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  1.   I do apologize for having a more interesting title than the movie.
  2. http://time.com/3967098/emoji-movie-sony-pictures-animation/  
  3. "Don't pretend to know how I behave"   Classic lol.
  4.   What happened to that guy? (Also, goddamn this thread is good, curious to see SamJam's other stuff)
  5. None of the other trailers were this dramatic imo.
  6. Rather dramatic.
  7. AMA

    How fly are you for a white guy?
  8.   You have two posts         Whatja going do about it? Neg me?
  9.   Okay I don't really expect you to do all that (unless you're up for the challenge) but there is some stuff near the end that could be gold  
  10. http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?showtopic=162246#entry3827676  
  11.   You have two posts
  12. hes the reason earthbound happened and that melee was a launch title for gamecube    iwata did a lot of things [spoiler] [/spoiler]     Practically one of the Godfather's of modern day gaming.
  13.   I forgot his username but I found it anyway. That HAES thread tho.
  14. threads     There was more than one?!!!   it was horrible.     If anyone could link me to the newer ones, I'll spirtually rep-stalk you.
  15. threads     There was more than one?!!!