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  1. Ah, the good ol' catch-22 of playing Goats. (I noticed you didn't post when I beat you before nor did you post the graveyards here.) You're the reason I have to ignore people who beg me to play them.
  2. 2-0'd flux's Goat Control deck with my Recruiter Chaos deck. Then I 2-0'd his Burn deck with my Empty Jar deck.
  3. I 2-1'd Gojiras Beastdown deck with my Burn deck.
  4. 2-0 my Goat Control over 2k17's Beastdown deck. Scary deck, and he went first, Dustshoot'd me g1 t1 and then Duo'd me. But he discarded my Airknight and made my Call live (both of which he knew were in my hand and couldn't answer). Don't think I could've won if he didn't misplay g1.
  5. This was edited in after my post.
  6. I don't see Goins on the OP.
  7. Same with me and Ant_88_tnA.
  8. I played LunarDarkGaia in 2 separate matches. Both times my Goat Control deck beat his Ben Kei OTK deck.
  9. My Goat Control beat Berds Goat Control.
  10. 2-0 over rjose, my Goat Control to his Thunder Dragon Chaos.
  11. Well this is embarrassing but I ran Recruiters and he ran a deck with no tributes, Swaps, Cyber Jar, 1 DDA, DDWL, Exiled, no RotA, I think 2 Metamorphosis, and maybe 3 Lights total. I hesitate to call it "Goat Control" so maybe just wait for him to name it something.
  12. Lost to rjose.
  13. I'll take points @Silver
  14. Trading @wrinklywinkie to the devil for 10 points and @PennyroyalTea. EDIT: Sorry misspelled @muh 100 godzillion