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  1. So this is the "strongest card of 2017" that Jermone was claiming. Sea Monster of Theseus LVL 5 Water Zombie/Tuner/Fusion 2 Tuners So obvious its gonna be an IF target. This card is pretty good, theres alot of to do with this one https://yugiohblog.konami.com/articles/?p=8084
  2. Itt jazz and mark's salt factory
  3. Razer
  4. @mark don't refer me as rzr. Its digbick
  5. @DarkBlaze557 haven't gotten any pm fron antagonist so maybe the kill was done in a way that i cant scan
  6. If i were to order today, how fast would i get it.
  7. And i forgot to mention kaiju
  8. Nah actually if your deck runs r4, tower is easy to kill cuz you just make utopia lighting
  9. Im not gambling, im hustling
  10. Oh my 100$ offer is still on the table. I checked my bank account, I have more than enough. Who has the balls to take up my bet, pm me
  11. Mfw jazz got nk'ed and now he can't take over my gravedigger
  12. im betting 100$ that I am town
  13. cuz jazz is a retard and i want him to realize that
  14. mfw niggas gonna waste two lynches on me and letting scum get two nk for free and make town loses vote digbic
  15. have you seen my cat's playset of desire