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  1. Dragonball Fighterz

    I think piccolo is the weakest character. Nappa is just underplayed. Android 16 is def S tier
  2. How to Start a Team

    Bazoo Boys Current Format: -Digbick/ digbic -Kyou/ Aegisoul -Matt Kolenda/ MattK -Oh_The_Irony/Naveen -Satchmo/ Satchmo -TheMadgician/ TheMadgician -Wrinklywinkie/ Arvin
  3. Dragonball Fighterz

    I'm playing it on ps4. Servers are pretty wonky, but i got some matches in it. Using Cell, Vegeta, and Freeza
  4. [Current/Goat] FuZe Gang

    Ay, where my FuZe gang at? Just out here enjoying life on the DuelistGroundz discord server and wondered if any of my friends were online from FuZe. Looking to enjoy some cool and funny memes from my fellow members from FuZe. I also wanted to know if anyone whi is not from FuZe wants to join our very own Discord server. It’s pretty funny and awesome, we enjoy sharing funny images and long “wall of texts”. For the wild users who are out here on Discord we have a Not Safe For Work channel were users share interesting images of women’s physique. It can be a real, human girl or a girl from your favourite anime! There aren’t any rules in our Discord server, but once you join, it is required you add a (FuZe) tag to your username. Once Discord registers that you are in or server, there is no turning back. We are a unique clan. Once you witness what happens behind-the-scenes there is no turning back. You have been baptised in the holy chatroom of FuZe. Pretty cool, right? On that note, just wondering if anyone who is apart from that FuZe clan is online right now. The moderators and administrators on DuelistGroundz are relaxing and it is our duty to put them to work and make them take moderator actions on us. Anytime we assemble and share cool images and funny jokes, the moderators get angry and remove us from the DualingGround community. This is an awful shame as we love the DuelingGroundz users very much. One day, we will become administrators on that Discord server and make that place “FuZe DGz”, if you pardon the pun! So, how are you guys on DuelistGroundz? I’m just sitting back, relaxing on my desktop version of Discord on your DuelistGround server wondering if anyone from FuZe clan wants to chat? Let me know, you guys!
  5. [Goat] Every Villain is Lemons

    @wrinklywinkie well known detox spy
  6. Discord?? ? ?

  7. thx

    This is all i got from reading this thread
  8. Later

    @confuse ray wanna mm goat
  9. Sage said he was gay then he disappeared

    I'm extremely disappointed with some members. Some have harrassed sage, called him a pussy and so on. I am going to be taking a break from duelistgroundz
  10. Gather around children. How many of you remember a fellow dgzer named SageRhapsody. SageRhapsody was a weeaboo from Canada, but he was a chill person nonetheless. Suddently SageRhapsody has disappeared without a trace. No one knew why he disappeared. This is the tale of SageRhapsody Once upon a time, on the Duelistgroundz discord. SageRhaposdy was engaging in a Yu-gi-oh! discussion. Sage jokely said, "Hey, I'm gay!". Everyone laughed it and shrugged the joke off. No one took it seriously. But, one person did. That person was Mark. Duelistgroundz has launched a brand new war season with a team draft system. Captains were selected to make their own team. Mark was selected as a captain, he founded a team called "All of The Outs". Mark drafted SageRhaposdy early in the round for unknown reason. There was many clamors on why Mark made that type of pick. But everyone moved on. And so, the war season has began. Serveal weeks into the war season. SageRhaposody was traded to a different team for no reason. It was unexpected. Mark wasn't willing to let SageRhaposody go like that. It was strange, but then everyone assumed that SageRhaposody was too busy with IRL engagment to war. The war season was over. One person on "All of The Outs" that went by the name Morphing Jar made serveal comments about what happened during the war season. What a strange statement made by Morphing Jar. Kira was on All of The Out along with Sage. Sage didn't needed to be traded in order to get rid of Kira. Other arrangment could have been made. But Morphing Jar commented that Sage was the "glue". If that was the case, then Sage shouldn't have been traded away. A new war season was starting. Unlike the previous season, a person could make their own team and recruit other to join their team. Instead of being picked as a captain and pick a person from a draft. Sage wanted to make a team of free agent, which was a good thing. However, Sage never went through with this. And Sage left Duelistgroundz without telling anyone why. Fellow DGzers were concerned about Sage leaving, but they assumed that Sage was too busy with IRL engagments. So eventually, DGz moved on. One day, I got a private message from Ynus. It was a strange question for him. This was out of the blue, Ynus normally wouldn't care about that. However, he followed up with another strange question. He was asking for my opinion about Mark. It was equally out of the blue. But I responded to him. Then suddenly, he responded with "What if I told you that he was sexually harassing someone? I have tons of screens to prove it". It was strange of Ynus to say that but I believed him. So, he shared some screenshots with me. Warning, they may be disturbing to others. I read the screenshots, and they were shocking to say so at least. Mark was sexually harassing a person. Not only that, he was bullying that person as well. That person was revealed to be SageRhaposy. There you have it, that is the reason why Sage has disapperaned. He was being sexually harrassed by Mark. He felt uncomfortable. Sage wanted to leave ATO because of Mark. Satchmo checked in with Sage to confirm it. Sage revealed more informations. [12:49 AM] Satchmo: yea, like getting preyed on by a mod is not ever ok [12:50 AM] Satchmo: I'm very glad you came forward [12:50 AM] your boy eatdatcaitsith445: Thanks for giving me the oppurtunity [12:50 AM] Satchmo: Mrk's conduct was incredibly innappropriate [12:50 AM] Satchmo: just hopefully we can get a true smash'd thread going [12:50 AM] your boy eatdatcaitsith445: it was like, it was hard to say anything because I was on a team with all these amazing players and (loli, me. mjar) and I didn't want to lose that [12:51 AM] your boy eatdatcaitsith445: and we was really good at making me feel bad about ignoring him [12:51 AM] your boy eatdatcaitsith445: but shit was literally constant 24/7. I'm sure you've seen the walls of text. He'd send like 75 messages in 30 mins while he knew I was at work [12:51 AM] Satchmo: fucking christ man [12:52 AM] Satchmo: like I've seen this type of shit before [12:52 AM] Satchmo: and it never gets any easier seeing it again [12:52 AM] Satchmo: why the fuck can't people just be normal humans on the internet [12:52 AM] your boy eatdatcaitsith445: and he'd always pressure me to voice chat [12:52 AM] your boy eatdatcaitsith445: like "5mins a day" [12:53 AM] your boy eatdatcaitsith445: https://puu.sh/yx5hv/e2ddb1be73.png [12:54 AM] your boy eatdatcaitsith445: Yeah I mean thankfully he stopped after ignored him for about a month [12:54 AM] your boy eatdatcaitsith445: even though he pounced right back the moment i showed activity again trying to make the free-agent team On top of harrassing and bullying Sage, Mark was stalking him. Sage couldn't work without Mark calling and spamming him endlessly. The dgz staff would like to applaud Sage for coming forward. Something like this is not tolerated. If anyone would like to step forward and admit that they are being harassed. Please do so, we will help you. We have gotten permission from Sage to post this thread.
  11. NES: Super Mario 3 SNES: Super Mario World PS1: Megaman Legend PS2: FFX PS3: Modern Warfare 2 PS4: Guilty Gear REV