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  1. Hurricane Irma

    Bit late I guess but I stayed and it ended up being pretty uneventful. I was originally going to go from the Fort Lauderdale area to Tampa, but then it looked like Tampa was going to get hit really hard, so that fell through.
  2. Wumbo

    It's certainly conceivable that one or more of the current members of the court passes away during Trump's term, leading to a court that wouldn't have kept Obergefell. I'm not saying that Trump will get two or more appointments, or that the court will see a same sex marriage case while it has that composition, but it isn't hard to imagine.
  3. It won't be that bad if you're spreading everything over 8 months, unless you have shitty busy season(s) in a public job. If you do the Becker multiple choice questions ad nauseam you'll pass.
  4. is it gay?

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triple_X_syndrome XXY is a thing too: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klinefelter_syndrome
  5. Opt in/Opt Out Thread

    Opt in to both.
  6. United States Presidential Election

    Male tigers get much bigger than male lions, and have a larger average weight too. Please do some research.
  7. For anyone still interested in getting into the TCG

    I picked up a pair of these to play with my buddy. It seems that straight out of the box, the Keldo deck is a lot stronger than the Rayquaza deck. Is that right, or are we missing something? I'm more interested in playing inexpensive house games than getting into the meta at the moment.
  8. United States Presidential Election

    Do you have anything to support that, or does it just sounds like it would work? Because what you're advocating would be torture actually working. You can expect the same issues with your plan that you have with waterboarding everybody. If people give false information due to fear instead of pain, you still haven't accomplished anything. Even if enhanced interrogation does provide actionable information one percent of the time (which I haven't seen supported anywhere), you're diluting your resources with false positives.
  9. United States Presidential Election

    Is there a reason to believe it does work, other than a feeling that it should? Those weren't cherry picked sources, I googled "Does torture work" and used 5 of the first 6 links. The fourth link is to the Harvard catalog, for a book called "Why Torture Doesn't Work". Trump has suggested that we use enhanced interrogation, more than once. What advantage does Gitmo hold over another detention center?
  10. United States Presidential Election

    Do you think that torture works? Evidence suggests that it doesn't, for intelligence gathering anyway. If there's another primary goal I'm open to the discussion, but it really doesn't look like an efficient use of resources that we could use to benefit American citizens.
  11. United States Presidential Election

    If anybody else has tax issues I'm happy to help. Clinton wants to increase the estate tax, Trump and Johnson say we should remove it. Does anybody have an opinion on the estate tax?
  12. Didn't realize that was legal for the event, thanks.
  13. Why? The only prominent interaction I can think of is Farfa and banishing floating BA monsters.
  14. Foolish Burial and Mathmatician can both make this by sending Nimble Angler. The Nimbles aren't Aqua unfortunately bit there's still synergy. Or not, since apparently in needs Aqua materials.
  15. There weren't any protesters.   Honestly the whole thing was kinda uneventful.