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  1. Picking the game up again. Need some advice!

    I would definitely wait until rotation in the Fall before investing.
  2. Barack Obama

    We should rename this thread "The Good Old Days."
  3. phil anthony

    Last time I checked, "stilt" was not a synonym for "magnifying glass." *everyone loses their mind*
  4. phil anthony

    Lol. Well, it seems that they are sucking dick to pass the time. These fellatio accusations are difficult to follow. Something about Phil{pro} sucking a dick and it is in his hands, whilst rei cannot understand his words because they are muffled by the aforementioned cock. However, Phil{pro} retorts suggesting that rei is most definitely fat. =/
  5. Gone til Saturday

    It would seem that a few people on this forum have seen a certain movie pertaining to band camp. [sarc]Interesting.[/sarc]
  6. Batman the Dark Knight

    Heath Ledger made Jack Nicholson look like an angsty Ronald McDonald. Christian Bale's Batman had a more prominant lisp this time, but he still pulled the role off nicely. Two-Face looked amazing. Joker pwned. Pencil trick, nurse outfit, dog chasing a car, etc. His lines and attitude were phenomenal.
  7. Flame Champion Boards

    Well, if that is not you, then your faggotry does not quite break the limits of boundaries.
  8. Flame Champion Boards

    True. I, the one who is NOT wearing a green beanie and matching sunglasses, am a faggot.
  9. Flame Champion Boards

    @ Darth Quagmire: K. @ Juggalo: I don't fucking care. DGz does afraid of competition?
  10. Flame Champion Boards

    Then do not consider it a forum.
  11. Flame Champion Boards

    This guy knows what I'm talking about. @ Paradigmon: lulz a Flame Champion is a fucking hero.
  12. I used to have a link here, then Marzy took it away because he's better than me. And incredibly handsome.
  13. Tech N9ne Killer

    I'm a playa, so I have to get it.

    OMFG! SAY YES!!!

    This "Heated Heart" kid is a fucking hero. Epic lulz. rei is my favorite DGz Admin by far.