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  1. Training Journals

    How much you weighing in at zomboid? Tried any recent 1rm?
  2. Diet Journals

    Now I've started work, eating is such a pain. Breakfast - 8am 1 scoop no sugar whey 300ml milk 1 banana Lunch (I mix all this together) 200-250g 5% Lean Mince 2 Eggs scrambled 100g Dolmio Sauce 30-40g Cheddar Cheese 30g BBQ Sauce 200g Pineapple Dinner 200-250g 5% Lean Mince 2 Eggs scrambled 100g Dolmio Sauce 30-40g Cheddar Cheese 30g BBQ Sauce Adds up to around 1800 kcals 178g Protein (712kcals) 100g Carbs (400kcals) 78g Fats (702) (1814 Total) If I add in a 200g Greek Yogurt w/Honey for pudding then kcals go up 315, so I drop the cheese, 1 egg & the BBQ sauce to compensate.
  3. Training Journals

    Massive session after a few days off! Deadlifts Went up to 200kg but failed x2 Managed another 3 single reps @ 180kg though Managed 3x5x100kg after Log Press Some lads were training on it @ 90kg which I've failed to press recently so I attempted a random PB and smashed it!!! New PB - 90kg Rows 2x8x100kg Clean & Press Few @ 40kg for 3 Few @ 50kg for 3 1x1x60kg Snatch 3x1x50kg
  4. Bulking advice?

    Eat more calories than your TDEE. The more surplus over your TDEE the bigger the bulk, weight gain. Protein - 1g per lb Fat - 0.4-5g per lb Carbs - Adjuet depending on if your training days Water - lots, keep consistent Fibre - you should get lots from eating more carbs Veggies - bulk your plate up even more Weight train, lift more for more reps Take a multivitamin No need for creatine No need for mass gainer whey protein shit No need for extra amino acids Bulking is simple. The tighter you keep to your TDEE the less fat you put on. This is because the gains are lower.
  5. Dragon Ruler - Discussion

    I've been trying out hobans list with 1x mystic water and 2 blue eyes & still 2 trade-in with good results. I like having the ability to go shrine > bewd > white stone > bewd to hand
  6. Fast Food

    Calories. It literally all comes down to calories. Calories in vs calories out.
  7. Jackpot 7

    He will be playing 3 ceruli so I presume using it's effectx3 is how he plans to discard all 3 jackpots
  8. UK Nationals 2014

    Might be making a an appearance and attending this as it's only 5 mins drive from my house. Will defo be out Friday though ;)
  9. To zomboid, instead of buying extra tabs, why not eat an orange or other high vit c fruit pwo, gets your carbs in too   To zerosleep, im preety sure that taking a 'one a day' is not necessary to break it up. Some vitamins are fat soluble and some are water soluble, so unless these people are having neither or have really bad digestive systems then im sure taking it whole is fine.
  10. Edison NJ Top 8 Regional Report -

    congrats on your top.   I'm curious as to why no dim fissure though in the side?
  11. Whey Milk Banana Peanut Butter Oats 1 Blender Mix, pour and enjoy. Simple, full of calories and is probs what your looking for. If you don't have whey then use more milk I guess would suffice.
  12. An increase in mass is rather vague. Mass as in weight Or Mass as in lean muscle Because it's a lot harder to do the latter & requires a lot more specific training, dieting and number crunching as well as the right lifting programme. Adding mass is a case of eating more calories than you burn. To add mass or weight just eat, shit loads. To make up calories fats are usually the go to e.g. Peanut butter, butter, oils, avacodos, nuts, seeds or you could go the dirty route and eat cakes n junk. Again the latter is a lot easier to do but the former allows for a more clean approach whilst knowing exactly where your calories have come from. I could go on for hours but that's the jist of it.
  13. Fire Fist - Discussion

    I think chain whirlwind is a better option than dust in the mirror. Compared with full house entirely depends on the event and meta IMO. Will be trying out rivalry, card has interactions with other matchups too besides mermail.
  14. Training Journals

    11th feb - all in kg Bit of an odd session as id done bench on Sunday. Dumbbell Flys - opted to lower weight for warmup 5x8x20each Military Press 2x8xBar 2x8x40 2x5x60 Swiss Press 2x5xBar 2x5x50 5x5x60 1x3x80 - Belt Dips 4x8 Tri Pull Downs 2x8x40 1x3x60 2x8x40
  15. Training Journals

    7th Accessory work @ another gym with my mate. Worked on preety much everything upper body individually. 'Twas a nice change to the power routine & I got a quality pump for my night out! ---------------------- 9th Feb Went with only an hour left before closing. Intended on doing legs - all in kg Bench Got there & there wasn't a free rack :/ 4x10xbar 4x8x40 4x8x60 1x3x80 5x5x70 Squats Not much time to warm up, so these were shit Low bar position, wide stance 2x8x40 5x5x60