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  1. I like that avatar if you haven't seen it already you should watch his documentary on Netflix. Good stuff.
  2. What's up buddy! Long time no see!
  3. There was nothing wrong with him mentioning he wants to win multiple Superbowls. No one wants to be a loser, and they all want that trophy at the end of the season. That statement just shows his drive and where he wants to take the team.
  4. I need to get my ass back in the gym before I start to get fat lol. I love eating food, and thankfully my Job keeps me active enough where I don't lose myself.... Yet. Tygo that Pokemon gif is sick too bro!
  5. That end really hurt me, but the fact the Boys were able to come back from an 18 point deficit and almost seal the win was awesome! I hate that we gave Aaron Rogers 45 seconds to work with knowing he is a machine under pressure, and our secondary basically disappeared when we only needed to stop 1 more play. All in all it was an amazing game, and I feel us Cowboy fans have a lot to look forward too in the coming years!
  6. DuelistGroundz what's really good??

    1. Me.
    2. Sky


      Just made me hungry lol.

    3. rei



  7. Bohdan you did great buddy! Super proud of you fam!!
  8. I still have my Millineum Puzzle Yugioh Trophy given to me from my store for running our tournament scene back then lol.
  9. The defense could be blamed in a sense there were a few plays they should have stopped(No reason that hail mary should've been caught.) But when the receivers on the Miami trip dropped *crucial* passes, and wanna run around with their shirts off before the game claiming they're not cold, and then you see them sitting next to a heater with blankets on. They're stupid as hell for that, lol. The game could've been a lot closer then the score actually shows. Then Odell wants to get pissed and hit a hole in the wall, when he probably made the worst drops. It don't matter tho because I'm glad the Giants are gone.
  10. Agreed iSlickz. NY will be getting in the receivers ass after the horrible showing they had lol.
  11. So has anyone been playing this deck using the Zodiac engine? I've been testing it out, and I have absolutely loved it so far.
  12. Seattle Center, Exhibition Hall301 Mercer St., Seattle, WA 98109 I got it booked, and ready to go! Who all can I expect to see there? It will be first major event featuring RATE, and I'm expecting to see a LOT of Zoodiac's. If you're there make sure to come holla at me, I'd love to meet anyone from DGZ and see any of my old friends!
  13. <img src="" border="0" class="linked-image" /> <img src="" border="0" class="linked-image" />
  14. Quality Thread, and pictures added bud.
  15. A little buggy still, and I would appreciate having the option to take away time for turns. But I see a lot of potential in this program.
  16. I've tried to convince my wife to move to Canada a few times actually haha. I definitely plan on visiting however. It's on the bucket list for sure. When I would smoke an ounce a day I was literally wasting the weed. I'd be high to the point you couldn't get any higher. I would be with a few other friends and we would just roll blunts, and play dominos and drink beer. Now if I hit a joint I feel like the government is watching me, and I need to have all my doors locked in case the police decide to kick my door in lmao.
  17. I remember when I would go through an ounce almost daily and now I can't tell you the last time I smoked. Growing up and getting a family really changes things lol. I'm going to have to smoke something soon tho.
  18. Honestly until we get the structure deck I think the Kaiju engine really is the best bet. I love going 1st, but I feel it's almost a necessity going 2nd with the Kaiju engine since it answers so many of our problems currently. And it isn't horrible considering the big boards we can create as long as they don't have to many negations. I'm playing with 2 Radian right now, but I'm probably going to bump it up to 3 for the time being. Playing 3 Allures and I don't have Desires currently so I feel I get the most out of them this way.
  19. What's up buddy!!
  20. I wish I seen that 2 days ago lol. I ended up renting a room and car for my stay. I plan on hitting up some restaurants featured on Guy's Diners, Drive in, and Dives. If anyone is trying to get together let me know I'd be down to meet up with anyone. I'm trying to make the most out of this mini vacation of mine.
  21. I was thinking Jaime was going to kill Cersei myself. The way he was looking at her when she was sitting on the throne was not a look of love... 1 year is too long to wait till the next season. I'll probably go back and re-watch all the seasons. I planned on buying the books since I've heard the story goes in a different direction.
  22. Man one of my biggest regrets was not being able to go in with you and help purchase this site Ash. I've thought about that a lot over the years too. I was young and got caught up in a bunch of stupid shit which forced me to pay a bunch of court fees around that time. Ash you've done a tremendous job with running Duelistgroundz bud, and this site has helped me mature so much over the years. Funny how a Yugioh website could affect my life so dramatically for the better. I've made friends for life through this website and will continue to be here as long as it stays around. Ash I'm happy you let it go into the right hands and I'm confident this site will thrive because of it. I'm excited for the future and thankful for it's past.
  23. We are now less then 2 weeks away are you guys excited yet?? I am hyped for next Thursday to hurry up and get here!
  24. I just bought my plane tickets last week. I'm looking forward to seeing all my older friends and meeting a lot of people I have yet to meet. I'll give everyone an update once I get there because I'm not even sure where I'm staying at currently, lol. Need to get in a lot of testing that Friday.
  25. Let it be heard!