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  1. I did everything I could for you because I thought that was what our friendship consisted of. Obviously you didn't feel the same way. I tried to help you with your problems in every way possible but when all I needed was a friend to listen to me, where were you? We barely even talk anymore so why is it, when I have too much spare time to think about stuff or feel down, do I think about messaging you? You couldn't help me when we were good friends, what can you do for me now?   I got a job, moved to a better place, maintained a basic level of exercise and became a better person all without you. You never saw that, you always wanted to hold me back with your problems but never supported me with mine. So why the fuck do I think of you when I feel lonely and need a friend? I'm happy with my life for the most part but for some bizarre reason I miss our dumb 1 sided friendship and it pisses me off.   My mind is conflicted every time I consider it. I'd rather cut you completely than have these pointless 5 minute conversations every few days like I'm some random acquaintance but at the same time I want to feel that closeness to a person that we once had. I know if I did make a visible effort to remove you from my life you would pop up pretending to be great friends again and dumping your problems on me. "What's wrong with me?" "Am I that bad we can't be friends?" "Fine, no one likes me anyway" Some dumb fuck part of my brain would fall for one of these lines and we spend perhaps a day being close and talking to each other, only for our contact to fade into obscurity to the point where I feel like this again. We can't keep doing this cycle, either be an actual friend or fuck off.   I can be strong without you. I don't need you. I don't even know why I think about you at these times. Fuck you.
  2. You started dating some gooba I knew. I was worried about you due to his past history but didn't want to say anything because I'd already once expressed an interest in you and never wanted to come across as a jealous figure trying to split up your relationship. Next thing I know we're on skype and your best friends calls to tell you that this gooba you're dating cheated on you, you get a bit sad but take it on the chin and I'm forced to tell you what I know about him and his previous short and very volatile relationships.    Despite our lengthy conversation you're still with him and all over him in town and stuff? You even know he's bipolar with scars and threatened to cut himself when people started talking about his cheating and you still want to be with him? You've been together less than a month you can't be that attached that you can't leave this crazy bastard?   What the fuck is wrong with you? PS Don't even try to use me as support when this goes wrong like it usually does.
  3. Prophecy - Discussion

    3 Upstart, 3 Crescent actually get you somewhere though. Dark Hole just doesn't do anything for the deck. It's another card where you'll look at it and be like: "Oh great, I pray to god my next card is secrets." If you're behind like that and you manage to dark hole it still doesn't achieve much. You'll still be behind on lifepoints and Geargia, Mermail and Bujn (lol successful dark hole vs Bujin) will have performed the searches they need to keep playing the game next turn.    In the opposite scenario where you have a reasonable or good hand, Dark Hole still doesn't do much for you. Priestess or World can both break boards without the aid of Dark Hole, especially with good use of fate. (Y'know, playing your fate to back up your priestess, banishing it for priestess pop, grab it back. Same with World grabbing it back).   So the only scenario that dark hole really shines in is where you have appropriate spellbook searches like Magician/Secrets along with Dark Hole but no power plays. This is hardly a situation you want to be in either as the relevant decks, especially Geargia and Mermail, can swiftly get through your backrow and deal damage. Dark Hole could literally be any other card here to get your pieces faster or stop their plays completely, rather than allowing them to do plays and clearing the board in your turn.   Moving on from the Dark Hole discussion. How do people feel about playing this deck in the current format? I feel like it's currently the strongest deck I own (Don't have Geargia/other good decks) but in previous formats I've not had much success with it outside of online dueling. Part of that I feel is how I play irl compared to online and the other is just certain cards just bury the deck very hard. So with people playing multiple veilers or even going as far as to play Geargia lists the like of Steinman/Pedigo's (Triple Dust, Triple Mind Crush) is this deck even remotely safe to play right now?
  4. Prophecy - Discussion

    2 Stoic, 4 discard traps and Foolish is really all you need. If I was going to play any additional monsters other than 2 Stoic, 2 World, 3 Magician, 3 Temperance then it would be a one off Breaker or Priestess rather than using Kycoo or Veiler but so far I've not found any additional monsters necessary. Breaker's are sided because they do horrible things to Evilswarm and other slow decks trying to abuse Mistake or DNA Surgery vs you. Really happy with that monster line-up, the only thing I'm debating on in the deck are 3 Reckless vs 3rd Mst, Book of Moon and a trap (this last spot without the reckless is really up in the air for me, currently a teched trap hole which is okay but not ideal.) 
  5. Prophecy - Discussion

    Side still needs a lot of work and the extra is pretty irrelevant anyway apart from Elf, Phoenix and Herald but the main is what I'm testing at the moment. It does have some trouble with bad hands but the deck is pretty much World.Deck with the 2 stoics and reckless support. Foolish I didn't think I would like at all but it's good in the fact it might as well say "Add one temperance of prophecy from your deck to your hand". I was originally testing Justice/Priestess builds but World is too good not to play so why not build the deck around that card? The changes I would like to make would be to fit book of moon back in deck and possibly squeeze the 3rd mst in too. I sometimes miss the one off Priestess but usually get by without it. Divine Wrath is so good it's unreal, much better than the 2 PWWB I was playing alongside the breaks to support the 2 World 2 Stoic. Thoughts on this/thoughts on Stoic engine in general? I feel like people should be playing something similar to this if they believe World is the way to go. 2 Stoic, 3 Temperance, 1 Foolish means easy Temperance access and 2 Worlds means there will be one in deck or grave almost all the time when you need it to resolve so you don't lose to drawing World. Reckless helps dig through your deck, puts you stupidly far ahead if you open multiple copies and has some very silly interactions with World, either chaining to the add effect or the nuke effect depending whether you need those books. I also like the fact that unlike the rest of the deck, Reckless digs for backrow and in World.Deck is a lot less restrictive (and just flat out better) than Pot of Duality.
  6. Do we actually have some solid info on this yet? Seriously considering going despite the 4 hour travel + £90 train cost but like need to have some clear information on it. Can't find much.
  7. Prophecy - Discussion

      You're thinking of Mind Drain + Kycoo.   No he's right with Royal Prison and Mind Drain, he can't activate a Dragon in the grave to special, nor can he trigger a Dragon summon from the hand. Edit: Oh Royal Prison and Mind Drain I'm retarded
  8. Prophecy - Discussion

    It depends how you've built your main really. If you're maining multiple copies of MSTs and Maxx C's you effectively free up 3-6 spaces in your side meaning you can fit in your core sides then have a few spaces to play around with. These spaces can really be anything you feel will be most effective at the event you are attending. If you have these spaces, using 2 of them on Retort isn't really a bad call. You either don't use them or they become clutch in that one/two rounds or maybe even the top cut where you get that one spellbook player. If this doesn't happen then fine, 2 cards you didn't use. It's not really a problem, you can't risk siding extra anti-dragon cards here because over siding is very real in this deck and will lose you games.
  9. Prophecy - Discussion

    It's an upstart goblin that effectively ends your opponents turn meaning you can push your advantage further on your next. You're always going to have 2 cards they have to get through. Sometimes even 3-4 in some scenarios. (Fate + 1 trap, then either Maiden or World) which can't die to their lone dragon you just "upstarted" on. After this it's just a case of simplifying the game state and shutting off their colours which is usually my go-to game plan against Dragons. Best ways of doing this tend to be keeping the amount of plays they can make in one turn down, keeping ravine off the field (perhaps the most important thing) and every turn removing colours from the game. After that you can just enjoy your plusses off tower and keep control of the game barring that brutal Sixth Sense/Return.   I mean I'm a huge fan of Maxx C and I don't currently run Maiden (still testing it, probably won't play it in the end) but surely with Maiden Maxx C becomes even better because Maiden + Maxx C is simply a dominating position vs Dragon. Also we're not playing trapless dragons of last format (and storm is banned), we're playing Prophecy with searchable fates and plenty of backrow. I don't really believe a Colossal otk is something that's likely to come up even vs blue-eyes or world. I mean it could happen of course but I would never consider it a downside of using Maxx C right now.
  10. Prophecy - Discussion

    I'm not really sure why people have ended up dropping Maxx C here. It's understandable in the Justice/Kycoo builds but Maxx C is incredibly good in Temperance or builds with Maiden. Dragons know we have fate down (with world or maiden on the field sometimes) and those kinda fields usually take some special summoning to break. Even with earlier less powerful fields the knowledge that their 1 play will be stopped by fate usually encourages them to make a second play so when you Maxx C it puts them in a really tight spot.   Also I actually love reckless in the deck but I've currently dropped the 3 reckless' I play for 2 Refpanel and 1 Sixth Sense. Because there are two things better than drawing 2: One of them is drawing 2 whilst making your opponent minus, the other is drawing 5-6. It's a risk and certainly a lot worse/completely useless against random decks but I'd rather be as strong as possible for Dragons and expect to play 70-80% dragons at London. 
  11. Prophecy - Discussion

    We're talking about playing it alongside 3 Maxx C though Squiddy. It provides the sort of extra boost the deck needs to fix weaker hands and they work extremely well together. Your points about the dragons having a dedicated draw engine is very valid but I still cannot agree with Duality. It conflicts with both Crescent and Temperance and you'll often need to resolve one or even both that turn if you want to stay in the game.   Those 3 slots dedicated to Reckless Greed aren't going to be anything else that helps with bad hands so I find that argument fairly invalid. I suppose if you play Duality, 2nd power or something then they do give that slight consistency boost but otherwise it's just going to be 3 real traps which don't help with bad hands either.
  12. Prophecy - Discussion

    That's correct. The last thing to happen is the trigger-like effect of stumbling and not the adding cards to hand so the World will miss the timing to activate it's second trigger.
  13. Prophecy - Discussion

    I actually found that Reckless Greed tested incredibly well in combination with 3 Maxx "C". The trick being not to gun the reckless but to play it when you needed those additional cards or to dig for a Maxx "C". When siding I made sure to keep at least 2, if not 3, in my deck and 3 Reckless + 3 Maxx C + 2 Refpanel allowed me to draw very fast and keep up with Dragons.   I also prefer Raigeki Break over PWWB in order to keep control in those valuable field spell battles. My games against Dragons g2 and g3s was to simply prevent them from playing yugioh. MSTs, Debunks, Fate, Refpanel and other cards allowed me to keep Ravine off the field, hinder their draw power and shut them out of multiple colours (Fate in the EP in response to a Dragon returning is incredibly effective at doing this). This is probably all widely known information but just my 2 cents on Reckless + the Dragon matchup.
  14. Prophecy - Discussion

    I'm not sure how anyone else feels about this but the most I ever side out is 1 if I bring in double/triple MST. Having less than 2 crescent g2 and g3 when you've brang in your side deck is literally just asking to drop games to some of the worse hands possible. We don't have Judgment anymore so we need that consistency that crescent can help with. The only time I'd think about siding all 3 crescents out is if (for whatever reason) you were playing 3 duality as well.
  15. Dragon Rulers - Discussion

    Because the hand isn't public knowledge. It's not applicable here where the dragons are still within public knowledge. 902 already covered it.