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  1. Destiny

    trials is the only fun thing left for me to do
  2. Destiny

    gjallarhorn is probably gonna be in a year 2 dlc. i cant wait for new pve content. im so tired of only getting on to crucible
  3. Destiny

    its a bug. you got praised by rngesus
  4. Destiny

    you were only supposed to get it if you signed up for bungies newsletters, but they've been randomly popping up for people
  5. what's good

    fuck him dont gtfo
  6. Destiny

    are you on ps4? i can prob squeeze a nf in around noon eastern also, lightswitch skolas can suck a fat dick. why would anyone torture themselves in this waste of 2 hours
  7. How you know you were raised on DGz

    Cygnus was the fucking worst god damn
  8. How you know you were raised on DGz

    im okay. i dont even listen to edm and trance anymore  are you still a manager at walmart and selling weed while talking about writing a tv show no to all. walmart was okay but dealing with a new manager every 3 months while i was pushing for salary was a chore. i cant get good enough prices on bud to flip it part time, so now i just indulge. i am however writing still. i have a couple a short stories i plan on spinning into a novel somehow. oh and im gonna be making a move on twitch asap. i stream destiny for some friends occasionally but i want to jump in on legacy of the duelist before it blows up
  9. hello

    same. i tried climbing the corporate ladder but i was too street for those suits. now im flippin patties like spongebob.
  10. hello

    dwood in the fucking house whats up brother
  11. How you know you were raised on DGz

    im okay. i dont even listen to edm and trance anymore
  12. hello

    thank you where the hell is everyone
  13. Destiny

    selling carries to mercury just donate $20 to my stream plz thx lol jk but for real, trials b? add xoTechno if you want and ill stroke your ego while we find osiris edit: its psn