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  1. DG Weight Loss 2018

    My mom and I are going to go on a clean diet for 3 months to shave off more pounds. I am currently 203lb, aiming for 170 by feb.
  2. Current Orcust Build (This one is for real)

  3. DG Weight Loss 2018

    I was 265 lb in mid feb. I am now 205 lb
  4. you play two because you want to see it some of the times but not all of the times
  5. For only 97 dollars

    I can teach you all the combos for rapid pizza takedown.     I’m Josh Graham– an avid Pizza Hut and Dominos enthusiast. I absolutely love this franchises. I watched the commericals on TV and ate the pizza with my friends. I ate and ate and ate until I couldn’t eat anymore. I really wanted to be the best in the whole world – like Papa Johns. The problem was I wasn’t very good. I tried every method to get better. I was reading blogs, watching pizza commerial videos and eating as much as I possibly could. I had the toppings, I ate the right toppings but I just wasn’t seeing the success that I wanted. I thought I could do better. I thought there was more. What were those things?  Those critical missing elements that will create breakthrough results at local pizza buffet?   One Night It All Hit Me   Everything I had been trying to do was wrong! Everyone kept saying that it was the “way” or the correct way to get better at eating pizza and it was all wrong! I couldn’t believe what I had encountered – a way to win at eating pizza that goes much deeper than just eating pizza. With this new found strategy – I set my sights on a goal – to actually go and win a Pizza Hut eating competition.   It took practice and it took a lot of relearning. I had to forget everything I thought I knew about pizza. I wanted to start fresh with a clean slate and no preconceptions about anything. It took some time but after I learned this method, I started eating. A lot.   The most amazing thing I found was that this could be taught to anyone.  And it doesn’t take thousands of dollars in travelling to learn it, or years eating in the pizza circuit.  I’ve been helping eaters get better at eating pizza for years. I’ve been helping people win their local Pizza Hut, regional and topping and even winning a Dominos PIzza Championship Series.  This just works, and I’ve proven it time and time again.   Instead of teaching it a thousand times to people, it’s all right here for you in the PSP (Pizza Sharp Pro) system.  I wanted to make this available to everyone! I wanted to give everyone an equal opportunity to be great at Pizza.   This is a picture of me celebrating my win at a Papa John's EatSport Tournament  
  6. Korey popped an addy front of brady while dueling him to look kool. Then proceed to cheat with ether
  7. Don't bitch about the new game mechanics here. Take to pojo or 9gag Link summon is an upcoming game changing mechanics to Yu-Gi-Oh!, Link summon involves a brand new type of card called Link Monster open spoilers to see all the revealed monster so far Now, that you have seen some of the upcoming link monster. You might be confused with the new stuffs and the lack of defense stat Lets take a look at Decode Talker again There are many new things about Talker that will be needed to be pointed out. First thing, the background color is a dark blue. Do not get it confused with Ritual Monster. Second, Talker, and all Link Monsters do not have a level or a rank. Therefore they are unaffected any card that affect level/rank. Third thing is important, noticed the black and arrow that surrounds the card. The red arrows indicates where you can bring out an extra deck monster. NOTICE THE ARROW POINTING UPWARD. This means opponent can bring out an extra deck monster in the zones pointed by the arrow. Last thing, Talker and Link monster do not have a defense stat. They are replaced with a word called LINK. Talker has a link of 3. This means he requires three monsters to be summoned (HAS to be effect monsters). But why does he say 2 or more effect monsters? Because you can use a link monster to bring him out. You can use a monster that has a link of 2 and one other effect monster to summon him. How do we perform a link summon? I will be explaining by using yosenju as an example. We have three yosenjus in hand. We normal one then normal the next two yosenjus. We now have three yosenju, or three effect monster to be specific, on the field. We can now perform a link summon to bring out Talker. To do this, send three yosenju to the grave. Then place Talker on the zone you desire. Ideally you would want to summon Talker in the new Extra Monster Zone (I will explain the new zone later on) Congrat! You have sucessfully performed a Link Summon! Now let's explain why performing a Link Summon is so important and how it will change the game. To start things off. There is a new zone on the game board. It is called Extra Monster Zone. Look at the poorly drawn mat and search for the blue rectangle. That will be where the two zones will be But why is it called Extra Monster Zone? Well because that is where any monsters that is summoned from the extra deck will be. But theres only two zone, do I only get to have two? No, you and your opponent will get one. Player that is going first, gets to choose the left or right zone. If the first player gets the left zone, the other player will get the right zone. What, that means I will only get to have one extra deck monster on the field!? Yes, you will only get to have one extra deck monster on the field. BUT, you can have more than one extra deck monsters on the field! How? Well, thats why you have to perform a link summon! Take a look at Talker again, and notice the red arrows. The zones that are pointed by the red arrows can be used to summon an extra deck monster. Take a quick gander at the picture below. Notice how Lighting Chidori and Diamond Dire Wolf are in the zone pointed out by Talker's red arrows. This means each zone is important and plays a big part in yugioh now. Even if you have Talker in the extra monster zone, you cannot bring out an extra deck monster below it. It must be in the zone pointed by the arrow. So do not misplay when placing a Link Monster on the field. You will not be able to take it back. Be very careful about placing a Link and extra deck monster. This is tentative, you do not have to place your first monster in monster zone one. You can place it any of the monster zones. So you don't have to use up a zone that can be used to bring out an extra deck monster. Now you're probably wondering if you can have more than one Link monster on the field. Yes, you can. Providing if you already have a Link Monster on the field. You can summon a Link monster in a zone that is pointed by a red arrow. Lets summon Talker first and place it in the extra monster zone. How about we summon Gaiasaber, the Video Knight? Gaia has a link of three and requires at least two or more monster (notice it said monster, so you can use vanilla monster this time). Lets summon an another round of yosenjus. We have Talker in the extra monster zones, and three other monster on the field. lets perform a link summon. Send three of the yosenjus to the grave and summon Gaia then place in the left zone pointed by the red arrow. We now have two link monsters on the field. In addition, we have unlocked two more zones so we can use them to bring out an extra deck monster as indicated by Gaia's red arrow. I put Gaia in that specific zone because if it I place it on the other zone pointed by red arrow. I can only summon two more extra deck monster So take your time to think of where to place a link monster. Because if you place it in the wrong zone and you cant summon any other extra deck monster, you just made a misplay. You can perform a link summon by using one Link monster as a material. Lets summon Gaia by using Talker and one yosenju as material. Gaia is a link three and requires two or more monsters to summon. Talker has a link of three so we only need one more material, not two more. Send Talker and a yosenju to grave to summon Gaia and place in the desired zone. Link summon will be a nice change to yu-gi-oh. The game will be slower and require more in-depth thinking and strategies than ever before. However, this means there will be less extra deck monsters spam, as you need to have a link monster on the field to bring out more extra deck monsters. So unfortunately, deck like Dark Synchro will be effectively dead. Decks like Zoodiac, however will still be good. It will just need a different way to play out Let me know if you have anything to add to the OP or you think something needs to be fixed. Oh, forgot to add. All link monsters goes to the extra deck. Ruling Updates: Link Monster cannot be set at all. Even card like Darkness Approach won't work on Link Monster. In addition, Link cannot be switch to defense. They do not have defense at all. Therefore any card that force all monster to switch to defense, such as quaking mirror force/book of moon/stop attack/, will not work on Link Monster All pendulum that were used as material for a Link summon will go to GRAVE. They do not go to extra deck. Don't use "but when they synchro/fusion they go to extra" as a response to this. Konami said so . Extra Monster zones are not chosen at the start of duel by the player going first. They are chosen by the first person who performed a link summoned. No one can have both Extra Monster zones. Only one players get one each. If a Link Monster is removed from field by anything, all of the extra monster that were linked DO NOT get destroyed. They were summoned from the extra deck sucessfully. In addition, just because they were summoned from extra deck sucessfully, does not mean you get to put the extra monster in a different zone. You must have a card that lets you do that. Link Monster can be stolen. A opponent that uses Change of Heart on your Link Monster can choose to place it on any zones they desire. Also, your extra monster do not get destroyed if your Link Monster gets stolen. When you use a card that special summon an extra monster from the extra deck, they must go to the extra monster zone or a linked zone. If you have no zones that can be used for an extra summon, you cannot use those type of card at all (Bahumut Shark, Mask Change, Ultimaya Tzolkin, Starlight Road, Magical Scientist) If you are trying to perform a special summon that is also considered a xyz summon (eg. NO S39, Ptolemaeus), the monster must be specialed in an extra or linked zone. Not the zone the original monster was. If an extra monster that was successfully specialed from extra and went to grave for any reason. If you chooses to revive it, they go to a regular monster zone not extra zone. But you can place it in a linked zone if you want to (eg Stardust Dragon) If a link monster has an arrow that points to an opponent's zone, your opponents get to perform an extra summon in that linked zone. So think about bringing card out such as Decode Talker
  8. yeah i vape, so what?

    @mark known kiddy diddler
  9. B A Z O O B O Y S - Digbick/ digbic - Kyou/ Aegisoul - Matt Kolenda/ MattK - Oh_The_Irony/ Naveen - Satchmo/ Satchmo - TheMadgician/ TheMadgician - Wrinklywinkie/ arvin Record: 0-0
  10. DuelistGroundz Awards 2017

    Best Staff Member: acp Best Duelist: shining blue eye Best New Member: walia Best Post: Best Poster: Best Sig: dont read sig Best Thread: Best Yu-Gi-Oh! Team: e.v.i.l Worst Staff Member: mark Worst Duelist: mark Worst Poster: mark Worst Sig: dont read sig Worst Thread Mafia God: mafia suck Best Meme: morphing jar Best Thing to Happen: mark getting banned Angriest Poster: mark Biggest Shitposter: walia Stupidest Fucking Idiot: all of bullet club member Where is Big P?: mmf's basement Duelist You'd Like to Fuck (DUELF) And returning from years past: Most Likely To Be Banned: wgm
  11. Premium Pack

    if youre buying it for the lart promo, you should do do it
  12. Premium Pack

    i saw one being sold for 60ish couple months ago
  13. Dragonball Fighterz

    I think piccolo is the weakest character. Nappa is just underplayed. Android 16 is def S tier
  14. How to Start a Team

    Bazoo Boys Current Format: -Digbick/ digbic -Kyou/ Aegisoul -Matt Kolenda/ MattK -Oh_The_Irony/Naveen -Satchmo/ Satchmo -TheMadgician/ TheMadgician -Wrinklywinkie/ Arvin
  15. Dragonball Fighterz

    I'm playing it on ps4. Servers are pretty wonky, but i got some matches in it. Using Cell, Vegeta, and Freeza
  16. [Goat] FuZe Gang

    Ay, where my FuZe gang at? Just out here enjoying life on the DuelistGroundz discord server and wondered if any of my friends were online from FuZe. Looking to enjoy some cool and funny memes from my fellow members from FuZe. I also wanted to know if anyone whi is not from FuZe wants to join our very own Discord server. It’s pretty funny and awesome, we enjoy sharing funny images and long “wall of texts”. For the wild users who are out here on Discord we have a Not Safe For Work channel were users share interesting images of women’s physique. It can be a real, human girl or a girl from your favourite anime! There aren’t any rules in our Discord server, but once you join, it is required you add a (FuZe) tag to your username. Once Discord registers that you are in or server, there is no turning back. We are a unique clan. Once you witness what happens behind-the-scenes there is no turning back. You have been baptised in the holy chatroom of FuZe. Pretty cool, right? On that note, just wondering if anyone who is apart from that FuZe clan is online right now. The moderators and administrators on DuelistGroundz are relaxing and it is our duty to put them to work and make them take moderator actions on us. Anytime we assemble and share cool images and funny jokes, the moderators get angry and remove us from the DualingGround community. This is an awful shame as we love the DuelingGroundz users very much. One day, we will become administrators on that Discord server and make that place “FuZe DGz”, if you pardon the pun! So, how are you guys on DuelistGroundz? I’m just sitting back, relaxing on my desktop version of Discord on your DuelistGround server wondering if anyone from FuZe clan wants to chat? Let me know, you guys!
  17. @wrinklywinkie well known detox spy
  18. Discord?? ? ?