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  1. D/D/D - - Deck Discussion

    What are common meta options to counter D-barrier right now? That card does some real damage to this deck
  2. D/D/D - - Deck Discussion

    good to see you again ^^ yea for sure, abc is too good x__x regardless i'll play d/d/d (post structure) for sure though, just because i like decks with an xyz toolbox. i liked the windup formats, plants, etc. abc is one of them geargia decks i guess
  3. D/D/D - - Deck Discussion

    do you mean post d/d/d structure deck or current d/d/d squiddy?
  4. D/D/D - - Deck Discussion

    double post my b
  5. D/D/D - - Deck Discussion

    Just curious on peoples opinions on this deck post structure deck. Top tier for sure? How are the other top tier match ups? I haven't had the chance to practice with this deck in real matches because the online simulators are kind of bad and nobody plays meta decks so I can't say anything based on my performances there, but it seems like some side deck cards may cause this deck problems in the future? Or is it strong enough to overcome these?
  6. ARGCS Oklahoma City

    As someone who was inactivate for the last 1.5 years, what happened to all the sponsored ARG players? (Joe G., Hoban, Leverett, Jeff Jones, Frazier?) and did some of them jump to Pro Play Games?
  7. YCS Toronto 2016

    Sweet to see Redshift and Billy Brake do well
  8. IDK why they hit Maxx "C"... it keeps a lot of decks in check and is only powerful in formats where the decks are fast. To me it has always been great card design I also feel like they never gave BA enough of a hit where it won't still be a mini engine in other strong decks Also should have hit Anti Spell Fragrance along with Kaiser Collesium imo
  9. Barrett Keys with a great year. Hadn't seen him since Dino Rabbit
  10. i think honestly whats been hurting is the very weak prize support   i mean yea i've always been a proponent that you should play not because of the rewards but because you enjoy it, play the game you love and all, but i have other hobbies too that i enjoy just as much and it's not nearly as rewarding. i mean it's even a problem in the smash community (what i've been playing this year because i didn't want to ygo) where our prize support is considered "weak" because Nintendo doesn't sponsor our events like capcom does with their crazy pot bonuses, but we still have our best players making actual cash (a few grand for the big tourneys and being paid up to generally top 8) with frequent major events, and even then we hear frequent complaints, so what does that have to say about the ygo prizes lol. especially since events are less often + this game is more expensive to play (main reason i'm on a hiatus)   combine that with the fact that formats are shorter now (and we don't even know when our lists come out anymore..) it's just a really bad investment for me to play this game so yea
  11. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

      aikatsu is very good imo, but then again my taste is so different from everyone on this boards
  12. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

      whats wrong with it
  13. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    i can never get tired of aikatsu tho , good shit
  14. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    that's why you just watch idol shows and play vns
  15. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    It seems like they're going to make a season 2 though, with how much the anime has increased the manga sales at least.