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  1. Overwatch [Full Version Available]

    That was the only Halloween skin I already had. :[
  2. Pokemon GO

    You get 10 Pokecoins and 500 Stardust for each Pokemon you have in a Gym, up to 10. There's a shield icon in the shop that you can tap once every 21 hours to collect your rewards.
  3. Pokemon Sun and Moon

    http://www.serebii.net/news/2016/12-July-2016.shtml I think I have a new favorite Pokemon. " People in Alola are scared of Kiteruguma to the point of having warning signs about it. It is really strong and can break anytthing in two. It likes to hug its trainers but is strong. Raising one puts your life in danger.Mimikkyu hates sunlight, preferring dark places. It is rumoured that the cloth covering its body is a strategy to avoid the sun. Don't try to remove the cloth it is said that those that do become afflicted with an illness. Mimikkyu's costume is based on Pikachu merch that was popular 20 years ago. It wants to be loved by people like Pikachu is. "
  4. Pokemon GO

    Lures and Lucky Eggs. Hold off on using your candy until you have a Lucky Egg. I think you get a Lucky Egg at level 8 or 9, or you can just buy them. Once you get a Lucky Egg, use it and a Lure+Incense. Sit there and catch a shit ton of Pidgeys and whatever else. With an Egg active, you get 200XP per catch, 1000 bonus for a new Pokemon, 20 bonus for a curve ball, 1000 for evolving a Pokemon. Once your Egg is almost up, evolve as many Pidgeys as you can. I only use Pidgey as an example because they're so common and cheap to evolve.
  5. Pokemon GO

  6. "Come off your little shit island where you think you're a good player and come to any North American event. I promise you if you let me know I'll try my damn best to get there. Cause I'll fucking shame you and show you up as a fucking trash player. I'll show you up as complete garbage." Why the fuck is he so mad? Play him for the price of your travel expenses. But be careful. He has 6 regional tops. He's kind of a big deal.
  7. The Official Wrestling Thread

    I had no idea that the pedigree was a double arm DDT.
  8. The Official Wrestling Thread

    The "best Money In The Bank PPV in history" is off to a bad start.
  9. Rick and Morty

  10. There's quite a few online for under 40.
  11. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    I played Trapless BA at YCS Houston and in a case tournament this past weekend. I've only gone into time in the mirror. I played 5 'mirrors' total (all PKBA) and 80% of them went into time, 20% ended in a draw.
  12. YCS Houston April 9th & 10th

    I had to chug my unopened Red Bull at the door.
  13. The Official Wrestling Thread

    I love The New Day so much holy shit.
  14. Ask him how he plans on getting a political revolution through a bunch of politicians that don't want to be revolutionized.