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  1. Smh this noob doesnt know what smh means Smh
  2. if markus is scum, what you gonna do mark
  3. cuz youre always acting scummy, you wanted everyone to jump on soph bangwagon. Soph flipped town
  4. I'm wary of it. I think its just an elaborate list of people he wants dead
  5. I think Mark may be scum cuz he way hes acting toward malcom, also he desperately wanted soph dead. He was begging people to switch their votes to soph and soph ended up being town aftee beinf mk'ed.
  6. stop being petty that this person topped and you haven't done a single thing
  7. you did nothing to help your teammate win. You gave yourself away by the way you were reacting. Slick carried you
  8. you should just look up spoilers
  9. so, you're scum then. i see
  10. Do you have something against vanilla. You're acting awfully shady after you went rei when he claimed vanilla, and now you're questioning my play
  11. I'm vanilla town. My eyes are on Soph and Sage because of how they interacted with each other. But I think sage may be scum cuz of the way he reacted
  12. my nigga danny channel his chi to his dick and fucked collien with the iron dick