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  1. Fifa World Cup 2014

  2. Skype: Kr3tur31 DN: ygo duelist hensman
  3. Sylvan's Top 8 Roanoke Regional

    Congratulations on 8th place and welcome to dgz, nice first post! This is the main deck list I've been using for a while.
  4. based boys

    yeah so got banned from dn, should be lifted tomorrow though.
  5. In TCG it's still considered to not be a condition so it won't be destroyed. In OCG it's considered a condition and destroys itself. Best thing to do is wherever you attend, make sure to get confirmation from the head judge of how it's being ruled there, just in case.
  6. dn: ygo duelist hensman skype: kr3tur31  
  7. Dad's Army

    Still looking for people?
  8. Affinity

    gl bro :)
  9. Harold and Kumars

    my dn is ygo duelist hensman my aim is kr3tur3
  10. Harold and Kumars

    If you guys wanna come on dn to test with me, I'd much appreciate it, just pm me aim though first.
  11. Harold and Kumars

    how more spaces we trying to fill? I know someone who was on my old team, he's good and he's looking for a team.
  12. Looking for a team. Aim is kr3tur3, dn is ygo duelist hensman.
  13. Sniping

    Counterstrike: Source was the shit! Loved scoutz on that!
  14. Sniping

    I used to be sick at sniping on MW2 on the Xbox360, but the game basically died out didn't it?