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  1. Da D-Boyz Vs Detox

    I lost to Berdversary's Zoodiac deck while using my True Draco Zoodiac deck.
  2. WEEK 1 - Pacific State vs Detox

    I won against rjose2002 with my True Draco Zoodiac against their True Draco deck.
  3. DuelistGroundz username: PennyroyalTea Discord username: PennyroyalTea Formats: current only Expected level of activity: varies, but will require a flexible schedule Want to be on a team with (list any DGZ users that apply): anyone who knows me is preferred (Optional) Credentials/why you would be a good team member: 1st place arg richmond, top 16 arg Hartford, numerous premier events judged
  4. D/D/D - - Deck Discussion

    I don't understand why you would only play 2 Necro Slime, which is funny considering you're just accepting the semi limit before it even happens. I also strongly disagree with the monster removal cards and even the twisters to an extent.
  5. ABC - Discussion

    You're probably right about that, I didn't think it through enough.
  6. ABC - Discussion

    For what it's worth, it may be time to play #S39 Prime again. It sucks but being able to put Lightning on board facing even a #38, Siegfried, and Crystal Wing by using a Thrasher or an Instant Fusion that they likely wouldn't negate could possibly be your ticket back in the game. You'd be able to kill whatever the problem card is at the moment but you'd have to hope they don't have another progressive play next turn in the form of Trishula or something else that can eliminate Lightning.
  7. ABC - Discussion

    I'd like to revive this section as we are about to enter the extremely brief Pendulum Domination format. D/D are capable of making extremely powerful boards turn 1, typically consisting of any combination, or often times all 3, of #38, Crystal Wing, or Seigfried. When facing all 3 of them it is essentially an unwinnable situation going into game 1, but I'd like to figure out a solution which I do not have. Relying on Kaijus are fine I suppose, but does anyone have any other ideas for efficiently eliminating these threats while going second?
  8. D/D/D - - Deck Discussion

    Thanks for the replies so far. To clarify, I intend to play this deck at ARG Hartford assuming that the list is in effect before then and it hits the current top decks. I think if cards like Hangar, ABC, Archfiend Eccentrick, or Kirin are hit then this definitely shows promise for that event specifically. To build off of my earlier questions, I am having trouble determining what to do if the opponent activates Maxx "C" turn 1. Do I stop with the 1-for-1 and hope I don't die, or do I just feed into it and create the strongest board I can with my resources, and if the latter, what is the ideal ending board facing a Maxx "C" using the typical starting hand?
  9. D/D/D - - Deck Discussion

    Forgive my ignorance here, but I recently decided to try to learn D/D/D as much as I can before the next event I can enter. With the deck discussion not being updated regularly anymore and with OCG lists showing essentially no tournament lists for the deck anymore, would all of you still consider the "newest" D/D/D tops in OCG to be the standard deck skeleton, or is there a newer and more efficient model that the deck should be following post-Pendulum Domination?
  10. ABC - Discussion

    I'm fairly certain that combining Brilliant and Empowerment isn't correct for a number of reasons, but the primary one being that it takes up an insane amount of space with cards that do essentially the same thing in the deck that results have proven to be unnecessary in such high numbers.
  11. ABC - Discussion

    I don't understand why there are false numbers floating around here, but that aside, I figured I'd weigh in on this. There's almost no way that the deck that Elvis played or that I played at the ARG is correct. I felt that it wasn't correct before the event, and I still feel that it isn't correct now. I only chose the build because I simply didn't want to dedicate time to building or theorizing a deck. After some discussion with Elvis after, he shared with me the reasoning behind his card choices. It roughly boiled down to him saying that 44 was the ideal number to have that allows for a larger card pool, while also reducing the likelihood of drawing multiples of cards that you don't want, like Garnet, Brilliant Fusion, Union Hangar, A, B, C, or Desires. He mentions that the only downside is reducing the chance of drawing Union Hangar in the opening 5. He did not share any calculations with me, but after using the list I can say that I felt the benefits. The second Garnet won me a game as well, but only if you consider the specific 2nd Garnet to be the one in the deck and not the hand. Despite it working out great for us, this is all confirmation bias. Until I see actual numerical proof that the 44 build is better, I will believe that we played the worse deck. If you want to reduce the number to 40, I think the best version is the Empowerment version simply because it can play fewer cards and almost have every benefit of Brilliant Fusion. I also believe that maining 2 Dark Hole and no Raigeki, as well as 3 Twin Twisters was correct. People have already mentioned that they are pseudo-combo pieces but also that they help immensely going 2nd which is the deck's main flaw. So basically, I'm almost certain that there is a build that coincides with proper deck theory better than the one we played and I welcome any discussion on how to make it better.
  12. Hey DGz, my name is Vincent Bellafiore and I just placed 1st at ARG Richmond 2016. If you haven't heard of me before, I don't blame you at all; I haven't accomplished anything in this game before this moment. Even though I've been playing this game casually on and off since Magic Ruler format and entered my first tournament in Crimson Crisis format, I haven't played in many premier events at all so I haven't really had the opportunity to prove myself yet, and the few that I did enter, I didn't do well and grew discouraged. Despite relatively poor tournament performance, I genuinely had and still have a love of this game, either driven by pure nostalgia or I am still one of the few people that have fun in it. Because of this, I registered to become a Konami judge as soon as I turned 16 in 2011, judging my first regional tournament about two years later. After getting my feet wet in the judging experience, I decided to apply for YCS Charleston 2015 and gradually became a more relevant member of the judge community, with the most recent event being NA WCQ 2016 (I was also accepted to judge at WC 2016, but unfortunately was not able to make the travel at the last minute). In addition to all of these events, I was contacted by Jim McMahan who asked me if I could judge this ARG Richmond, as I have judged for ARG events in the past as well. I told him that I would likely have to work that weekend and that unfortunately he shouldn't expect me to be available. Little did I expect that about a week before the event my manager would surprise me with a weekend off, as he knew that I wanted to go to an event and decided that the shifts could be covered. Because it was such late notice, however, I decided not to tell Jim that I would be able to judge so that I didn't mess up any hotel or event budget and decided to just have a relaxing weekend by playing the event and seeing friends to get my mind off of regular responsibilities. In the days building up to the tournament, I had decided to play a Burning Abyss deck that I have been regularly updating and testing with that I also felt very confident in. However, I had noticed that there weren’t any Burning Abyss decks that have topped the past two or three major tournaments and I grew concerned about my deck choice. After consulting with numerous friends, I received the same answer from the majority of them: Burning Abyss sucks against the current meta. Feeling discouraged as I grew to agree with that answer as I continued testing online, I decided that my next best option was ABC so I looked up the YCS Anaheim lists to get a good start on a basic build for the tournament. After finding Elvis Vu’s list, and seeing that his friends/teammates used essentially the same deck, I figured I’d start out with a list that has proven itself in such high numbers for a YCS. To be completely honest, as soon as I first saw Elvis’ list, I hated it. 44 cards couldn’t possibly be correct, I thought to myself as I wondered how a deck with 44 cards could’ve performed so well over such a long tournament. As someone who cares considerably about deck building theory, I tried my hardest to bring it down to 40 cards, but after a day or two of testing different versions of the deck I concluded that I wanted every card in the list and honestly did not know how I could reduce it to 40 and still have access to the cards I wanted. After reaching this realization, I simply gave up; I couldn’t figure out which cards to take out so I decided to simply hope that 44 was somehow a good number to work with in the deck. The main deck was the same apart from cutting one Instant Fusion for a third Twin Twisters. The extra deck was the same and the side deck was fairly different, but as far as my thought process went I just figured that I would copy Elvis and hope for the best. I tested the new version I decided on for a very short amount of time, and decided that I would just “wing the event,” not stress myself out about it, not test too much, and just have fun. Funnily enough, my friend that I traveled with, Nic Colella (congratulations on your 3rd place finish in the same tournament!) nearly convinced me to not go the day before because he’d rather go to the gym and not spend money for the weekend. If he decided to stay home, I wasn’t going to go because I didn’t want to drive two and a half hours on my own. Luckily, I managed to convince him to go at the last minute, mostly because our friend Nishaad Lorengo offered his VCU apartment/dorm for us to stay in. Fast-forward to the morning of the event, and I’m signing up and give Jim my debit card to pay for entry with. All was good until he said “Yeah I don’t know, you’re card isn’t working.” Strange, but it’s fine; I’ll just go withdraw from an ATM. After going through the regular withdrawal process I see a screen that nearly gave me a heart attack: Insufficient Funds. I call PNC thinking that someone might have used my debit card without my permission, only to have the last five transactions being four $0.50 fees and the fifth being the coffee and sandwich I bought that same morning. Here I am freaking out and calling my dad immediately for help, as I had no idea why my balance on that card was about $150 only days before. With no PNC ATM anywhere nearby me to use to withdraw from my savings, I ask the first friend I see for help, Brandon Rainey. After explaining my situation to him, he extremely generously let me borrow the entry fee for the event. Still very concerned about how I’d handle the rest of the weekend with about $30 to my name, I grab my entry sleeves and prepare for the start of the event. Now after that long wall of text, it’s time for the tournament part of the report. Unfortunately, most of the actual games were a blur so I am not able to offer as much info as you all may expect from these but I will do my best. Round 1: Yang Zing Metalfoes Game 1: This was a pretty straightforward game. I go first and open as well as ABCs can, and set up my board with considerable disruption in the form of ABC-Buster Dragon and Dimensional Barrier. He cannot make a board while facing this and I continue to banish his cards and attack for game. Game 2: I go second but he either bricked or just misplayed and made a suboptimal play that was an easy board to break the following turn, letting me win. 1-0 Round 2: Paleozoics Game 1: I sit down and realize that I’m playing against Jose, a guy from one of the locals I attend. I definitely needed this friendly atmosphere to calm my nerves. I wish I could remember this game, but all I know is that I won after he reduced my life points considerably, so it was a strong back and forth of resources. Game 2: I go second but if I recall correctly, he bricked and I take the game there. 2-0 Round 3: Metalfoes Game 1: Right after playing a friend, I get to play another one. Except this time, it’s Brandon Rainey, the same guy from locals that paid for my entry. I don’t recall if I went first and bricked or if he went first this game, but I definitely lost. Game 2: I open well after going first and he cannot break the board I make. Game 3: He goes first as I look at my opening hand. Gameciel, 3 Typhoon, and A-Assault Core. Nice. I Typhoon his plays, leaving him with almost nothing as he passes. I draw Maxx “C” for turn. SICK. Summon A and attack for 1900, setting my last Typhoon and hoping for the best. He draws the missing piece required for a play, I activate Maxx “C”, but it wasn’t enough as he kills me that turn. I’m not gonna lie, this loss really tilted me for a while but I’d rather lose to a friend that someone I don’t know. 2-1 Round 4: Yang Zing Game 1: I go first and open an unbreakable board and swiftly win after seeing some Yang Zing cards. Game 2: Assuming that this was Yang Zing Metalfoes, I side for them but quickly realized that it was pure Yang Zings. He makes a suboptimal board and I push through it next turn. 3-1 Round 5: Metalfoes Game 1: Easily one of the nicest people I had the pleasure of playing against throughout the weekend. I think I went first on this one, but it was solid back and forth of resources resulting in my win. Game 2: Despite my game with Brandon earlier, this was actually the closest game of the weekend. With him going first and setting up well, I worry that I cannot break the board but I just keep using more resources and eventually whittle him down. This was a very long back and forth of resources that lasted for many turns, and honestly either one of us could win at any point. In the end, he misplays in my eyes as he fuses with three of his monsters for the 3000 ATK Metalfoe, which I saw no point in doing. This allowed me to gain more resources than him as he didn’t use that extra Metalfoe monster that he fused with to give him another card like a Fullmetalfoes Fusion. I end up taking the game from there. He goes on to say it was the best game he’s had in a long time and cannot be mad about losing to me, leaving me feeling very happy and relaxed after such a nice opponent. 4-1 Round 6: HEROes Game 1: I go first and open very well; he tries to compete but ultimately cannot beat my board. Game 2: He goes first but I break his board and we end up in another classic back and forth resulting in me leaving him at 200 LP but he comes back and beats me. Game 3: Another straightforward game with me opening up well with ABC and Dimensional Barrier. He summons Goblindbergh, summoning Summoner Monk. He asks repeatedly if I have a response, which was odd, and I say no. He then activates Twin Twisters discarding Shadow Mist and destroying my Union Hangar and Dimensional Barrier, which I chain and call Xyz. He didn’t take kindly to this and got angry with me saying that it didn’t make sense that I held the Barrier for so long, but realistically there was no reason to preemptively activate it at all so his anger was unfounded. He scoops at that point. 5-1 Round 7: Paleozoics Game 1: I sit down and recognize his face, so I ask, “I’ve played against you before haven’t I?” He says no, but that I’ve played everyone on his team before at regionals and he’s always watching the games nearby. He’s a friendly guy that I’m sure to see again, but I go first and open better than he can. Game 2: I don’t recall if he said he bricked or if I just powered through everything, but I win this game. 6-1 Round 8: Frog Metalfoes Game 1: Right before the pairings go up, I use the bathroom where I see a guy from a VA local that I sometimes visit who goes by the interesting nickname of Froggy. He asked if I won and I said yes, to which he responded “nice, we are probably playing next.” Once I leave the bathroom, Nic who was with me at the time asked if I knew what he was playing and to my surprise he says it was Frog Metalfoes. Froggy seems to be known lately for his melding of two seemingly unrelated decks, with the previous one being Burning Abyss Trains, so although I’m surprised he did this well with the deck, it didn’t shock me much that he tried it. As I check the pairings, it turns out that I do play him. Game 1 begins with him bricking very badly, where I swiftly win. Game 2: He surprises me by opening with an amazing board of what I think may have been Toadally Awesome, Kirin and a potential Alkahest. There is no way for me to break that board so I lose. Game 3: I open well and he cannot break my board. 7-1 At this point I am extremely proud of myself for having topped my first relevant tournament, finishing in 5th place after swiss. At this point I remember that I still have no money and ask my friend to drive me to a PNC ATM to withdraw from my savings, but it was a 20 minute drive. Learning of my problem, my friend Robbie Stargel does an extremely generous deed and lends me $100 for the weekend, telling me to pay him back on Monday. Very grateful and relieved, I am excited for day 2 to begin. Top 16: Patrick James, Blue-Eyes Game 1: I’ve played against Patrick once before at YCS Origins, defeating his Burning Abyss deck with my Pendulums after a very close game. He mentions how he’s looking forward to a rematch with me and after some friendly chatter we begin. I go first and immediately feel like my top cut experience is at an end as I open a hand that I didn’t think could compete with Blue-Eyes. I manage to end with a Union Hangar, Abyss Dweller with Norden as a material, ABC-Buster Dragon with no cards in hand, and a Solemn Strike. Patrick activates Cards of Consonance discarding White Stone of Legend, and I chain Dweller. He comments that all he needed was a Blue-Eyes but he bricks and scoops. Game 2: Instead of going first like I thought he would, he tells me to go second, saying that I have too much Blue-Eyes hate going second in my side deck. Again, I feel that it is over for me. I activate Hangar, summon C, equip B, and pass with just that. I activate Maxx “C” at the draw phase. He makes a board of Dragon Spirit of White and Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon after clearing my board and giving me a good amount of cards, and during my standby phase he activates Spirit Dragon and summons Azure Eyes. I summon ABC and a Gear Gigant with Rhapsody of Berserk equipped to it, attack, set a backrow, and pass. He scoops and says that he unfortunately drew too many of the stones this match. Top 8: Matthew Zegilla, Metalfoes Game 1, 2 and 3: Matt is a nice guy and we have a relaxed top cut game. I wish I could remember this match better but I unfortunately didn’t take any notes on it and it’s kind of a blur so I don’t remember how it went. He does go first, and we go to game 3, but it ends with my win. Top 4: Dan Cunningham, Metalfoes Game 1, 2, and 3: I’m happy to see that a good friend of mine made it to top 4 as well and we agree that we will both play our best and have no hard feelings against each other. It was definitely a blessing to have my first streamed game ever being one with a relaxing atmosphere and casual chatter. I don’t have anything to add to this match, but everything can be seen on the stream or videos that were taken of the stream on YouTube. Finals: Joel Brito, Metalfoes Games 1-5: Disappointed that the one to get up from the feature match table was my friend Nic, who a lot of people were hoping would play me in the finals, I sat down to play against a player I had a friendly conversation with earlier to pass the time. Everything in this match could be seen on stream or on YouTube. The only things that I would like to mention are the misplays conducted by me and the rule issues. At one point I accidently use Diamond Dire Wolf on itself instead of my already used Castel, but I quickly comment that I already committed to it and I win anyway. Another time I activate Brilliant Fusion and he chains Dimensional Barrier calling Fusions. I take that moment to look at my hand and I see a convoluted play that allows me to win that turn. Unfortunately, once I already committed to it, I stupidly realized that I forgot that he called Fusions and that I needed my Instant Fusion to win. If I didn’t win both of those games I’d be very frustrated with myself. I don’t remember any other misplays but there were some that I was accused of making that I still do not believe were misplays. The primary example of this was in Game 5 when I preemptively activated ABC to summon and also activated Dimensional Barrier calling Pendulums. Joel played 2 Kaijus, 1 Lava Golem, and a Winged Dragon of Ra – Sphere Mode, along with 3 System Downs and a Dark Hole. I didn’t want to risk either of those against me in the final game so I take the necessary precautions. Now, in hindsight, the Dimensional Barrier was incorrect. However, a previous Metalfoes opponent had Denko Sekka written in the side deck and I erroneously thought that it was Joel’s list that I looked at so I activated it so that I didn’t get locked down and just auto lose to a tribute monster and Denko. Now for the rules issues. The first one that was caught was that my opponent summoned a Metalfoes off of Rescue Rabbit but forgot to destroy it, and then he activated a Metalfoes effect twice in the same turn. I honestly didn't notice. With the room absolutely FREEZING and getting colder as the match went on, and feeling nervous as well despite looking (supposedly) composed, I just wanted to speed the game along as quickly as possible and just assumed my opponent would know his deck. On a similar note, at one point I was approached by Trevor, who was in charge of the stream, who asked me if I had banished 10 off of desires after a portion of the turn had passed. I nearly had a heart attack as I said I was pretty sure I did. "Can you prove it to me?" I counted off the banished cards one by one, with my heart rate increasing as each card passes. Thank god, there were 10. If I had lost out on like $800 because I just forgot to move one extra card to the side I'd have been pissed. Of course, this still results in my win. Conclusion If you made it this far, I’m genuinely impressed. This is my first tournament report so I apologize if it was a little long, but I wanted to include as much info as I could while still making it a relatively interesting read. I am extremely happy to have not only won the ARG, but also having won the first relevant event that I have ever topped, an accomplishment not many in this game can say. I won a great trophy, a fantastic gold champion ring, the play mat, an invitation to the event in Orlando with a 2 round bye, and of course the $1500. It was an extremely surreal ending to a fantastic weekend. I have to shoutout Tournament City Games in Frederick, MD as well. Without their support, I wouldn't have won. Pros: Winning! Great friends who lent me both money and cards A good number of my friends performing well Cons: My debit card problem Not being able to have the fabled Frederick, MD final match
  13. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Veiler is good against Blue-Eyes, strictly OK against BA, and good against certain rogue decks as the meta fleshes itself out. It is a flex spot right now and they could easily be in the main deck or the side deck. Also, I'm not entirely sure that Monarchs are unplayable now; I think the deck can still play with some innovation, but that's a discussion for another thread.
  14. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    It's nice to see even the slightest bit of discussion on here again. I truly believe that this deck will still be top tier in this format. Right now, I've been testing with essentially the same standard PK BA build that has been consistently topping last format, replacing the Cir with an Allure, allowing the deck to dig even deeper for the Terrortop or Tour Guide. I've also opted to keep the 2 Maxx "C" in the main, but I think that the loss of 2 Beatrices means that the deck will be lacking defenses now, so I'm playing more actual traps now like Solemn Warning and Vanity's Emptiness, or even hand traps like 3 Effect Veiler. Even though the temptation is there to play more traps than that, we need to keep in mind that too many traps will result in the loss of consistency in terms of a first turn play, so I'm fairly certain that PWWB and Fiend's Griefing is incorrect in the PK BA variant. Another trap I have been considering lately is Bottomless Trap Hole; it is good in virtually every matchup that we can expect in this format except for Majespecters (if they are even played much) or other more rogue options. It's still decent in the mirror match by being able to hit the only Cir or Beatrice. In regards to Downerd Magician, I've noticed times where it would help but I find that the Extra is too tight to allow it and those last 2 slots are better utilized with the Xyzs that people have already been playing in it but others were hesitant to play, like Grampulse and Corebage. After testing a considerable amount, albeit online only so far, I think that the PK BA variant is still the best right now because of it's ability to spam even more Xyzs without having to limit your plays to your opening hand and instead allow yourself to extend them through milling. Also, the instant access to Fog Blade is still very good right now. The only thing it's lost is the ability to make multiple Beatrices on turn 1, or make a recovery play involving Beatrice, but that's where those few extra traps may be able to fit the role. I think it's possible that a better BA build exists, but that would require a much more creative mind than mine.