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  1. Hobbit Mafia Day 3

  2. for option 2 are you talking apollo/kkr/blackstone tier? even if you are, assuming you would be in ib/front office at the bb i think you should take that option. even if youre more interested in pe long term, entry/internship level pe is actually largely less interesting than banking and you will learn A LOT less. having had actual banking experience after freshman year will separate you from the pack going forward and will snowball, whereas having a great pe name on your resume will also get you interviews but won't actually leave you anymore well-qualified for future roles.    it doesnt hurt that option 1 also pays more and you will get a taste of banking earlier rather than later. all things considered if you're actually trying to get into pe you will probably want to/have to do 2 years of ib after graduation first anyway. again, this depends on whether this is ibd at the bank and what you meant by 'famous for pe' in option two, but you're in a good place. i wouldnt seriously consider options 3 or 4
  3. this is one of my main motivators in life. do well so other men don't do stuff to me. getting bossed around and having to take shit from another man/letting another man tread over you by aggressively displaying his superior social value to a large group of people essentially makes you feminine and a little bitch. it's a constant competition among men to avoid being pigeonholed into this position you will be fun at parties
  4. Nailing a Job Interview

    legitimate reasons to ask what your salary is going to be: 1. you already have other offers in hand 2. you're a lateral hire who needs to know whether it's worth taking off another day of work to interview   other than that, why do you need a specific number? you should already know about what industry average is and where this company fits within the industry. go on glassdoor. it's like asking a question that couldve been found on the first page of the company website    i dont think op is in a position where he can be refusing round 2 interviews based on comp, so the argument that asking saves time doesnt apply here. if you ask and they tell you a number so low that you would prefer to be unemployed, then if you get a round 2 you should still take the opportunity to practice interviewing skills without worrying as much about the outcome. in your situation though it's better to take every opportunity seriously until you can get an offer
  5. Arrow Mafia Aftergame - Just Wow. Town Lucks Out

    rei is good at mafia
  6. Ask a Seinfeldologist anything regarding Seinfeld

    Do you ever just get down on your knees and thank God that you know me and have access to my dementia?
  7. Arrow Mafia Day 9 - Deathstroke

    fuck it, no one's on and i'm not gonna walk away and leave it tied.  unvote vote kahu   just as happy with this lynch. will try to be on again before eod in case anyone does want to switch to antag tho
  8. Arrow Mafia Day 9 - Deathstroke

    i dont like antagonist's voting today. comes out hard at delta early when the train seems to be going that direction. then when the consensus starts to shift he unvotes and throws suspicion at nelrick. doesn't vote kahu until after i specifically ask, and then says he's 'scummiest player in the thread' to justify his vote. why did you vote for delta then? and then why didnt you vote for kahu before throwing suspicion on nelrick?    vote antagonist    not trying to tie and will GLADLY switch to kill kahu if others dont agree with this
  9. Arrow Mafia Day 9 - Deathstroke

    what do you think of kahu
  10. Arrow Mafia Day 9 - Deathstroke

    not saying it isnt. i'm saying the way kahu and delta have played makes them scummier. like i said, waiting for antag to post before i vote
  11. Arrow Mafia Day 9 - Deathstroke

    ebwop but if i had to vote right now itd be for kahu*
  12. Arrow Mafia Day 9 - Deathstroke

    current thoughts: antagonist has been super hands off this game but kahu and delta have both been actively scummy so i'd rather kill either of them first. delta is on the list not because of interaction w/ gemstone yesterday but because of everything before it and his posts today. honestly though i'm not sure if scum could play as badly as he is, so i might be next leveling myself but i think kahu is the safest lynch overall today. i dont have time to read back at the moment and i want to wait for antagonist to post before i vote, but if i had to i'd vote right now it'd be for kahu
  13. Arrow Mafia Day 9 - Deathstroke

    So you were Francis all this time?               are u serious. lets just kill kahu 
  14. Arrow Mafia Day 9 - Deathstroke

    Checking in. Haven't liked delta the whole game but need to see him post Kahu suspicious too. Will post more when I'm off mobile
  15. Arrow Mafia Day 9 - Deathstroke

    ...   My suspicion list so far is: Kahu Someone Gemstone Ammit Ladd Papa... for some odd reason, I think he's being too helpful. Idk, it's just my thoughts. Atm, the first three are my biggest suspicions but that is open to change.   2 of those players are already dead. reevaluate and then post your thoughts