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  1. Trading 50 DRP + Noah for Tristan.
  2. Trading 10 DRP to MMF for Tristan.
  3. *Mascis revealed as GC spy*
  4. Got Mascis 2-1 in a fair Goat mirror. TY for not loading a scrub deck, Mascis!
  5. Got Santy 2-0 in a Goat mirror.
  6. Yeah, I'm not being a cunt about it. I get it's not your problem if I can't play when you can but DITTO, right back at ya! And that's ALL I was trying to say when I was RESPONDING to Mark (http://i.imgur.com/KujaGWn.png) who tried to paint me as dodging your request to play when 1. I'm literally tied with Silver and Shining Blue-Eyes for #2 most active player in the overall war, 2. it was I, in fact, who messaged you; and 3. your response, besides saying you were unavailable until after the war, hardly qualifies as a willingness to play. I agree re: the crying about activity levels, but if you read carefully (or like, at all, even just skim the thread) you'll see that Morphing Jar makes up 95% of the posts re: both crying and activity levels.
  7. *Someone from ALO calls me a liar* *I defend myself with verifiable evidence* http://i.imgur.com/fgo68v5.png Lol you said you couldn't play until Saturday but the war ends Friday sooooooo... *ALO ignores any evidence that doesn't support their narrative, proceeds to next personal attack* *DGZ munches on popcorn instead of calling out this team's pattern of unacceptable behavior*
  8. We could just end this and stop rehashing this but you just keep lying for no reason: 1a. You told your team not to schedule matches until the war was "officially announced" even though I told you what the schedule was and I also argued that it didn't hurt anybody to have matches scheduled just in case. You did this and it is an indisputable fact, not "complete bullshit." 1b. To be clear I have also said you're not entirely to blame for all the matches that haven't happened. You're just to blame for matches not being ready to go on day 1, because that's the truth. I also never accused you of telling your teammates to dodge. 2. Jazz missed a single match that I tried to schedule for him (but he never agreed to be available for) for personal reasons. Why is that so unacceptable to you but you're fine with Sage going MIA for personal reasons after I tried to setup a match for him? 3. You have had one goat guy issuing challenges. This is the same guy who, after I challenged him on the condition that we replay games where DB freezes, told me to go fuck myself instead of agreeing to play. To his credit, Loli actually had the balls to agree to this (and we played two fine matches where neither of us had any glitches), but Malcolm wouldn't play me unless I paid him. I even took your advice and messaged him, "Okay, jokes aside - can we play tonight without any money on the line?" His response was that he wasn't joking and that he couldn't play this war. A lot of things have gone wrong this war, but none of them have been helped by you or your team's reckless and aggressive disregard for facts. It's like, Morphing Jar will come in here and rattle off 500 words of bullshit, I reply with 1000 words of detailed, evidence-based counter-arguments, then you come in here and quote a sentence or two, twist what I say, and fight me over that little thing instead of addressing him or the larger points in the discussion. It's just so disingenuous that I can't help but feel you're doing it on purpose, so go ahead and continue doing it if it makes you feel better. Either way I'm done here.
  9. When Mark says that 5 people "agreed with Morphing Jar one way or another," I think this is what he meant. And by that I mean, it seems to me that you disagree with 99% of what Morphing Jar has said while sharing his concern re: maintaining the integrity of the system, which I agree is a legitimate concern. However ACP would be the first to tell you that while this is a new issue to you and Morphing Jar, I have been arguing in favor of closing as many loopholes as possible since day 1 and he and I have argued for HOURS about prioritizing the integrity of the war vs. a random's right to play. I have pushed more than anyone else to require real names and IDs to register, completing your credentials accurately or getting DQd when discovered, and limiting the post-draft trades and signups specifically to avoid these sorts of issues. That said, I don't think it's a big deal to play matches IRL since matches happen all the time on DB/Lackey without #war-matches getting pinged or anyone else knowing about it, and the counter to this (assigning a monitor to every match) is impractical. At the end of the day, we all abide by the honor system in some sense and the logical extension of a monitor system is to video record you and your screen while you play to ensure it's you playing and that you're not receiving any help. But whatever, that's an issue for another day. The real issue here (beyond whether Kira was a spy, which is ridiculous) is whether we did anything inappropriate by playing Kira at a local, and I think the answer is obviously no. We asked and got the OK to play IRL matches several weeks ago, Skully saw Kira at his local and caught him up to speed because we were 5 days and 2 matches into the war (and our side largely felt, rightly or wrongly, that it was Mark's fault for refusing to schedule matches), they played a couple matches and that was that. I understand the frustration they feel but somehow I doubt our side would cry foul if Loli beat Penny at the local they both attend. IMO if ATO wanted Kira off their team for not participating in their group chat, they did not have to trade for him or they could have dropped him at any point. Morphing Jar's frustrations with his own team's unwillingness to do this do not justify baseless accusations of collusion, spying, cheating, dodging, disqualifying teams, etc. and any discussion about his frustrations re: the right tournament policy going forward need to start and end with an acknowledgment of how unacceptable Morphing Jar and other mentally ill players like him are for DGZ warring as a whole. You want to maintain the integrity of the system? Start by purging it of people who drive others away from competing, plain and simple. EDIT: For the record, Mark, I can't take any complaint you have about my "aggressive tone" seriously when you have let your rabid dog run loose to harass everyone he's encountered this entire war.
  10. My favorite thing about reading your posts is knowing no one likes you or cares about the things you say. Plus, anyone with half a brain knows that if Kira was a spy, we would've asked him to join your Discord chat and feed us decklists, strategies, etc a long time ago. The fact that he ignored you guys is proof enough that he was just out of the loop until Skully mentioned it to him at their local. So whine all you want. Build whatever narrative you want. In the end, nothing you say will make a difference except for having made you and your team look worse.
  11. For the record, Anthony showed up to play. He made a Discord account when ACP told him he had to, he joined Sigurimi's Discord when invited, played twice vs. Gojira's team R3, and was then told not to play again during the next war vs you guys R4. That seems a little different from this situation. But that's the problem with building a narrative to suit your agenda: you tend to ignore facts that disprove your narrative.
  12. Loli's Warrior deck > kperovic's Goat Control Ran it back. kperovic's Goat Control > Loli's Warrior deck
  13. You, as you just admitted, deserve blame for stepping in and not letting anyone schedule matches with your team until after the war already began even though you knew as soon as we talked that we were playing each other this round. Still though, you insisted we wait, and now here we are on Day 7, wishing a bunch of us could've got our matches in on Day 1. Is it your fault that a group of 20-odd people haven't played enough matches? No, of course not. Is it your fault that matches weren't ready to go on Day 1 though? Yes, of course. xXMiqo'te SlayerXxXSamuraiMaster - Last Wednesday at 8:06 PM yeah irony messaged me i explained it's best to speak with mark You say Loli will play and Me. will play but both have played as many matches as Jazz and Ynus this war, and all of you seem real bent out of shape about the fact that neither of them have played yet. You're also not "bringing up" anything re: Penny, and you can tell it how it is all you want - the War Council knows how it all went down even though you still seem bitter about it. As for the rest, I get it if your guys are busy with life or disinterested in warring. That's fine and perfectly understandable. But let's not lie: Malcolm didn't "challenge" me before my post was made. He messaged me afterwards telling me he'd only play if we bet $100/game. Loli didn't ask me to play - I ASKED HIM to play. So you see, I have facts to back me up when I say YOU'RE the one making shit up. I said that Ronsas "only played because I reached out to him" because he didn't play, I messaged him, then he did play. Maybe I wasn't the only reason he played and perhaps I mispoke there, but my point was that like the upcoming match with Loli, it didn't happen until after I messaged him, which again is 100% accurate. kperovic - Last Wednesday at 3:08 PM Hey June 22, 2017 NJK21 - Last Thursday at 1:10 AM Hi kperovic - Last Thursday at 1:10 AM Hey you're Ronsas right? NJK21 - Last Thursday at 1:10 AM Yeah kperovic - Last Thursday at 1:10 AM Are you current or goat or both? And lackey or db or both? NJK21 - Last Thursday at 1:11 AM I'm current only now. I have both lackey and db, but I strongly prefer lackey over db kperovic - Last Thursday at 1:12 AM Understandable, but you would play DB right? Like if I had a guy who only had a chromebook and couldn't do anything but DB, you'd still play? NJK21 - Last Thursday at 1:16 AM Yeah, if I have to. kperovic - Last Thursday at 1:16 AM Alright Are you free tomorrow? (or now)? Nvm about now Didn't realize what time it was NJK21 - Last Thursday at 1:18 AM I have to work tomorrow. Sunday will probably be my most open day kperovic - Last Thursday at 1:18 AM Morning, afternoon, evening? I'll see who on my team will be available around whatever time frame is best for you and let them know you'll be on NJK21 - Last Thursday at 1:20 AM Morning or evening. I might be going to a locals in the afternoon for the first time in forever to pick up some cards for nats kperovic - Last Thursday at 1:20 AM ok I'll pass along the message, thanks NJK21 - Last Thursday at 1:25 AM No problem I can do the same and I think I've already shown that if anyone is full of shit here, it's you. Also, re: Lackey, wasn't the server down for like 3 of the last 7 days? None of this is my business? Your teammate stormed in this results thread, charging we got Sigurimi disqualified when they got themselves disqualified, that our weaker players dodge when they're the most active, that we "colluded" with our IRL friends even though this is the first instance of us playing IRL and it makes perfect sense to play our friends who are in the war when we see them, and that we sully the reputation of DGZ because we use underhanded tactics and don't appreciate fair competition even though we've been the most transparent about our "tactics" re: trading for DRP and I have often congratulated other captains on their smart tactical decisions. Worse than that, you encouraged his behavior by not condemning it. I never said you encouraged your team to dodge. All I said was you refused to let us schedule matches in advance, which is true. I understand you have 1 active goat player and at least 3 active current players, and you're right, that's all I need to know. My point was that it's hard to listen to Morphing Jar complain about how we're dodging left and right when more than half your team is MIA. Pot. Kettle. Black. Finally, we're not "targeting" specific players. We've tried to setup matches with all of you. The problem is that you think messaging all your Goat players (Morphing Jar included) is somehow "targeting." I'm sorry but that's just stupid, so I don't need to "spin it around to make [myself] look good and others look bad" when I have the truth on my side. kperovic - Today at 4:11 PM Okay, you literally just said in the thread that Malcolm asked me to play. Said I was "making shit up" even though I posted at 1230 and he sent his "bitter comment" at 330. I'll ask again though - is that a challenge or is that dodging? Goku - Today at 4:16 PM So did no other goat players ask to play? It has to specifically be Malcolm? If I had to guess, the money comment isn't serious but its a bitter joke, like I explained. But ill ask him if he has time to play. kperovic - Today at 4:18 PM Morphing Jar is the only one who messaged me, but that's not what I'm asking you. I'm asking you if you consider his message a challenge or a dodge. Goku - Today at 4:23 PM Ok so what's wrong with playing Morphing then? why target Malcolm, when Morphing made the challenge more clear? kperovic - Today at 4:25 PM I don't understand why you won't answer my question, why you're insisting I ONLY play Morphing Jar even when another Goat player is available and expressed interest in playing me, or why you think I can't or shouldn't reach out to all your Goat players. Like, why's it okay for Morphing Jar to challenge Ynus and me but I can't challenge Morphing Jar and Malcolm? If you're going to tell anyone to shut the fuck up, start with your teammate. Otherwise you're the boss of no one and should act as such.
  14. For the record: kperovic - Today at 10:41 AM You free tonight? LxBluntEdge - Today at 10:41 AM Unfortunately no, I've been out of town these past two weeks making it hard to do anything. Re: IRL matches, Not posted anywhere but I asked him about it before Sigurimi got disqualified because Anthony and I were going to be traveling together and it would've been more convenient to just play IRL, and that's when he said it was fine. Edit: Just want to be clear that Loli did eventually say to me that he could play later tonight, but I shared that to address his activity so far this war. I'm 100% aware he's one of the only active members of Mark's team and my comment shouldn't be focused on him so much as the other 5 members I listed.
  15. 1. We didn't get Sigurimi disqualified. We didn't even ask to disqualify them. All we asked was for the scheduled matches to take place. They disqualified themselves by cheating and then lying to Allen about it. My IRL friend (which they knew about) didn't betray them -- they betrayed him by putting him in a position where his team was about to get called out for cheating when he had and wanted nothing to do with it. 2. A lot of us know a lot of other people in this war. If me and a friend on an opposing team are lined up to play against each other, why wouldn't I hit up that friend and say, "Hey man, I don't know how much you've been paying attention but your team is scheduled to play my team. Wanna play?" That's a totally reasonable thing to do. 3. I can't speak to his availability but Skully works weird shifts and mainly has time to play YGO on the weekends. As I told you on Sunday, he was at a local, which is where he saw Kira and brought him up to speed re: the war before playing. Allen's already OK'd IRL games as being acceptable for war matches, and this is when both players were available, so I don't know what the big deal is. 4. Jazz has expressed to me a sincere interest in playing you but he's usually only available at night after 10PM, and something came up last night. He has vowed to play you if I don't get a chance to knock you out first. 5. A. You are probably the most competitive (read: slimey) person that we've ever had the displeasure of being paired against. Tell me, what exactly would talking to Kira beforehand have accomplished? Surely whatever kind of conversation you had with him afterwards would've prepared him for future wars as you see fit, right? So the question is, did you encourage or discourage him from playing again? Because I have a feeling you didn't vow to help him get better but instead berated him for bringing home a loss. 5. B. Talk about dodging! First, we're one of the few teams who has finished every war. Second, we wouldn't be in this predicament if your captain didn't step in and prevent matches from being scheduled before the start date of the war. Third, where are Loli, Me., Sage, Malcom, Aris, and rei (aka 60% your team)? It's weird that Sage fell off the face of the Earth ever since last Wednesday when I tried to set up a match for him. Ronsas (who recently changed to Current Only) only played because I reached out to him last week and set up a match for him too, but otherwise I've only seen you and Mark reaching out or setting up matches. What's up with that? 5. C. Underhanded tactics? Don't appreciate fair competition? Aren't you called the "king of alts" because you have like, a dozen DB names? Aren't you the one whining because your team is down a single heart? Give me a break.