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  1. Korey popped an addy front of brady while dueling him to look kool. Then proceed to cheat with ether
  2. yeah i vape, so what?

    @mark known kiddy diddler
  3. Clayton Holmes's 8-1 Nationals Report

  4. B A Z O O B O Y S - Digbick/ digbic - Kyou/ Aegisoul - Matt Kolenda/ MattK - Oh_The_Irony/ Naveen - Satchmo/ Satchmo - TheMadgician/ TheMadgician - Wrinklywinkie/ arvin Record: 0-0
  5. DuelistGroundz Awards 2017

    Best Staff Member: acp Best Duelist: shining blue eye Best New Member: walia Best Post: Best Poster: Best Sig: dont read sig Best Thread: Best Yu-Gi-Oh! Team: e.v.i.l Worst Staff Member: mark Worst Duelist: mark Worst Poster: mark Worst Sig: dont read sig Worst Thread Mafia God: mafia suck Best Meme: morphing jar Best Thing to Happen: mark getting banned Angriest Poster: mark Biggest Shitposter: walia Stupidest Fucking Idiot: all of bullet club member Where is Big P?: mmf's basement Duelist You'd Like to Fuck (DUELF) And returning from years past: Most Likely To Be Banned: wgm
  6. Premium Pack

    if youre buying it for the lart promo, you should do do it
  7. Premium Pack

    i saw one being sold for 60ish couple months ago
  8. Dragonball Fighterz

    I think piccolo is the weakest character. Nappa is just underplayed. Android 16 is def S tier
  9. How to Start a Team

    Bazoo Boys Current Format: -Digbick/ digbic -Kyou/ Aegisoul -Matt Kolenda/ MattK -Oh_The_Irony/Naveen -Satchmo/ Satchmo -TheMadgician/ TheMadgician -Wrinklywinkie/ Arvin
  10. Dragonball Fighterz

    I'm playing it on ps4. Servers are pretty wonky, but i got some matches in it. Using Cell, Vegeta, and Freeza