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  1. It's actually ridiculous how much time I've spent in the last three weeks trying to remember the dildo meme but couldn't recall who's dildo it was.
  2. This perspective is interesting to me because if it wasn't for the irl social aspect, I wouldn't touch another TCG for the rest of my life. FFTCG didn't pick up in my area, and all my friends are ready to go ham on this game, so I'll be playing it competitively. We proxied four decks and have been playing for two weeks now. Incredibly rewarding game to play. Feel free to reach out if you'd like to discuss. Link below is a full list of cards, and the main site linked below show most of the cards, in a more visable format.
  3. Thanks allen. The credit belongs @PSK @JC. @Gemstone Mine @The Antagonist and @Malcolm. They all play huge roles in addressing rules and players disputes, and often take ownership of getting projects off the ground. The last major adjustment were clarifying rulesets to try to create a more inviting atmosphere (while still feeling like dgz) and after a couple small setbacks, haven't had any disciplinary issues to discuss for a few weeks now. While the playerbase isn't quite where we want it at the moment, I think i speak for everyone involved when I say people are generally enjoying playing right now than they were 2-6 months ago, and I think that allows for a stronger platform to grow our playerbase moving forward.
  4. I think Slickzs has had INSANE improvement over the last year. Him and Francis were the best players in the last game. Recency bias, but I really think the only improvement he needs to make (assuming he can keep his temper in check) is to figure out that fine line between being "really comfortable" with his reads and "tunneling". Francis called it paranoia, and that's probably a fair word to use. It's a hard thing to try to articulate, but I can try to be more clear if you'd find it helpful, Issac.
  5. The only reason I disagree with OP
  6. Cool kids would have the mason roles, have them all in the same chat, and not confirm the affiliation of any of them to each other. (Not in)
  7. Fuck you. #cantmodkillmeifimalreadydead
  8. dont forget about nelrick btw
  9. Markus incredibly hard. Don't overrate Crei. I think Malcolm is scum. He was a gut read. I never really got a message, but I'm still confident he's scum, and thought a loose ability would justify it town me always has to claim something. Played conservative d1 because I always die when I'm active. What do you know.. I actually watched stranger things and I loved it. Silver is probably scum. I seriously think almost all of Francis/slickzs/crei/winter (even though he can't read and I actually hurt my hand punching a wall lol) are town, and we need to focus on quiet players moving forward. After you find a scum, please go back to day 1 and see who all they did and did not interact with. There were a lot of people that didn't talk about a lot of people. Really disappointed that I wasted literally my entire work day for this. I haven't tried this hard in 2 days to prove town and stay emotionally detached. Sorry I failed. Gl hf.
  10. Because 1 vote will do nothing when there are 5 or 6 on me.
  11. Whatever. This has to be liek 12 games in a row at this point. Any last requests?
  12. unvote Tyranno If I'm being voted off I don't want it to be rng either.
  13. Did you just enter the thread and not decide to read the 4 pages before you decided to be active?
  15. ^^ Yeah, Tyranno doesn't give any significant info on me as far as I can tell.