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  1. D&D Mafia 2.0 - Day 4: MimiCry

    Holy shit, this is why everyone says you suck at mafia. I literally said I wasn't accusing you of anything. I didn't vote to lynch you, didn't say anyone should lynch you, etc. All I said was, "Hey Jazz, don't jump on Crei when there are more important things to talk about." I didn't say "NO ONE SHOULD LYNCH CREI ALL GAME," or fucking anything like that. AND IF ANYTHING, my post forced you to actually come back into the game and defend yourself, which is GOOD because you do the same shit every game when anyone questions you and you wind up being town despite looking scummy as fuck, so I'll make it clear now that I also have a town read on you. In the future, just understand we start this game NOT KNOWING WHO IS WHO, so don't act like I'm "crucifying" you whenever I try to get a little information out of you. And I don't know how to extract info from people who haven't posted yet. The game just started, I mean, they're probably still at work. And we have until 5PM tomorrow. I'll give them a chance to post before I judge anything. Only reason I "picked on" you was because you posted 4x in a row to meet quota, and that's not something a lot of people have done yet.
  2. D&D Mafia 2.0 - Day 4: MimiCry

    Well the simple answer is I didn't realize everyone had an ability in the last game, nor did I know there were actually 4 scum instead of 3, and those facts really threw me off until the late game, so I'm trying to understand the things that other people with more experience and who understand what's going on take for granted. And again, I'm not defending crei. I'm just saying if he IS town then he's a valuable asset according to iSlickz's unofficial rankings, and if he isn't then he's likely working with people who are less valuable, so it's not worth targeting him right off the bat. I mean was the first one to identify all the scum in the previous game so doesn't it make sense to want him in the game if he's town? I don't know why you're getting so defensive about this either. All I said was you shitposting to meet quota was worth more conversation than Crei snap-voting, which is a pretty solid valuation IMO. I also didn't accuse you of anything yet so there's no reason to get so hostile, but hey, whatever, welcome back to the game.
  3. YCS Toronto 2017

  4. D&D Mafia 2.0 - Day 4: MimiCry

    Alright, fair. Then back to the low-hanging fruit thing I said before - all else being equal, doesn't it make more sense to go after the low-hanging fruit that town probably doesn't want in the end-game anyway? I.e. Silver who shit-posted on the first page to meet quota would make me think he has no intention of helping town today. (Not throwing out any accusations because it's still early, just saying I think that warrants more discussion than picking on any good player.)
  5. D&D Mafia 2.0 - Day 4: MimiCry

    It's Day 1. It was the first vote. He's clearly joking so there's no reason to be aggressive about it, especially when all that does is make you look like scum trying to eliminate town's potentially best player. Just back off and discuss for now.
  6. D&D Mafia 2.0 - Day 4: MimiCry

    Even if you're just joking, can we not try to rally anyone against a potentially high-value town player? Even if he's scum, he's probably working with at least 2 other people who are definitely lower-hanging fruit, and he's going to give something up that's worth knowing sometime between now and when one of them are revealed.
  7. D&D Mafia 2.0 - Day 4: MimiCry

    Previous roles: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1K9o-Qr9awsLGNhnl0gprxp5s_Ji0JHHwLwot4krpO14/edit#gid=0 JC's thoughts: @Jazz Can you translate this? What can you infer that might be different in this setup by what he was happy/unhappy with in the last game?
  8. D&D Mafia 2.0 - Day 4: MimiCry

    I think I read in another thread that it was 24/24, OP says 4 is quota, but I don't see anything that says whether we can claim or not.
  9. D&D Mafia 2.0 - Day 4: MimiCry

    Does anyone have a link to the last D&D mafia game and its after-thread? Trying to find out how many scum, what kind of special abilities might be in play, and what the different factions were of that game. JC said he took some of the feedback after that game, that this wouldn't just straight up be faction A vs. faction B, etc. so I'm trying to get as many clues as possible to figure out the setup.
  10. DGZ Mafia Mafia Afterthread - Scum Wins

    What's a redcheck? What's any of this mean?
  11. D&D Mafia 2.0 Signups

  12. DGZ Mafia Mafia Afterthread - Scum Wins

    For both games I've played (one I subbed into) I've been accused of being scum sooner than I was ever able to post anything, which when coupled with a generally inattentive team, made it really hard for me to convince others of anything this game until I revealed my ability and grabbed the game by the balls, but even then only Walia and scum were paying attention. Like this is a game of imperfect info so I don't know why I literally have to survive a NK and have my allegiance be revealed before others accept that I'm town while at the same time other townies think a neg rep is somehow actionable. I mean it's not even that I didn't make a good case for myself either, as Crei explained to Jazz after the game why I was obvious town. Again, it's just that some players didn't pay enough attention and honestly, other townies suffered from the same problem as me. It's why Crei, despite probably being a good player, didn't actually convince anyone to lynch his picks like you said a good player could. It's why town lost and it's why I'm frustrated, because I left the game thinking we had it in the bag and then town just threw the win away. So all I'm saying is F-tier players (on a general list that isn't just one person's opinion) should get some special treatment to make them better rather than be allowed to fuck up whatever team they're assigned to, which I think would actually make the games overall more enjoyable for everyone. *You're forgetting the part where I pushed to lynch Mark before Faint and everyone just read Gem's response as reasonable without going back and reading my arguments re: Mark. You can tell they thought nothing of it too because after Mark was flipped scum, no one had it in their memory that Gem was using that opportunity to protect Mark.
  13. DGZ Mafia Mafia Afterthread - Scum Wins

    There's an important distinction between being bad and staying bad, and between thinking you're always right and actively trying to get better, so it's important to make clear that I wouldn't suggest excluding anyone just because they're bad. I just think Mafia is, as near as I can tell, a team-based game (even if you don't know always know who else is on your team) so assigning hopeless players to either team swings the game too much in the other team's favor. If just outright banning them from the game isn't an option then I'd suggest considering assigning F-tier players alternative win conditions (i.e. they win if they're the last NK) or otherwise loose affiliations (i.e. making them mafia without being allowed to know who the rest of the mafia are or discuss anything with them).
  14. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    Count me in for the next game, whatever the rules are.
  15. Opt in/Opt Out Thread