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  1. Can't get over four europians in top 2 of Doubles. Insane.
  2. Holy shit this game is huge. haha. @JC. If you PM me where the OP needs to be, I'll update it. I'm actually at a computer from time to time now. Questions about addressing banning issues, we'll talk about in aftergame.
  3. I just saw my tag. Did everything get worked out?
  4. Grad school starts backup Monday, reach out to other mods for game approval for the next few weeks unless we already started working together. Ty.
  5. Yo this game was the bestestest.
  6. wow wild game
  7. His game is tentatively approved, but you should all know it's the most ability -heavy clusterfuck I've ever seen, and there's zero promises of it being fair. JC. tried mad hard to get it there though. Should be a fun lighthearted time.
  8. @JC. holla at me. Fb is faster than dg though.
  9. Generic game models like this are a crappy way to run the section. Its what wr did the last four months to try to keep our heads above water and it clearly failed. We should have motivated people designing games or not be playing at all IMO. Anything less is a disservice to the possible small window of opportunity that currently exists. I'm not going to sit here and preach, but i HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest almost any plan over this.
  10. Agreed, except you could of just won if you killed someone in the trap. Harima should of had a solid ability. I suggested it but soph went with vanilla. As much as thr game was town favored, most of the scum team didnt exaxtly try to earn the W, either.
  11. Jazz agreed that was a baddddd oversight.
  12. I have the best screenshot to post if I can find it. Town having a doctor and a jailor was an abysmal oversight on my end. My B.
  13. Btw @Sophocles assuming you are planning on this anyway, but i suggest night phase lasts until maybe noon est 12/26. Press 1 if you have two or more Chrisrmases to go to tomorrow. It's impossible unless you're a multi.
  14. Not sure if more posts itt are JC spam or PSK multi posts.
  15. How many subs do we need? I can make a multi and play. :3