the same negation text. Pretty sure Veiler doesn't stop Sangan, but stops Rai-Oh.
  5. Constellar Sombres/Evilswarm Kerykeion

    [quote name='Pharaoh Atem' timestamp='1350420915' post='3304691'] PSCT just seems off too, someone get me the text for these fuckers [/quote] Evilswarm Kerykeion [url="http://blog-imgs-53.fc2.com/f/e/e/feeeln/766_1.jpg"]http://blog-imgs-53....eeeln/766_1.jpg[/url] [spoiler] [img]http://blog-imgs-53.fc2.com/f/e/e/feeeln/766_1.jpg[/img][/spoiler] Constellar Sombres [url="http://blog-imgs-53.fc2.com/f/e/e/feeeln/797_1.jpg"]http://blog-imgs-53....eeeln/797_1.jpg[/url] [spoiler][img]http://blog-imgs-53.fc2.com/f/e/e/feeeln/797_1.jpg[/img][/spoiler]