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  1. I want to participate, have to move some things around. Will update and confirm/decline on Friday.
  2. Family Mafia Aftergame Thread

    I deserve town hm at least tbh.
  3. Family Mafia Game Thread - Day 4 - Standby

    Solstice can update flavour later. BB was murked af. pow pow Night 2 starts now and begins at 2:00 PM EST or when all night actions have been submitted.
  4. really important poll :^)

    It's c rei because it's two words lol
  5. DGZ Mafia Mafia Afterthread - Scum Wins

    Most important post in this thread, to be honest.
  6. DGZ Mafia Mafia Afterthread - Scum Wins

    I'm glad you had fun. :]
  7. DGZ Mafia Mafia Afterthread - Scum Wins

    FWIW, I was really impressed with your ability to pass n1. While I think giving BB something was more correct, I think it would have taken a lot of people restraint to not pass out items at the first opportunity, so kudos to you there, TGT
  8. DGZ Mafia Mafia Afterthread - Scum Wins

    Which players do you feel you choose to rely on?
  9. DGZ Mafia Mafia Afterthread - Scum Wins

    Why do you think you played badly? How did you feel you were playing mid-game? If there's a difference between then and now, why do you think that was?
  10. DGZ Mafia Mafia Afterthread - Scum Wins

    Yeah. Fact of the matter is that other than Marks posting restriction, the scum team was essentially vanilla all game outside of Marks ability (which you could debate is a small buff, is a small restriction). Very few abilities in this game were blatantly "I am town" meaning that everyone not only had to prove themselves as town, but make intelligent uses of their abilities. Even if the game was slightly scum favored in nature IMO, the course of the game quickly became town favored (I'd argue starting day 2) and at that point, you have to take responsibility as a townsperson for why (generally, why were you too lazy to go back and reevaluate) and if you do think you put an appropriate amount of effort in, to take it upon yourself to learn how to present that insight more effectively.
  11. google sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZynKJhhbwTpcE2eK6hPYzWUtoh60-gSsgtDnPLx23_w/edit#gid=0 Scum discord: https://discord.gg/2TJyseu Pros: - I thought that the flavour and roles were well received and embodied the players I tried to capture well. - The game was designed in a way that town targeting with abilities well heavily rewarded town, and heavily rewarded scum otherwise. I think in that sense the game played out as expected. - I think a lot of new players stayed really engaged with the game and seriously considered the game both mechanically and read-driven. Cons: - I thougth activity in this game was low. It's hard to tell if people were disinterested or beginning of college activity +hurricane fucking up the world. Inclined to think it was both pretty evenly - Hurricane drama stopped markus from being able to help with flavour, so things got lazier than expected towards the end. Town MVP Confuse rei - had whole team pinned. HM- OD Superman - solved the game, people just choose to ignore him. I thought the rest of town played pretty questionably outside of maybe Jazz and Walia (who I thought did great for his first game. Shout outs to him!). While BB hitting scum was could, the play was honestly horrible and I hope he understands why. Scum MVP I thought scum played pretty equally average - well with the slight exception of Gemstone, who had a horrible meltdown on day 4, but people were too lazy to go back 2 pages and re read it. Random notes- The malcolm "fuck you role" was clearly flawed in that no one was interested in "turning down advice". The effect never went off, meaning other than Marks posting restriction, the scum team essentially played vanilla. -In case people didn't realize, JC added to the game was preplanned before the game started. -It was hilarious that 3 of the scum roles (Mark, Nelrick, Gemstone) were actually rolled by Mark, Gemstone, and Nelrick, but no one actually got their role. -Real talk, town played abysmally in large. I'm happy to provide insight as to why (as would many others), but I feel like most of them (see players still alive at eog) aren't particularly interested in understanding why and how to improve. Holla at us if you want feedback. -Malcolm scanned Faint N1, it's a shame he died that night or else would have grabbed faint by the balls and the outcome probably would have been hilarious. -The game was intended/expected to be slightly scum favored, and I think if you fixed Malcolm's role it probably was. the practical execution of Malcolm's role this game though made the game mildly town favored IMO. I could go on more, but I'd love to hear from you guys. I know ability-heavy games aren't the most popular right now, but I feel like most of you enjoyed yourselves a lot. I don't run games much anymore for a lot of reasons, but designing games over the last three years has honestly been the most rewarding time I've had on this forum, and I appreciate you all for giving me an opportunity to do so. Being able to run these "meta/nostalgic" games are my favorite to do because I love trying to capture the essence of our playerbase in unique and creative ways. I know "logic approved game" is a meme and hopefully only a little true, but I hope the players enjoyed playing and the spectators appreciated the flavour that went with it. I don't want to get too sappy, but as I look at the next couple years, it doesn't seem realistic that I'll be able to easily make the 5-10 hours I committed to designing the game, committing the energy that I did (and let's be honest, I didn't provide the same level of energy to the end of the game as the beginning. I blame part of the lack of energy in the game on that, and I apologize for not providing that and upholding my responsibilities as a host.) But seriously, thank you all so much for playing and being a part of the forum. And thanks to Markus for helping as he had the time. I know the hurricane messed up a lot, but I hope you enjoyed the work you did. I know you met my expectations in quality and humor; hopefully you met everyone elses as well.
  12. DGZ Mafia Mafia - Day 5 ;o

    Gg scum wins. Afterthread in an hour.
  13. DGZ Mafia Mafia - Day 5 ;o

    I revealed everything I was suppose to reveal.
  14. DGZ Mafia Mafia - Day 5 ;o

    Day 5 has begun! Overnight, BuildTheWalia was killed he was... Actually, he died too quickly for me to get his full PM, but I'm sure he was town. Day starts now and lasts until 9 am EST or when majority (3) has been met. Game is in LYLO.
  15. DGZ Mafia Mafia - Day 5 ;o

    still waiting on a PM I can't start day without. Will be up for 15 minutes and if I don't get it by then will have to wait until AM to start day.