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  1. DG Weight Loss 2018

    I was 265 lb in mid feb. I am now 205 lb
  2. you play two because you want to see it some of the times but not all of the times
  3. Korey popped an addy front of brady while dueling him to look kool. Then proceed to cheat with ether
  4. yeah i vape, so what?

    @mark known kiddy diddler
  5. Clayton Holmes's 8-1 Nationals Report

  6. B A Z O O B O Y S - Digbick/ digbic - Kyou/ Aegisoul - Matt Kolenda/ MattK - Oh_The_Irony/ Naveen - Satchmo/ Satchmo - TheMadgician/ TheMadgician - Wrinklywinkie/ arvin Record: 0-0
  7. DuelistGroundz Awards 2017

    Best Staff Member: acp Best Duelist: shining blue eye Best New Member: walia Best Post: Best Poster: Best Sig: dont read sig Best Thread: Best Yu-Gi-Oh! Team: e.v.i.l Worst Staff Member: mark Worst Duelist: mark Worst Poster: mark Worst Sig: dont read sig Worst Thread Mafia God: mafia suck Best Meme: morphing jar Best Thing to Happen: mark getting banned Angriest Poster: mark Biggest Shitposter: walia Stupidest Fucking Idiot: all of bullet club member Where is Big P?: mmf's basement Duelist You'd Like to Fuck (DUELF) And returning from years past: Most Likely To Be Banned: wgm
  8. Premium Pack

    if youre buying it for the lart promo, you should do do it
  9. Premium Pack

    i saw one being sold for 60ish couple months ago
  10. Dragonball Fighterz

    I think piccolo is the weakest character. Nappa is just underplayed. Android 16 is def S tier
  11. How to Start a Team

    Bazoo Boys Current Format: -Digbick/ digbic -Kyou/ Aegisoul -Matt Kolenda/ MattK -Oh_The_Irony/Naveen -Satchmo/ Satchmo -TheMadgician/ TheMadgician -Wrinklywinkie/ Arvin