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  1. I have personally tested every YGO simulator on the market today, including YVD 8.6, YVD 9.3, Untap.in, Salvation, Salvation (manual), Duel Portal, Yugioh Nexus, and LackeyCCG. None are better than Dueling Network (which is saying a lot) and each has their own issues, but a lot of folks ask me how to play Goat Format and lately I've been telling everyone the same thing: LackeyCCG is your best bet. It sucks because it's a downloadable client, it's kind of ugly, and it's menus aren't nearly as efficient as YVD, BUT it's easy to set up, easy to connect, manually controlled, already has all the card images pre-installed, is quite stable, and is easy to use once you get the hang of it. To access Yugioh cards with LackeyCCG: - Download and install LackeyCCG: http://www.lackeyccg.com - Copy this link: http://www.lackeyccg.com/yugioh/high/updatelist.txt - Go to Main menu -> Run game plugin installer wizard -> Paste auto-update URL and install. Deck Builder: - Using the built-in deck editor is too slow. Build your deck using Notepad and save it to /plugins/yugioh/decks instead. - Download a sample decklist at http://kperovic.com/(Post)_Standard_Goats.txt - You must load your deck after every new game but you can use the "Reload recent deck" shortcut to do it automatically. Getting Started: - Set your player name from Player Preferences -> Profile. - See below and set your own shortcuts by going to Preferences -> Key bindings. - Play full-screen and type "/scale125" in the chat bar to make cards more easily viewable. - Declare an attack by dragging your card and putting it on your opponent's. - Put a card into the Graveyard/Deck/Side/etc by dragging it to the appropriate tab. - Control visibility of your deck by right-clicking on the Deck tab and revealing it's contents to yourself. - You can create tokens quickly by using the "Spawn card" shortcut below. - Disable any sounds you don't like from Preferences -> Sound. Recommended shortcuts from Preferences -> Key Bindings: - Some of these can also be accomplished by clicking on-screen elements. - You can delete or ignore any shortcut not listed below. - New game: CTRL + n - Reload recent deck: CTRL + l - Quit: CTRL + q - Draw: CTRL + d - Previous phase: CTRL + DOWN - Next phase: CTRL + UP - Flip a coin: CTRL + c - Roll D6: CTRL + r - Next turn: CTRL + e - Spawn card: CTRL + v - Switch (ATK): CTRL + a - Switch (DEF): CTRL + s - Counter +1: CTRL + EQUALS - Counter -1: CTRL + MINUS - Flip over: CTRL + f
  2. I don't understand what sort of installation bug you might be having. YVD 9.3 doesn't use a .set file and has all cards up to 2013 pre-loaded already. Separately, have you ever considered Boot Camp, Virtual Box, or Crossover? Seems like Wine gives you nothing but trouble.
  3. http://xerocreative.com/downloads.html Someone, download YVD and fight me.
  4. I plan on playing Pokemon, but will be there earlier and later than the event to play Goats with whoever is around. Lmk if you're around.
  5. Anyone going to the ARG this weekend?
  6. As a subscriber to this thread, let's just say moving on was never really one of my strong suites.
  7. Could you upload 30 minutes to an hour of gameplay to YouTube for review?
  8. Airknight can generate advantage through any flip (except Morphing Jar), through all floaters, through Goats, pre- and post-recursion, and it can run over any monster that Zaborg can run over except a defense-mode Exarion. On the other hand, your opponent has to have a monster worth destroying at the exact moment you have floater in order for Zaborg to generate advantage. Or, if you want to combine it with Meta, your opponent has to have two monsters worth destroying at the time you activate Meta. (If you wait until they set a monster across from your TER, it'll probably be a floater that you're better off attacking with Airknight.) All of that makes Zaborg more situational. Note too, that neither are particularly useful against TER/BLS because those cards keep monsters from existing on your side of the field, so the only way Zaborg works against them is when combined with Prem/Call, which means it's not particularly reliable at doing the one thing it does better than Airknight. You can tribute out of these situations with BLS too, but Airknight is generally better than Zaborg there. Your main criticism re: Airknight is that you have to get an attack through. But getting attacks through is exactly the thing you're trying to do throughout the whole game. You attack with Exarion when they have Goats up to bait the Saku, you attack with Tsuku when you have another in hand to bait the Saku, you swing with Tsuku and Sangan to bait the Mirror Force, you summon Breaker next to the Faith to bait the Torrential, etc. Either that, or those cards swing the game in your favor. Your whole game is about creating openings for your "swing"-ers, the cards that generate advantage or otherwise swing the game. So I don't really get the criticism here. If you're facing an unknown backrow, don't tribute for Airknight. Just swing with your floater or use your other cards to force the activation of the face-down to create an opening later on. I don't get the need to tribute off your floater to destroy an unknown face-down and run into a Saku just to ultimately get behind on the summon. That seems like a losing trade to me. Plus, things can get really awkward when I've got the cards I already run to deal with face-downs and I'm forced to used Zaborg because I may not get the chance to use it again later. Maybe it comes down to how comfortable you feel relying on 4 NoCs, 3 Meta, and 1 BLS to remove 2 Faith and 1 Jar from the game. I don't know, but I haven't been compelled to cut Airknight yet. Because the way I see it, the only real argument for Zaborg is that you can use it more liberally than Airknight, and that's fair. But you can use Blade Knight more liberally than either of them, and I just don't think that's a good enough reason to run a card in Goat format. If that were the case, Beastdown would be the best deck of the format, and it isn't.
  9. After this whole mess, I'd recommend getting another source on this but rightly or wrongly, I don't think I ever had to put the card back on the bottom after an illegal activation of RotA. And for what it's worth I recall this happening on at least 2 separate occasions where a judge was present: T16 vs Yannick Dubeau at SJC Montreal and T4 vs Cedric Sequerra at SJC Costa Mesa.
  10. Well, fuck. Something is fucked up here but the evidence is too compelling to ignore, so I'll concede my argument for now. It's not enough to be wrong though, so I'm also going to try to find out why I was wrong and get back to you guys. Because I'm definitely not the only person who thought this way, and if this really worked as the link says, I feel like it would've had a much bigger impact throughout the 2005/2006 era. And considering that ruling goes back to at least November 15, 2006, I don't understand why so many of us from the era would have the distinct impression you had to discard one Thunder Dragon at a time to get two copies in the graveyard. It just seems weird for that impression to have come out of nowhere, and particularly for players like Max who never played after the changes in 2008. Either way, thanks for fighting me on this. Moments like these prove that memories, while valuable, are not infallible.
  11. An update means they updated rulings. An addition means they added rulings. An update does not mean they added rulings. My link does not support your argument. Also, I'm not trying to make it personal here and you can criticize me for being on a high horse all you want, but you're the one arguing that my evidence doesn't matter, my memory of the events I went to don't matter, and the way you and your friends on the internet played it were right. How about you get off your high horse and go find someone who actually played the format to disagree with me?
  12. I can't speak to that specific link from a random website, and neither can I speak to the experts on DGz/Pojo at the time, but I can speak to the fact that this was the time period that I was most invested, most competitive, and most knowledgeable about the game, and that I physically went to a lot of the major events during this time period, and at no point in my experience did Thunder Dragon ever work that way. That may not mean much to you but considering your memory insists it was legal to RotA for nothing and put RotA in the grave and also Ring Breaker at 1900, I'm sorry but I personally trust my memory of the format over yours. Again, I knew then as I said before, that certain circles of the internet were flat-out wrong. Perhaps you were just the victim of a poorly informed circle. But if you want actual proof, here's a link straight from UDE that's entirely consistent with my memory: https://web.archive.org/web/20080611164913/http://entertainment.upperdeck.com/COMMUNITY/forums/thread/1196740.aspx At the time (5/30/08, 2 months after SJC Costa Mesa, as I said), Konami updated the rulings to cards like Reinforcement of the Army and Thunder Dragon at the same time they added rulings for other cards. The distinction between those two categories is important because it shows that everything happened exactly as I said it happened. Again, you may remember being able to discard Thunder Dragon for no reason, and putting RotA in the grave after not searching for anything. But as someone who literally topped before those rulings were posted because I sometimes illegally activated RotA for nothing just to force a shuffle of my deck after a Diamond Dude stack and then return the RotA to my hand, all I can say is I'm very confident about this. I even called Anthony Alvarado and reached out to Max Suffridge to confirm, and they both agreed with me about this whole Thunder Dragon thing. And I'd challenge you to find another player with 2+ tops from the era or a Metagame article/match that disagrees, because I think that's pretty much the standard we've all sort of relied upon for Goat Format "consistency" up until now. Otherwise I'd consider this case closed.
  13. I was asked by @Ynusgridorh to share my guidance. You can't do that, actually. This was commonly misunderstood in certain circles of the internet because most folks never looked into it until Pot of Avarice came out in late 2005. Once Merchant Pot Turbo became a thing though, this was common knowledge. It was so widely known that Konami didn't bother updating the rulings on Netrep until a couple months after SJC Costa Mesa in 2008. This was the same time they said you couldn't RotA without a Warrior in your deck, but of course both of these cards always worked the way the updated rulings said. Anyway, the point is, there's never been an event where Thunder Dragon was ruled the way you described. You probably won't find a single match on Metagame where it was done either.
  14. Here's my report guys. Got 36th after going 6-1-2. http://kperovic.com/blog/top-64-pokemon-regional-report/
  15. For the record, before DN went down, my side was: 1 D.D. Warrior Lady 2 Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive 1 Exiled Force 1 Gravekeeper's Guard 2 Gravekeeper's Spy 1 Jinzo 2 Messenger of Peace 1 Swords of Revealing Light 2 Bottomless Trap Hole 2 Trap Dustshoot I never gave much thought to optimizing my side though, mostly because 1. most folks play me with regular Goats and 2. I generally rotate things in and out as I prepare for specific match-ups and metagames. So take this with a grain of salt because I always change my list depending on what I expect to play against. Anyway, let me clarify a few things: 1. I think your focus on standard Beastdown is misplaced. My present side handles them without any issues, so I'm personally much more concerned about lists siding into Chaos or Goat Control. That's a real thing and oversiding can easily be your downfall in these matchups. 2. I also think your focus on Thunder Dragon Chaos is misplaced. That matchup is mostly about how well they draw and nothing you side deck will really change that. You can only make your bad draws better. Nevertheless if I knew I was playing vs. Thunder Dragon Chaos, I might side deck some Dekoichis and Smashing Grounds. 3. Better, more consistent variants of Chaos (i.e. Recruiter, pre-Exarion) can also transition side, making them unpredictable and difficult to side against. I'd love to see the gameplan for those kind of decks. 4. Has anyone taken the Beastdown concept, taken out the shitty Beasts, swapped in SWM and added BLS? Seems strong. 5. When I mentioned Gorilla, I only meant to say that it does everything you want DDA to do but better, not that it was itself the best answer to Beastdown. It's only okay in my view, and probably worse than Smashing Ground. 6. Solemns were the worst part of my Recruiter deck. I saw you referenced Solemn in another post, so I just want to address that. On the other hand, Dustshoot is the MVP of that deck. My most up to date Recruiter list uses a third Dustshoot and 2 Upstarts over the 3 Solemns I used vs. Allen. 7. Even if you had crafted the perfect "standard side," I don't think I'd abandon my practice of changing things up depending on what I expect to play against, so I'm not sure what value this offers to anybody except to folks who make a habit of frequently playing new, albeit experienced Goat players they know nothing about.