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  1. ARGCS Atlanta

    In the top cut, I laughed when I saw there was an ABC deck named "Loses to Every Trap in the Game" followed by two decks named "Every Trap in the Game"
  2. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    The OP mentions a few engines that are killed if you banish the wrong thing with desires. One of those engines you can use is the Shiranui engine. That can be 5 cards (3 Shiranui Solitaire, Uni-zombie, Mezuki) and getting your uni-zombie banished kills the entire engine so maybe you don't even want Pot of Desires if you choose to add those cards to the deck. There was some discussion about adding zombies in page 6 of this topic.
  3. Desire Stun

    You have a combined total of 5 Phantom Knights' Wing in your main and side deck, so clearly there is some mistake in one of those lists. Also I'm wondering why you don't play Raigeki and removed Moon Mirror-Shield in the latest list since they both clear monsters if you go second without relying on your opponent attacking. If either of those cards are actually supposed to be one of the copies of Phantom Knights' wing, then never mind. Also what are your thoughts on running cards to protect your traps, such as huge revolution is over, fake trap, etc. Anyways I really like the idea of having Gren Maju in the deck so you don't lose to Mystical Elf. Also a stun deck being able to do lethal damage quickly is great
  4. This card can more easily be summoned in a Blue-Eyes ritual deck with Advanced Ritual art instead of using Chaos MAX Dragon. A Blue-Eyes deck would also have plenty of monsters to use with Draconnection with so you could search for Amorphactor Pain. This still sounds worse than using Chaos Max Dragon because you can't use any other ritual spells in case you run out of Blue-eyes in your deck, it can't be searched with The Melody of Awakening Dragon, Kozmo and Monarchs don't care about Amorphactor Pain, and Chaos Max Dragon is harder to destroy in general. Maybe if most decks start depending on the extra deck this would be decent.
  5. Dueling Network

    When setting up a LAN game, set the time limit to something like 999 and it won't effect you at all. Also I think YGOPro percy is the only version that allows you to play with yourself by opening two instances of itself. You can download that version here: https://www.ygopro.co/.   I'm not sure since I haven't used DevPro in a very long time and don't have it installed on my computer right now, but last time I played it I don't think it had LAN mode.   You can even watch a replay of the game you played with yourself afterwards. You can pause the replay at any time, have the replay only advance a play when you click on the "step" button, and swap which side you are looking at whenever.
  6. DGZ's own Deck Garage has a similar deck list with discussion in it: http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?showtopic=16717   Also Allen, Mammoth Graveyard and Silver Fang were in the same set and makes Fusionist unplayable. They should ban them to make level 3 vanilla fusions do anything.
  7. Dueling Network

    Apparently, the rulebook is not a good enough source for some. When I played Dueling Network, I always made sure to have the rulebook on another window to cite, and had a link to a pdf of the rulebook ready to paste onto the chat and sometimes people still argue with me. I think most of the time it was still helpful to have when people summoned monsters in face up defense, summoned blue eyes without a tribute, or stuff like that.   Other sources that may not work: The official Dueling Network forums description of Traditional format when they see Pot of Greed being activated, the paper that came with the Dark World structure deck whenever someone tries to activate a Dark World effect with Lightning Vortex
  8. Infernoid - Discussion

    What is the card in your side deck to the right of Lyla?
  9. YCS Colombia (Bogata)

    Did the creator of this topic purposefully misspell every word on the topic title that isn't YCS? It's supposed to be Colombia (Bogotá). The second post jokingly saying that Bogotá is in Mexico is making me wonder if that spelling is a DGZ thing.
  10. konami is shit - discussion

    You can also OTK over Valkyrus without Dragard and without leaving any Hieratics on the field if your deck has Tidal, Redox, and Mythic Water Dragon. This combo is easier to use if you're using the Hieratic variant than the Mythic one because you need to have summoned Dark Matter Dragon without using Mythic Water Dragon. Mythic Water Dragon can only be special summoned with it's effect once per turn, and you will need to use it's effect later in the combo.   So once you've summoned Dark Matter Dragon: 1. Use Dark Matter Dragon's effect to send Eclipse Wyvern, Tidal, and Redox to the graveyard. Banish Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon with Wyvern's effect. 2. Activate Dark Matter Dragon's double attacking effect by detaching a level 8 dragon if you don't already have any level 8 dragons in the grave. You will need the level 8 dragon in the graveyard for step 5. 3. Summon Redox from your grave by banishing Tidal and Eclipse Wyvern. When Tidal is banished, add Mythic Water Dragon to your hand. 4. Now that you have an earth monster on field (Redox) special summon Mythic Water Dragon from your hand. 5. Special Summon Red-Eyes by banishing Redox or any left over dragon monster besides Dark Matter Dragon. Use Red-Eye's effect to special summon your level 8 dragon from the graveyard. 6. Overlay Mythic Water Dragon and the level 8 dragon for Felgrand.   Your field should now be Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon,Felgrand, and Dark Matter Dragon. The total combined attack of all these monsters is 9600. Felgrand will let you win even if the opponent has Swift Scarecrow or Valkryus if all your monsters attack directly.  
  11. Mind Master FTK - Traditional Format

    The Madolche screenshot reminds me of how bad people are in Dueling Network's traditional format games when I tried those games. I expected epic Rock-Paper-Scissors matches followed by the winner playing Yugi-Solitaire to victory, but instead I get people quitting after telling me that pot of greed is banned. If the majority of people in there actually took advantage of the banned cards, your posts would just be,"I won Rock-Paper-Scissors. Rock 4 life. trollface.png" or "I opened TROLL & Lock Bird." Were any of your opponents running FTKs?
  12. Shaddoll - Discussion

    I already knew there was more ways to send Shaddoll Hound to grave. I just didn't know that Mathematician had greater attack than Vanity's Fiend's defense, and was assuming that a special summon was necessary to kill it. My bad
  13. Shaddoll - Discussion

    If Shaddoll Hound can't change a monster to a face down position, then Tackle Crusader is better because you can special summon something to destroy Vanity's Fiend once it's face down.
  14. First Large Tournament from OCG October

    I'm guessing that the reason a lot of side decks in this event have Effect Veiler and Maxx C is to stop the Blaze Fenix FTK decks.
  15. Dueling Network

    It'd probably be the course of wisdom not to continue with that fated encounter. It could take an eternity out of your life.