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  1. Gravekeepers - Discussion

      I definitely agree about the 3 tomb, 3 chain, and nobleman. I love nobleman. I haven't tested playing with traptrix trap hole though. Ill give it a try. Whats your main deck looking like? Mainly just wondering what you cut to squeeze em in
  2. Gravekeepers - Discussion

    your normal summon is way too important, its already tight if you run upstart and PoD   How do you have room for upstart and PoD?
  3. Gravekeepers - Discussion

    Well yeah, obviously reciter, spy, and descendant are the heart of the deck lol.  And I haven't said anything bad about shaman. I feel it is a great card and can win games. I just have it in my side deck, so chill lol.    And also, nobleman is not "situational". He can be used at any time.  The opponent will always attack. That is part of the game.  There is just a right time and a wrong time to use him.  Same with shaman. It can win games if played correctly. But at other times is just a dead draw. Of the 2 cards, id say shaman is more situational, just because it requires other cards just to even hit the field.    But again, i have nothing against shaman. Great card. 
  4. Gravekeepers - Discussion

    I personally like having 1 nobleman. He is searchable by both recruiter and spy so you have access to him whenever you want. Save him for when your opponent doesn't have the option to pop it. Either it stalls you time, or gets you free set spy if they attack it. Obviously the fire fist match up is harder to pull it off because of bear, but with other decks, it can easily be a + if you time it correctly.    And yes, zenmeister is awesome lol. 
  5. Gravekeepers - Discussion

    This thread is dead lol.   well, this is what I'm currently working with that seems to be doing alright.   
  6. Gravekeepers - Discussion

    Yeah, i thought so too about the waboku. He's right about it helping tomb stay live, but idk if i really want to run it or not lol. I would never cut tribute though. idk why he would do that. Its at 1 for a reason, its good
  7. Gravekeepers - Discussion

    How do you guys feel about this GK build that just got 9th at a regionals?   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C51otCb7Q5o
  8. Fire Fist - Discussion

    Also, your "consistent results" show that the +1 build dominates the 3 axis build lol. 
  9. Gravekeepers - Discussion

    Assailant is used mainly for the FF matchup to avoid their att boost traps
  10. Streaming DN on Twitch

      Thats exactly how i feel. I watched a stream a couple days ago that was just garbage. But it still had like 50 people watching it lol.      Same here! If there was a legit player who streamed and explained their reasoning behind plays and theory as they played, i would watch it 24/7. I want to learn something from watching someone play. 
  11. Gravekeepers - Discussion

    http://yugiohlatino.com/gravekeeper-jorge-mendoza-top-4-wcq-regional-2014-peru/   Sorry its not in english lol. 
  12. Gravekeepers - Discussion

    It looks good! I mentioned this on the other thread, but i think nobleman should be mentioned. The one GK deck that has topped so far ran him, so i think it is at least worth a mention. Also, Black horn of heaven and seven tools have seen a lot of play in GK's lately and should be mentioned :)
  13. Thread Quality Control Center

          [/spoiler]   Got the maindeck stuff, I did have the extra and side 95% finished but well... when your computer freezes, you lose your shit.   I'll add the extra and side up once I get them finished.   Once I get that stuff will it be alright to move onto the update section?   Looks pretty good so far! I noticed descendant and also nobleman were missing. At this point, Id say black horn of heaven be included in main deck options as well. Could be good to include seven tools in the main or side area too. It seems to be more and more common in GK's lately. 
  14. Thread Quality Control Center

      Yeah, that'd be fine! Sooner its up the better :)