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  1. Monarch - Deck Discussion

      You side Mobius when going 2nd to pop Fragrance with Mithra/Red as tributes, otherwise Return lets Mobius sneak by Strike to pop it/Chaos Hole so your Monarch off Return can resolve. It's nice to hit Deflector so they can't use it as a Domain out on their turn as well   You don't use Mobius as your only backrow removal cause Mask still stops it though; it's just Mobius is much better going 2nd than Thestalos is and in that specific build, you need to abuse single tributes as much as possible. Idk if Mobius would be optimal in more standard lists
  2. Monarch - Deck Discussion

      Or they just call 6 if they aren't mentally deficient
  3. read the fucking card instead of trying to relate it to something else and you might actually get better
  4. Steinman Top 32 Chicago Report

    So glad we got the invs out the way Luv u beb
  5. Nekroz - Discussion

    ^thats not how that works lol cards stay on the field until chains resolved
  6. ARGCS Seattle, WA November 15-16, 2014

    what the fuck is big ba lol decks change through natural progression of set releases they don't need to be re-named
  7. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    TGU->Scarm->Dante->detach Scarm to mill (usaly mill 1 if going first). Set traps, end phase search with scarm You are playing incorrectly. there are no absolutes in yugioh that play is totally fine if they have discards if you're going to post like you know something the rest of the site doesn't you might actually want to, or gee maybe even post what you think might be better otherwise, shut up and keep to making flat jokes for rep
  8. Archiving Inactive Teams

    that's actually an awful thing because it's just as good as being dead. if anything has been learned in the past year it should be that this place only thrives when there's competition and the more the perceived competition is lacking, the less people are going to give a shit at all   warring has always been about everybody making it what it is and with no incentives it's just gonna linger and die. instead of waiting around for people to care, make them care
  9. Archiving Inactive Teams

    get ready to archive the entire section
  10. Fourshot [vs] Essex

  11. Ratings and Rankings (Including FAQs)

    War: Starless [vs] Essex Winners: Starless     War: Fourshot [vs] Supernova Winners: Supernova     War: Fourshot [vs] The Muffin Men Winners: voided     War: Supernova [vs] Spics of Life Winners: Spics of Life     War: Spics of Life [vs] Lotus Winners: Spics of Life     War: Spics of Life [vs] Oblivion Winners: Oblivion  
  12. Oblivion vs Spics of Life

    oblivion wins   archive please
  13. Starless [vs] Formula One

    is this team still alive? i barely see them onliine
  14. Fourshot [vs] The Muffin Men

    this is taking too long just gonna void   archive please