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  1. YCS Chicago, Illinois, April 27-29

    [quote name='JayTriple' timestamp='1335501872' post='3166039'] [quote name='DRaMa' timestamp='1335498861' post='3165999'] I have Gadget shit and Utopias for sale Does anyone have TGUs I could potentially borrow. Have collateral Also looking for adderall if anyone has any left all mine at home [/quote] I got you for adderall, I'll be wearing a thin red hoodie with an army backpack. [/quote] Get me some too man
  2. Free Agent Thread

    Intervention is looking for 1-2 active members
  3. Superhuman [vs] Intervention

    Ive been on some, ill be on more tomorrow
  4. Most Wanted vs. Intervention

    [quote name='Prez' timestamp='1335313379' post='3163606'] just lmk when someone can be on for this. If I don't see anyone, I'll just play jaytriple for the war when we meet up at Chicago [/quote] Or you could play me at Chicago
  5. Most Wanted vs. Intervention

    Ill play sometime tomorrow for this
  6. Intervention

    [quote name='BGBK' timestamp='1334902789' post='3160134'] My duelingnetwork account got banned for some reason, so I guess I'm out. had fun with this while it lasted [/quote] You could always make another one
  7. [quote name='Arawn' timestamp='1334862048' post='3159503'] Lost 1-2. Please drop me from the tournament. gL to everyone else. [/quote] confirming that I beat Arawn
  8. Superhuman [vs] Intervention

    ill be on most of today
  9. Superhuman [vs] Intervention

    ill be on some tonight