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  1. My web hosting seems to be down, worst possible timing lol Hopefully it comes back up soon
  2. Move (extract) both the slimebattles.exe and the slimebattles_data folder out of the zip to your games folder or something, and you should be good. If you're still struggling after that, let me know and i'll try get you more in-depth instructions
  3. Given access to you and NB, don't have much of a playerbase atm so you guys might need to message each other and queue at the same time or join a custom room, or ask on my discord for others.
  4. Hey guys, i've been developing a competitive multiplayer platform shooter in my spare time, and it'd be great if I could get some feedback from the great minds of dgz to make it as great as possible! It's currently in "closed alpha", and if you're interested just create an account at and throw me a message here or on Discord, Nish#3202 or I'll need to flag your account to have access, just let me know you're from dgz. The gameplay videos on the website are incredibly out of date so take those with a grain of salt. I'd appreciate all of your feedback! There's also a 2v2 tournament at the end of the month i'll be using to get better gameplay videos, with a small cash prize.
  5. How is your house? Mine seems fairly active during EU hours, but the members don't seem great, so it feels like shards fill up so slowly.
  6. Anyone playing this? Came onto Steam as early access a few days ago and it's pretty good - seems to have fairly minimal RNG and a high skill cap from what i've played so far.
  7. mushroom mushroom
  8. I used javascript to get things autoplaying but it seems like the board update killed that too, sorry
  9. Kira Yoshikage is a character from "Jojos Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable" Killer Queen is Kira Yoshikages stand power You've put one down as the stand instead of the character name, and then put Diamond (Unbreakable) as the other signup which isn't a thing it should just be Kira Yoshikage and probably want to take another nominee from somewhere. Using Killer Queen / Kira Yoshikage as 2 nominations would effectively be giving the same person 2 spots
  10. Homura Akemi - Puella Magi Madoka Magica Jibril - No Game No Life Hachikuji Mayoi - Monogatari Series Squealer - Shinsekai Yori
  11. I saw it premiere in UK cinemas a couple of weeks back - despite all the information telling me it was subbed it ended up being dubbed which was a bit of a disappointment (the english voice actors weren't terrible but they weren't amazing), but it was a beautiful film. I enjoyed it a lot and i'm looking forward to rewatching it subbed at some point.
  12. Any of you guys still playing this? Got into it recently, really solid game (fuck makantor warbeast)
  13. Opt in: civil discourse and unchained

    I was enjoying Sweetness and Lightning, and Kono Bijutsubo, but haven't had enough time to keep up with so many shows so I ended up a dropping a few. I might come back to them at some point when I get more time. Alderamin is one of those shows with potential. The main character is kinda carrying it so far, and it's a decent watch but I get the feeling it's either going to end up going nowhere or end on a cliffhanger leading up to a never-happening season 2 (Madhouse pls). I just feel there's too much left to go with only 6 episodes remaining, hopefully they don't botch the pacing and end up cramming it all in. You should throw an essay about Re:Zero somewhere sometime, i'm interested as to why people might not like it because I think it's pretty great.