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  1. A.R.G. Circuit Series 2nd Place Report

    Neither of you have the real right to tell either of us what we should or shouldnt care about. Its always easy to be the guy to say "who cares."
  2. A.R.G. Circuit Series 2nd Place Report

    Forgot to add, you wouldnt wanta play me because you know you would leave upset AND with a loss :P. Ill clarify since you seemed to have some how mixed it up.
  3. A.R.G. Circuit Series 2nd Place Report

    Hold on. So round 7 I play against a guy who searches for a blaster, then sets his deck down, plays sword, banishes draws two, and then summons a trooper, SLASHTAP IS HIS FRIEND AND SITTING HERE WATCHING FROM THIS OTHER GUYS POINT OF VIEW. I then realize that he never shuffled and said hold up before you mill, can you put the two you drew back and shuffle so i can cut before you draw. He says "i dont remember" I ask the judge standing right behind him, and he some how "didnt see it" so last person to ask is this slash tap guy and he goes "this one, and that one" and then I go "are you sure?" and he says "yes im sure" ...... let me just tell you all that that trooper he summoned was one of the draws and the other card in his hand was the other, the card he kept. SO let me just say, what I do is simply a play style, and it works and there is no cheating going on. You on the other hand should learn to associate fair things in the game you love.
  4. The Hall of Fame vs Envious

    Got andrew numbers, confirming. ^     Good games.
  5. Complexity vs Envious

    got lionel 2-0 gg good war
  6. Shitty pictures again

    Can someone please tell me what the actual fuck?
  7. Im glad that im not the only one that remembers this. It happened more than once, not just that one match. But i mean ill go ahead and gage which way im going to be called a cheater each match and try to do everything right. Even though its impossible, leaving with me just being a cheater no matter what I do.
  8. I just wanta make sure everyone knows, ill demand a cut from my opponents in the future, but its gonna be funny when the next post from martina is,  "I was watching bousman play, and he put a card in the middle of his deck and then forced his opponent to cut the card to the top" and then as well, that guys tournament report will be how me asking him to cut is super shady.
  9. How do you know for sure 100% that I intentionally put the secrets on top of my deck? I can tell you over and over again that I didnt, but I wish you would just realize that there is no way for you to know for sure, and that alone should keep you from saying anything. The fact that you did is fine, I wanta know when people are supposed cheaters, but at this point I dont understand where the guaruntee is. You can see where things in a deck go if you are watching that close but when im just going with the flow, and shuffling paying no attention, I dont see how that means i purposely stacked the card. AND MY DECK WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TABLE SO HIM NOT CUTTING........... WHYYY DO YOU KEEP SAYING THAT.
  10. OH thats funny mike the game you cheated you got smashed? Cause I got 2-0ed in the one where i was doing all my cheating....
  11. Well at least mikes was recorded so the accusation could be solved. Im glad we take his word for it when he calls me a cheater, when its pretty obvious he has no idea what he is talking about this time. Its just sad that I try to repair my reputation by taking so many precautions, and then someone has to go and say they saw something. You are trying to make me fit a cheater profile rather then just understanding that I had no idea where the cards were to begin with.
  12. Can explain why you wouldnt cheat with a bunch of people watching? But you think that I would? Cause it was obvliously a misconception and for ever one to jump on the hype, its kind of ridiculous.
  13. LOL THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I AM TRYING TO SAY....  I had countless people behind me.... can i get credit too? or no because i was baanned? cause as i recall so were you.
  14. By the way, Jeff, I never once tried to search multiple times when I was playing you. It was extremely hard to even do anything when your turn one you make a naturia beast, against tgs, and I happen to draw an entire hand of spells. I thought it was extremely weird, and it happened back to back games, but I never once accused you of cheating me although that was exactly what it looked like. You are taking albans word for it about the multiple search thing, it happened once and was an honest mistake. I asked him if I got a search before doing so, and he said no. Really easy way to cheat I guess, ask and if they dont remember and are retarded then they will let me? NO, seems way more likely that I really just didnt know, and figured he would remember.