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  1. @JC. leggoooooo
  2. These kids are too young to remember when i started Gamblingground
  3. I can fill in the extra roles by playing on my other accounts if you want. I own every account, if you can't tell by the way I'm posting this on all my other accounts.
  4. This game would of started by now if you didn't vote for Trump. =\
  5. resisting the urge to edit every post itt.
  6. I want to run a build a bear clusterfuck in July. Everyone will make 1-2 roles, and i will rebalance and randomly assign them accordingly. Feel free to add me to the queue and I'll run it the first game after the 4th of july.
  7. You guys are wack putting ash at top, or have never played scum with him. Ilyash
  8. @iSlickz You disagree? Sup?
  9. Convince me I'm not going to get as upset at JC as I was last game if I sign up.
  10. top 10 list of all time malcolm rei Crei psk / francis claire lfn Sanada Zappdos Juan/Antag
  11. I've been laughing at this for about 3 minutes straight. PotY reminder
  12. Fuck.