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  1. can you delete the anime forum
  2. Duelingbook.com Server is up, there is a small user limit at the moment. ALL ACCOUNT HAS BEEN ERASED. You have to make a new account again DuelingBook was just revealed to the public. It is similar to DuelingNetwork. But it has more features and a different ban system So Far, rules will not be similar to DN. You can use any language. Cuss off your opponent, say means thing . You won't get banned for it. The ban system is not like DN. When a user is banned, they are "frozen". This means, that this user cannot duel. But they may talk to a friends or watch a duel. Feature: More profile option: You can choose to have a status update on your profile, other users can like it or reply it. Think of it like Facebook. In addition, you can opt to link your social media account to DB. There is a gender, orientation, language,and rating display on your profile. In addition, you can opt to show your location on DB. You can have a profile song. In addition to this, you can choose whenever to have a song autoplayed or not when you visit other user's profile The message system was revamped. All message on DB will be stored and you can message offline players. Friend system was updated. You can follow a user, this is same as friending someone on DN. Or you can send a friend request to them. In addition with Friend and Message, there is a new feature called group chat. It is exactly what you think it is. Anyone can make a group chat, public or private, and people can join it. You can set the setting so no one can add you to group Alot of people will be happy about this. You CAN BLOCK someone on DB. When someone is blocked, they will not be able to message you, look at your social media stuff or add you to group chat There is now a duel log. User can look at log for important information. Multiple rooms has been added, Goat Format, Expert, Unlimited. Goat Format - Custom pool and list, for more information check this pastebin http://pastebin.com/zqWtR5rx Expert Room: Requires the user to take the expert test to join. The purpose of this is to match up user to experienced opponents Token System: You can choose any artwork provided for it to be used as token. Beginner status: If a judge feels that a user is not familair with ruling, they will be placed as a beginner. All beginners are forbidden from joining ranked. This for those stupid fucking Mexicans and South American Judge: same as DN Drop your username if you want to be added to the OP. Also type opt in, if you want to be added to the Duelistgroundz group chat Username: Digbick- DGzDigbick / Asuka Soryu PSY-Framelord - FVFRYTHFNG Alyxander- Alex Berdversary- Woke Eyes Magician ACP- acpennington NB96- DGz NB96 Gojira- Gojira Matthew Monahan- Enver Hoxha Mascis- Mascis Skully- Skully Jazz- Jazz OD Superman- kperovic petersylie- 1vyp SpiceWeasel -SpiceWeasel Muntz- Muntz Islickz- islickz Carter Wix- Carter Wix Exiled- D-Bros985
  3. New! Dragon Ball TCG

    How cheap is the game? I'm thinking of getting into it
  4. i warned you several times
  5. Why would i be jealous if someone winning. I couldn't give a shit
  6. Do you know why i think you're a faggot? Its not because your team won warring. Its because you have been acting like a colossal faggot. You demean anyone who disagree with you. You are an extremely biased person. I heard that you pmed serveal people crying about how you were trea treated and that you excepted better
  7. Any monkey can get rank one on db if they played enough. If me was sweeping regional then why didn't he swept warring as well???
  8. You just got lucky with loli and mjar. I bet if they weren't on your team, you wouldn't be in playoff.
  9. Hey mark, wanna know why i deserve to call you bad? Its because you think you're hot shit despite you got carried. You're always spouting bullshit like "i broke the meta, i knew serveal tech cards prior. I would do better than 95% than everyone". You don't even play irl. You just stole techs from other and claimed credit for it. Remember when you were shittalking trist and that trist clapped you?
  10. Shut the fuck up jazz. You're a complete idiot.
  11. Hey @Me. alice called, she wants her pet dog back. Be a good boy and listen to alice
  12. Btw i would like to say Fuck ato and detox.
  13. Lets be real, you guys wouldn't have won if you went against detox
  14. The Next Season of Warring

    Mark's argument for no watchers is basically, "I don't want to reveal my tech cuz of irl events". Mark doesn't even play irl lmao. No one is gonna sandbag in war match just cuz someone is watching. If niggas don't want to reveal their "tech" so they can use it for irl events, they wouldn't be using it in war matches. Silver makes a good point. In sports, teams can't just go "I DON'T WANT WATCHERS SO I CAN HIDE MY STRATEGY" or "I GET PRESSURED WHEN OTHERS ARE WATCHING ME". If one actually gets pressured in war match cuz of watchers, they should learn how to deal with it. In fighting games, everyone knows what characters other use and how they play. Just because a player know what character their opponent is using and how they're gonna play it, doesn't mean they will win. They still need to fight and win.
  15. The Next Season of Warring

    if you don't want watcher in your war duel, don't fucking war then
  16. The Next Season of Warring

    watchers should always be enabled on db
  17. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

    They should ease up with releasing packs goddamn. Crimson kingdom was fairly recent
  18. Da D-Boyz Digbick / Digbick/ Both ... PEACe. Shoga/ ! bud/ Both ... PEACe. Berdversary/ 3-D Bird Model/ CURrnt OnLehh Wrinkelywinkie/ succboi/ CURrnt OnLehh FVFRYTHFNG / snitchpapi/ CURrnt OnLehh Art and Hammer/ Arthur/ Goatss Onli Jhon/ Jon/ Both ... PEACe. Pacific State »Satchmo - Satchmo - current preference »Sharpman - Sharpman - Both »Kyou - aegisouls - Current »Gosick - Andrew - Goat Preference »rjose2002 - rjose2002 - Both »Goins - Spare - Goat »SunnySSBM - SunnySSBM - Goat Result: Satchmo (Magician Shaddoll) 2-0 Digbick (Worm)
  19. Happy Birthday Sayaka!

  20. Psychedelics

    Drugs are not allowed. This forum is sponsored by D.A.R.E
  21. Some of us discussed heavily about nats on the DGz discord server