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  1. I'll go with noah1462.
  2. DuelistGroundz username: OD Superman Discord username: kperovic Formats: Goat format only Expected level of activity: 1-5 matches per week, preferably on weekends Want to be on a team with (list any DGZ users that apply): Not going through the list of players, and I don't know who's good at the game now
  3. By definition, a "quick-paced" deck should have less cards that qualify as "late-game" threats, meaning they don't need as many "answers" -- however a "quick-paced" deck still needs reliable access to however many answers it runs. I.e. If the only out Zoo had to BLS, which is it's only "threat" in this example, was 1 Snatch, I imagine they'll still lose at an unacceptable rate unless they had a crazy draw engine too.
  4. Right, it wasn't an actual, accurate statistical weight. I just wanted a quick way to devalue cards that need another card to combo with to make the point that they're not as reliable as standalone answers.
  5. What do you guys think about playing a Pre-Exarion Goat Minus format, which would basically be your everyday Pre-Exarion Goats except the following 8 cards are also banned: Chaos Sorcerer Card Destruction Delinquent Duo Dimension Fusion Giant Trunade Wave-Motion Cannon Last Turn Trap Dustshoot Looking for feedback.
  6. I topped SJC Indy with his list and remember hating it. Don't know how I'd go about revisiting the format now though. So much of it at the time was "do you think this event will have more Decree or more Return?"
  7. I regret including a side in that picture. The truth is my side constantly changes, even today, depending on where or who I'm about to play. Also -Flame Ghost -Giltia +Darkfire +Gatling.
  8. @Jazz SDM isn't bad. You can run it and Thunder Dragon in a straight Chaos deck, or together in a regular Goat list (subbing TD for AK, SDM for Exarion, Sorc for Prem/Call). I like Recruiter/Chaos the best, generally, mostly because I think it's the most fun but also because it takes advantage of Dustshoot the best (which I think is really good against all Chaos variants). 3 Scapegoat is good. If I were running Meta at all then I'd probably use 3 Goats. Anyone who isn't running 1-2 Asura tomorrow will auto-lose to 3 Goats. Also, run Asura. She's a LIGHT that can't be Snatch'd, TER'd, or Tsuku'd. She can be summoned alongside Sangan or whatever else without fear of overextending or stopping you from using Goats on your opponent's turn. And she makes Goats a minus, which is important because of how much better Goats are without Exarion. Good luck.
  9. kperovic Opt in
  10. In addition to everything I posted in the Goat thread: /fullscreen will fullscreen Lackey /screenshot will take a screenshot of the Lackey window and link you to its location /gallery will open your gallery of screenshots if you have one /beep will make your opponent hear a beep /spawnx4 Goat will spawn 4 Goat Tokens -- can be tied to keyboard shortcut /zoomsync and /scalesync and /playmatsync will sync your opponent's table zoom and scale and playmat with yours
  11. I have personally tested every YGO simulator on the market today, including YVD 8.6, YVD 9.3, Untap.in, Salvation, Salvation (manual), Duel Portal, Yugioh Nexus, and LackeyCCG. None are better than Dueling Network (which is saying a lot) and each has their own issues, but a lot of folks ask me how to play Goat Format and lately I've been telling everyone the same thing: LackeyCCG is your best bet. It sucks because it's a downloadable client, it's kind of ugly, and it's menus aren't nearly as efficient as YVD, BUT it's easy to set up, easy to connect, manually controlled, already has all the card images pre-installed, is quite stable, and is easy to use once you get the hang of it. To access Yugioh cards with LackeyCCG: - Download and install LackeyCCG: http://www.lackeyccg.com - Copy this link: http://www.lackeyccg.com/yugioh/high/updatelist.txt - Go to Main menu -> Run game plugin installer wizard -> Paste auto-update URL and install. Deck Builder: - Using the built-in deck editor is too slow. Build your deck using Notepad and save it to /plugins/yugioh/decks instead. - Download a sample decklist at http://kperovic.com/(Post)_Standard_Goats.txt - You must load your deck after every new game but you can use the "Reload recent deck" shortcut to do it automatically. Getting Started: - Set your player name from Player Preferences -> Profile. - See below and set your own shortcuts by going to Preferences -> Key bindings. - Type "/-1500" to subtract 1500 LP, and "/+1500" to gain 1500 LP. - Play full-screen and type "/scale125" in the chat bar to make cards more easily viewable. - Declare an attack by dragging your card and putting it on your opponent's. - Put a card into the Graveyard/Deck/Side/etc by dragging it to the appropriate tab. - Control visibility of your deck by right-clicking on the Deck tab and revealing it's contents to yourself. - You can create tokens quickly by using the "Spawn card" shortcut below. - Disable any sounds you don't like from Preferences -> Sound. - From Preferences -> Miscellaneous, check the box that says "auto-clear cards moved off the table" for your graveyard to remain face-up. Recommended shortcuts from Preferences -> Key Bindings: - Some of these can also be accomplished by clicking on-screen elements. - You can delete or ignore any shortcut not listed below. - New game: CTRL + n - Reload recent deck: CTRL + l - Quit: CTRL + q - Draw: CTRL + d - Previous phase: CTRL + DOWN - Next phase: CTRL + UP - Flip a coin: CTRL + c - Roll D6: CTRL + r - Next turn: CTRL + e - Spawn card: CTRL + v - Switch (ATK): CTRL + a - Switch (DEF): CTRL + s - Counter +1: CTRL + EQUALS - Counter -1: CTRL + MINUS - Flip over: CTRL + f
  12. I don't understand what sort of installation bug you might be having. YVD 9.3 doesn't use a .set file and has all cards up to 2013 pre-loaded already. Separately, have you ever considered Boot Camp, Virtual Box, or Crossover? Seems like Wine gives you nothing but trouble.
  13. http://xerocreative.com/downloads.html Someone, download YVD and fight me.
  14. I plan on playing Pokemon, but will be there earlier and later than the event to play Goats with whoever is around. Lmk if you're around.
  15. Anyone going to the ARG this weekend?