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  1. i cheat so wut i win
  2. Hello is this the Krusty Krab?
  3. yo, money
  4. that is one epic pokemon gif, friend
  5. So has everyone accepted the guy who has been in my avatar for like 3 years as their lord and savior yet?
  6. whatever deck that was where there there were 4 giant dragons where you discard them and they do dumb shit and you XYZ into that level 7 guy Mech thing that didn't die. I think Tidal was one of them? anyway I think the format itself was aight but I miss the days of T-set pass.
  7. Hello duelists! I got really bored at work the other day and somehow got the idea to browse all my old posts. Now I'm signing in to say hi. I keep up with some of the old homies (Sykotic, rei, juggalo, grant, bazoo) via FB and I talk to Cory Lack all the time about movies and sports and shit, but wanna know how everyone else is doing. Are there any cool people still here from 2006-2012? I see ACP is an admin now. It doesn't seem as active here as it used to be. BTW: haven't looked at a YGO card since E-Dragons but I'm still a legend, is the game still shitty?
  8. a card that makes Morphing Jar not exist   fuck Morphing Jar
  9. J. Cole does a mean Drake/Kendrick Lamar/Chance the Rapper impression. Lots of people like this guy and I see why but the dude is fucking wack.
  10. As ATJ said, T-Jones might not even suit up this year. And Motiejunas is more of a combo big than a 4. Also being overlooked is that Smith and Howard are very, very close friends.
  11. What did I get for Christmas? A frozen pizza, a gas station coffee I put entirely too much creamer in, and a 6-pack of Bud Light Lime. All bought by myself. For whatever reason my parents decided to kick me out and cut me off entirely. Appreciate what you have guys. While you're circlejerking over your greed and materialism, realize there are people that would KILL to recieve just one present, or even just one gesture that shows them that someone out there cares. Happy Holidays. I hope you all get your priorities straight.
  12. He has a .605 TS%. That is top 5 (it might even be #1) for guards in the entire league. And he does it in 33 minutes a game. So basically you're completely and utterly wrong.
  13. Why is "but no one has died" supposed to be a defense of Putin? If Ukraine retaliated, which was fully within their rights as a sovereign country, a shitton of people would have died. People paint this as Putin doing an invasion "the right way" when really it's just a horseshit justification for invading any country weaker than yours.
  14. this thread is awesome. cody is completely right, either I've outgrown DGz or the most popular members here just kinda suck compared to back then and there's no good drama. everyone is so fucking homogenized it's unreal, no distinct personalities. so many members that I frequently confuse for each other even if they're good guys. maybe the rep system is partially to blame, idk. who is grimey allen c pennington was cool when he was the socially awkward but self-aware kid, then self-awareness became self-obsession boosh is one of those guys that seems like he's trying to be hahn but his posts dont actually have any substance and are just snarky for no reason WHY THE FUCK ISNT IT LINEBREAKING
  15. clubbing is fucking awesome noobs