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  1. AMA =]

    whats the story behind your multi
  2. I was banned AMA

    How's alice doing? Has she been torturing you properly?
  3. Pokemon vs Yugioh, which is harder?

    you can't compare video games to card games. They are obviously vastly different from others. The skill required for tcg is different from video games. The thought and strategy process are different as well. I can say for a fact that Yugioh does not require more skill than pokemon video games, nor pokemon requires more skill. Pokemon video games may be simple and "unskillful" in the eye of a non-competitive player. But in reality, there's alot of depth and elements to it. It isn't just about building a team of 6 strong big and cool pokemons. Its about building a team of pokemons that synergies with each other. There's alot of shit like meta-call (a jap brought some weeny-ass squirrel to world, and it dominated serveal pokemons like Salamence), risk-taking (do I want to use this move that will most likely to KO but it also have a chance of missing), tricking your opponents to play right like you want to.
  4. Kolkata Street Pajeets Digbick/ Digbick <3<3 Wrinklywinkie/ My mom <3<3 Shining Blue-Eyes/ Shining Blue-Eyes NB96/ Nick <3<3 TheMadigican/ TheMadigican <3<3 Jvizzle87/ Jvizzle87 <3<3 Sexually Oppressed Slaves - Zepharos / Death Sentence#4646 - Umbreon / Umbreon (Fallen From Grace)#2846 - Solemn Kid / Solemn Kid#2966 - Gracco / Gracco#9578 - N3sh / N3sh.#4062 - Homeab / Homeab#6343 - Yoshi is Silver / Yoshi is Silver#4226 - BuildTheWalia / BuildTheWalia#3572 - Minato98 / Minato98#1335 - DeathAET / DeathAET#8041 - Ahmed04 / Ahmed04#6657
  5. Kolkata Street Pajeets Digbick/Digbic ❤ Wrinkelywinkie/ My mom wont let me play ygo ❤ Jvizzle87/ Jvizzle87 ❤ NB96/ Nick ❤ Shining Blue-eyes/ Shining Blue-eyes themadgician/ themadgician ❤❤ ESPN ❤❤❤❤ MMF/ frog emoji Soul/ Soul ❤❤ Haruki/ Haruki ❤❤ Andesmountain/ Andesmountain ❤❤ Matt Bishop/ Gordie Geck0 ❤❤ Tristan/ TristanP ❤❤ War Story MMF (goat) > Digbick (chaos) Soul (goat) > NB96 (ben kei) Soul (goat) > Arvin (recruiter) Soul (goat) > Jvizzle87 (goat) NB96 (chaos) > MMF (goat) Shining Blue-eyes (goat) > MMF (goat) Matt Bishop (goat) > Shining Blue-eyes (goat) Soul (goat) > Shining Blue-eyes (goat)
  6. raw, and unedited footage of me sweeping niggas
  7. YCS Toronto 2017

    sharpman is playing a super spicy top secret hero deck
  8. droll and lock bird?
  9. Free Agent Recruitment Thread

    Satch said the fa will get to choose
  10. can you delete the anime forum
  11. New! Dragon Ball TCG

    How cheap is the game? I'm thinking of getting into it