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  1. Holy fuck bro thats awesome!!!
  2. Hell yea bro we'll have to meet up!
  3. Lmao I probably have a drawer full of maybe 20+ lighters since I almost never smoke. Seattle this shit is legal tho, I'll be taking full advantage!
  4. This event is next week guys! Will I be the only one attending from here?
  5. I've liked the beast-warrior pendulums as another means of a low scale, and high scale that are both additional targets for Bullhorn that also have nice pendelum effects. Terrortop wouldn't be a bad idea. I could take out a Tourguide, Bismugear, Fullmetal Fusion, and Upstart for the Terrortop engine. I'll test that after I get off work tonight. I'm mainly abusing Rat but I like the 1 Viper for his secondary effect, and another searchable target for Bullhorn. I feel like maxing Barrage and Viper could add to some cloggy hands.
  6. So this is currently what my build looks like. I used the ocg as a template and built from there. The plays are there, and with so many possible engines bricking isn't likely. Being able to take advantage of both the Metafoes and Zoodiac engine can be game changing.
  7. What's up bro! Always good to see an old face around here!
  8. I like that avatar if you haven't seen it already you should watch his documentary on Netflix. Good stuff.
  9. What's up buddy! Long time no see!
  10. There was nothing wrong with him mentioning he wants to win multiple Superbowls. No one wants to be a loser, and they all want that trophy at the end of the season. That statement just shows his drive and where he wants to take the team.
  11. I need to get my ass back in the gym before I start to get fat lol. I love eating food, and thankfully my Job keeps me active enough where I don't lose myself.... Yet. Tygo that Pokemon gif is sick too bro!
  12. That end really hurt me, but the fact the Boys were able to come back from an 18 point deficit and almost seal the win was awesome! I hate that we gave Aaron Rogers 45 seconds to work with knowing he is a machine under pressure, and our secondary basically disappeared when we only needed to stop 1 more play. All in all it was an amazing game, and I feel us Cowboy fans have a lot to look forward too in the coming years!
  13. DuelistGroundz what's really good??

    1. Me.



    2. Sky


      Just made me hungry lol.

    3. rei



  14. Bohdan you did great buddy! Super proud of you fam!!
  15. I still have my Millineum Puzzle Yugioh Trophy given to me from my store for running our tournament scene back then lol.