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  1. Gladiator Beast format?
  2. I've actually been compared to him on multiple occasions. lol
  3. This must of been the time arg sponsored you to fly you out to nationals. Must of sponsored your ethnicity change as well.
  4. I personally think vig=scum is actually literally godlike
  5. This reminds me of one of my favorite IRL games. Opponent MST's Magic Drain, and Drain is chained, opponent discards it so MST resolves.
  6. aye aye captain.
  7. Please replace headshots of players not comfortable with pictures of pics of me and players of DGZMAFIA's past.
  8. Certainly the most engaged I've been in a game for maybe 2 years now. It's interesting to me how burned out everyone seemed in game, and how ecstatic everyone seems.about it in retrospect. These are the kind of games that I believe keep our community most involved. Fairly role heavy, unique themed, and flavour that keeps players interested. These are what lead to success over the first two years, and I really hope people designing games use a similar frame of mind Jazz did when designing this moving forward. If we had games like this running frequently, with occasional, 7-11 player smaller games with minimal roles, I'd be super happy, personally.
  9. Just letting you all know if this was my game, most of you would be dead by now with the amount of psudeo-role discussion. let's watch our tongues.
  10. Reinforcing that while he hasn't done much of this in a decent amount of time (as long as soph would be actively engaged in the forum) Malcolm is objectively and sincerely discussing his impact on the sites Mafia community.
  11. Looks nvm I'm dumb.
  12. If I am understanding this correctly, you are suggesting that the "norm" is to play goat format with CRV. While the conversation is there about if Goat format does or doesn't include Exarion, those that assume the format includes CRV are very, very few and far between. I would gamble to say less than 2%. Cards like Cyber End Dragon, Cyber Twin Dragon, and Magical Explosion take away almost every aspect of what makes Goat format what it is.
  13. i know. I had to pause it because my fiance was worried I had an erection while listening to it.
  14. "debatably saved the forum almost singlehandidly"is kinda a solid arguement for kotf imo tbh imo
  15. I understand how PSK would be easily annoyed by someone providing content relevant to the game.