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  1. Idk whats the vote count, pretty sure its getting close to majority. Gonna unvote then vote again unvote
  2. Faint is postin like an ancap at a playground. I bet faint and rei are actually teammates. Faint has never posted like this before. I haven't been floating, been tryin to contribute with the current situation. Since the storm is gone and I'm going home, I'm gonma be posting freq. I'm getting some sort of neutral vibes from silver. He may not actually be scum nor town either.
  3. Finally have access to wifi
  4. I'm gonna go on a hunch and say rei is scum. rei has been staying on the low. Probably tryin to not to attract attention
  5. I'm suspending all mafia multi's posting privileges until a game needs them. Reminder: MULTI are not allowed on duelistgroundz, if a multi is created for the sake of a game. You cannot use that account to post anywhere else or post after a game ended. On topic My scumlist is Mark (his posts reeks someone thats guilty and trying to play it cool. Voted for beast out of revenge) Silverdude( been floating. Tries to play dumb when someone accused him of bein scum, like i dont even know wheres qt is) Cunningmastermind( not entirely sure if scum, but im wary)
  6. Stop using multi if they're not in the game. Multis are not allowed except in game that allows them
  7. Vote: Mark If mark flips scum, we should lynch silver next
  8. Cuz silver is his teammate
  9. Youre a zero
  10. Kahu's lie: I think hes lying about his age. Im sure hes single and had relationships before. rei's lie: rei is lying about having more bongs than computers. rei struck me as a type of person who doesn't have a bong collection. Sure he may smoke, but i think hes a j person
  11. Wrong. Just cuz someone pos my post, doest mean they're with me. If i pos all of your posts, does that means im your teammate? No, you're overanalyzing thing
  12. I think Kahu JC and Markus are town. Im wary of Tyranno, cuz hes bein an idiot as usual and mark cuz he voted himself as the hero
  13. Yeh I'm floatin in the flood, cant do much when theres a storm
  14. Damn nigga, finally get to post. Driving thro storm was intense. Ill read then post thought